The Gosh Authority 13.06.18


If you're reading this before Tuesday, then there's still time to cancel whatever you're doing and get yourself down here for an incredible Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story panel discussion and signing on Tuesday evening from 7.30-9pm! We'll have Vincent Jenkins, Jack Dudman, Will Htay, Adam Brockbank, Glyn Dillon, Julian Caldow, Chris Caldow, Moley Sole, Paul Marsh & Neil Ellis (whose combined work covers concept art, costume design and model building) here to talk about their work on the newest Star Wars film, with a chance to get copies of the book signed afterwards. More details here, and if you can't make it but would like a copy, you can pre-order a signed copy on our webstore.

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This Wednesday we have the latest instalment of our popular monthly reading group Reads, this time tackling the bottled insanity that is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Specifically the group will be looking at Part Three Volume One, the beginning of the classic Stardust Crusaders arc. More details here.

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Then on Thursday (this week is NUTS) we've got the launch party for Apollo, the new moon landing GN from SelfMadeHero by Matt Fitch, Chris Baker and Mike Collins (the artist, not the astronaut). More details here.



Nick Drnaso
Publisher: Granta

Acclaimed literary publisher Granta enters the GN game, and they're off to a cracking start with the second effort from rising star Drnaso. His debut, Beverly, was a flawed but fascinating study of the underbelly of suburban life, and marked him out as one to watch. Sabrina marks him out as the real deal, with a book that's sure to top many end-of-year lists. It's a story of disappearances, distances, and the erosion of truth and trust in the age of the internet, told with moving, occasionally chilling effect. An absolute must-read.

Try it if you like: Jimmy Corrigan / Ice Haven / Clyde Fans


Julian Hanshaw
Publisher: Top Shelf

Local gent Hanshaw follows up on the excellent Tim Ginger with another book that showcases his particular linework, vivid imagination and wry humour. Cloud Hotel is a gently surreal tale of a young man who believes he was chosen by God to live in the Cloud Hotel, a special place of wonders elevated away from the world.

We're pretty excited bout the release of Hanshaw's "sci-fi autobiography", and we've got a launch party to prove it! Julian will be here to celebrate the release of  Cloud Hotel and Pho: The Artwork (a collection of foodie illustrations done over 10 years for the Pho Cafe restaurant chain) on Friday the 6th July, 7-9pm! Look for a full announcement soon!

Try it if you like: Tim Ginger / Patience / A Thousand Coloured Castles


Farel Dalrymple
Publisher: Image


Farel Dalrymple
Publisher: Image

Image are spoiling us this week with a double hit of Farel Dalrymple, collecting his series It Will All Hurt (previously serialised by Study Group Comics), and kicking off his latest book Proxima Centauri.

Beginning life as a Eisner-nominated webcomic, It Will All Hurt is set in the same universe as Dalrymple's graphic novel The Wrenchies, and was conceived as an experimental, stream-of-consciousness piece. Its dreamy narrative unfolds in a mix of artistic and storytelling styles that Dalrymple somehow manages to bring together into a cohesive, satisfying whole.

Then jump on board his latest work, a six-issue slice of sci-fi psychedelia which follows teenage wizard Sherwood Breadcoat on his quest to escape from the manufactured dimensional sphere, Proxima Centauri. 

Try them if you like: The Wrenchies / Prophet / LSD


Mark Millar
Artist: Olivier Coipel
Publisher: Image

The first horse out of the stable from Millar's deal with Netflix (published through Image), and as usual his flair for mixing high-concept appeal with top-draw artists makes this one of the week's most pickup-able new titles. Coipel's work looks lovely as ever in this tale of five organised families of magicians who secretly defend us from the unspeakable supernatural evils of the world.

Try it if you like: Planetary / Invisibles / The Secret Service


BY NIGHT #1 (OF 12)
John Allison
Artist: Christine Larsen
Publisher: Boom

A new mini-series (maxi-series? Do we still say that?) by Gosh fave John Allison and Adventure Time artist Christine Larsen. Aspiring documentarian and chemistry major Jane and amateur urban explorer Heather discover a portal to another world on one of their expeditions to an abandoned industrial building. The girls see a chance to make a fortune as the first to document this other world of monsters, magic and assorted perils. If they can survive, that is. 

Try it if you like: Giant Days / Buffy / Lumberjanes


Ron Regé Jr
Publisher: Ron Regé Jr

A departure from Regé's usual work, this is a funny, touching story of a teenage girl attempting to reconnect with her dead boyfriend through the mysterious ritual known as the Weaver Festival Phenomenon. This is obviously a labour of love for Regé, and his affection for the source material - a Japanese short story - really shines through. Self-published, but soon to be released through Fantagraphics, we've got some advance copies of the book direct from the man himself!

Try it if you like: The Cartoon Utopia / The Times of Botchan / Bottomless Belly Button


FUTURE #1 & 2
: Tommi Musturi
Publisher: Tommi Musturi

Finnish artist Tommi Musturi, creator of the graphic novels Simply Samuel and Book of Hope, is self-publishing a new anthology series of bizarre science fiction stories, and we've been lucky enough to get hold of some copies. Future is Tommi's most experimental work to date, as he takes advantage of the anthology format to play with different media and styles for the stories within. These won't be sitting around for long, as stocks are very limited, so be sure to drop us a line if you'd like them! 

Try it if you like: Simply Samuel / Last Look / Dungeon Quest


Dougal Dixon
Publisher: Breakdown Press

Bit comics adjacent, but as it's published by our pals at Breakdown Press it still qualifies (plus it's filled with lovely art). An 80's classic whose accolades include a Hugo nomination, After Man posits the fauna of a post-mass extinction era that has put paid to humankind - the Posthomic. Adhering to the strictures of evolutionary science, geologist Dixon tours the zoology of this speculative future 500 million years hence. His thoroughly feasible catalogue of creatures is both an education in evolution and a fun romp of speculative fiction.

Try it if you like: Origin of the Species / Jurassic Park / 


Joseph Keatinge
Artist: Bret Blevins
Publisher: Image

A welcome return by comics veteran Blevins in this new sci-fi epic written by Shutter scribe Keatinge. Stellar was created as a super-powered weapon, but now her war is over. Now she works as a bounty hunter, attempting to put to rights the worlds she helped bring to heel in order to find some redemption. But other former weapons are out there, and their plans might not coexist easily with hers. Looks like an enjoyable pulp sci-fi series with some genuine heart to it.

Try it if you like: Fear Agent / Glory / Extremity


Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Mike del Mundo, Christian Ward
Publisher: Marvel

The Odinson is back! Aaron (who now has one of the longest consecutive runs as writer on the character) is still at the tiller, joined by artists del Mundo and - on a back-up feature showcasing the future King Thor - Christian Ward. It's a good jumping-on point as the freshly reappointed God of Thunder must seek the lost artifacts of Asgard while foiling the plans of the unstoppable Juggernaut.

Try it if you like: Thor: God of Thunder / Thor / The Mighty Thor


Jody LeHup
Artist: Nathan Fox
Publisher: Image

One of the most hotly anticipated new Image titles to come out the last Image Expo, Shirtless Bear Fighter's LeHup teams up with DMZ veteran Fox to create a sci-fi thriller with wall-to-wall action. Fox's kinetic art style is given extra verve by the expert colourist eye of Dave Stewart in this tale of a Martian weatherman accused of a terrorist act that has nearly wiped out life on earth. Is he innocent or guilty? Even he can't remember, but he's going to do all he can to find out despite being the subject of the greatest manhunt in history.

Try it if you like: Tokyo Ghost / Flourescent Black / Retcon


Robert Venditti
Artist: Bryan Hitch
Publisher: DC

DC are obviously trying to make a mark with the reintroduction of Carter Hall, enlisting none other than Bryan Hitch on the art front. Post-Metal, Carter is reborn once again, and searches for the truth about his many past lives while attempting to discover the meaning of an ancient prophecy. Could the two be connected? It's a brave writer that tackles the convoluted backstory of Hawkman head-on. Good on you, Robert Venditti. And good luck!

Try it if you like: Dark Nights Metal / Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps / Moon Knight


Gail Simone
Artist: Adriana Melo
Publisher: DC

A new mini-series starring everyone's favourite flexible ex-con. Simone is a perfect writer for Eel O'Brien, to be honest, one who should be able to handily juggle the mix of humour and pathos inherent in the character. Introduced into the Rebirth universe in the pages of Dark Nights: Metal, the world still doesn't know who Plastic Man really is, and the mini-series picks up with strip-club owner and former petty thief O'Brien uncovering a world-domination conspiracy by the DCU's smartest villains. But who's going to believe him?

Try it if you like: Deadpool / Harley Quinn / Dark Nights Metal


  • BATMAN PRELUDE TO THE WEDDING BATGIRL VS THE RIDDLER #1 - Batgirl and the Riddler clash because...uhh...Catwoman and Batman are getting married? I guess so!
  • DC YOUNG ANIMAL MILK WARS TP - Collecting the big Young Animal / DC Crossover event!
  • DEADPOOL ASSASSIN #1 (OF 6) - Cullen Bunn and Mark Bagley get their Parental Advisory on with this Deadpool mini.
  • HUNTERS TP - Famed warrior Azarias has gathered a small army of varied adventurers on a quest to gather the dust of a distant island god in order to save the life of their king in this fantasy GN.
  • ILLUSTRATED CALL OF CTHULHU HC - An edition of the classic HP Lovecraft tale with illustrations by Gary Gianni.
  • MARVEL RISING ALPHA #1 - Ms Marvel and Squirrel Girl team up in this all ages series by Devin Grayson & Georges Duarte. 
  • MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE ANNUAL #1 - The Infamous Iron Man guest stars in this annual by  Chip Zdarsky & Declan Shalvey. 
  • NANCY DREW #1 - The teen detective is back in all new adventures by Kelly Thompson & Jenn St. Onge, who have given things a decidedly contemporary spin.
  • ORPHANS GN VOL 01 - A sci-fi thriller by Roberto Recchioni & Emiliano Mammucari.
  • QUICK & EASY GUIDE TO THEY THEM PRONOUNS - An easy introduction to the use of non-binary them/they pronouns presented in an accessible comics format.
  • THOR EPIC COLLECTION TP WORLDENGINE - The next Thor Epic Collection, featuring the classic Worldengine storyline by Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato.
  • TITANS SPECIAL #1 - Nightwing reassembles the team after the events of Metal and No Justice.
  • WEEKND PRESENTS STARBOY #1 - Based on the chart-topping song from the double-platinum album Starboy by The Weeknd.