The Gosh! Authority 04.07.18

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Hey folks!

Welcome to the second half of 2018! We've got a couple of cracking events this week to kick things off, so let's get to it.

First off, the wonderful Julian Hanshaw is going to be in the house this Friday, July 6th, from 7-9pm to celebrate the launch of two new titles: his Top Shelf graphic novel Cloud Hotel (on our shelves now!), and a collection of artworks he's done for the Pho restaurant chain over the past decade, Pho: The Artwork. More details here, including the option to reserve a signed copy if you can't make it on the night.

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Then on Saturday, on top of the ever-unmissable Pride parade, it's Small Press Day!

Small Press Launch Party.png

We've got events on all day from 2pm and into the evening until 9pm, with workshops and launch parties a-go-go. Check here for all the details!


Last Tuesday we had Jim Broadbent and Dix in to discuss their graphic novel collaboration Dull Margaret with Paul Gravett. It was a fascinating conversation that took in some great tangents, keeping the audience engaged despite some Soho shenanigans that were occurring outside. We still have bookplated copies signed by Jim and Dix available on the webstore.


And then on Thursday John Harris Dunning and Michael Kennedy were here to celebrate the release of their new SelfMadeHero graphic novel Tumult. The place was jumping, but we still have a limited number of signed copies of the book available to order on the webstore.


Or swing by and pick one up and check out the awesome window painting Michael did for us!


But no time to rest on our laurels, because Friday saw the Shortbox Spring release party! Lottie Pencheon and Joe Sparrow came to launch their respective new books Summer Break and Homunculus, alongside the other new Spring titles from Zainab Akhtar's curated independent comic box. It was a great time, and we have signed copies of Lottie and Joe's books available in store, as well as a wide selection of the other excellent Shortbox titles!

If you've experimented with social media alternative Vero, or have been curious about checking it out, then do yourself a favour and take a look at Jack Guinness' new Vero Original, The Creator Series, where he interviews comic creators Sydney Padua, Kieron Gillen and Grant Morrison. Check the trailer above, and follow Jack on Vero to get the series.

Hey, remember that time we got our invoices late and were really thinly staffed and I had to quickly cobble together a bullet-point blog? You loved that, right? Well, good news!


  • BATMAN #50 - Bats and Cats tie the knot - or DO they? Tom King pens an issue with an absolute truckload of guest artists. Just stay off the internet until Wednesday to avoid spoilers!
  • CATWOMAN #1 - We haven't been this excited about a Catwoman series since the Brubaker/Cooke days. Joëlle Jones writes and draws the hell outta this.
  • CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 - Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leinil Frances Yu take the reins for what looks to be a politically charged run!
  • NEW LIEUTENANTS OF METAL #1 (OF 4) - Fresh new madness from Joe Casey and Ulises Farinas, starring the headbanging heroic crew of The Mighty Krieg, Vandenborg Riot, Manowarrior & Steppenwulf!
  • COSMIC GHOST RIDER #1 (OF 5) - The far future Frank Castle gets his own spin-off series by co-creator Donny Cates and artist Dylan Burnett!
  • MY SOLO EXCHANGE DIARY GN - Kabi Nagata's diary of self-discovery conitnues, picking up where My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness left off.
  • ESCAPING WARS AND WAVES HC - A powerful collection of observational drawings and interviews with Syrian refugees made by Olivier Kugler, mainly while on assignment with Médecins Sans Frontières.
  • SUMMER BREAK GN - Lottie Pencheon's new ShortBox tale of mental illness and self-isolation. We've a limited number of signed copies available in-store!
  • HOMUNCULUS GN - Joe Sparrow's new ShortBox book, telling the tale of a young woman and an AI attempting to understand each other and find some kind of meaning as the world ends. We have a limited number of signed copies in-store!
  • SOFT X-RAY MINDHUNTERS GN - A surrealist adventure from Koyama Press courtesy of A. Degen.
  • THE IDEAL COPY GN - More cracking indie comics from the ever-surprising Ben Sears, who's fast becoming one of the most exciting new cartoonists to watch.
  • UNNATURAL #1 (OF 12) - Mirka Andolfo's (slighty saucy) tale of furry facism & resistance gets an English translation.
  • GIRLS SC - A collection of drawings of women by Jenn Woodall, addressing issues from street harassment to gender expression in a bold, honest manner.
  • CLOE AND THE CLOUD #1 - Nuria Aparicio's all-ages tale of a girl who is alway smiling and laughing....until the rain comes!
  • LOWLIFES #1 - Brian Buccellato & Alexis Sentenac spin a tale of the LA underworld in this new crime drama.
  • MAGPIE WORLD - Carlos X Diaz & Guillermo Monje spin a tale of a boy's curiousity about the world he lives in, a world more bizarre than he ever imagined.
  • BATMAN THRILLKILLER TP NEW EDITION - A new printing of the Howard Chaykin / Dan Brereton collaboration, imagining a feverish, pulpy 60's take on Batman, Robin and Batgirl.
  • DEATH OF INHUMANS #1 (OF 5) - The Kree are intent on an Inhuman genocide in the game-changing mini by Donny Cates and Ariel Olivetti.
  • JIM HENSON BENEATH DARK CRYSTAL #1 - An authorised sequel to the movie by Adam Smith & Alexandria Huntington.
  • JOE HILL THE CAPE FALLEN #1 - A lost chapter in Joe Hill's anti-social anti-hero tale, by Jason Ciaramella & Zach Howard.
  • LITTLE WITCH ACADEMIA GN VOL 01 - The manga of the massively popular anime series is in English at last!
  • QUANTUM AGE FROM THE WORLD OF BLACK HAMMER #1 - A new spin-off in Jeff Lemire's superhero universe, this time set 1000 years into the future with artist Wilfredo Torres.
  • ROGUE & GAMBIT TP RING OF FIRE - Mr & Mrs X before their nuptials!
  • SINK TP WELCOME TO GLASGOW VOL 01 - The superb gritty horror series gets its first collection. Journey to Sinkhill, a grim phantasmagoria in the East End of Glasgow filled with killer clowns and fox-masked vigilantes.

And that's it for this week, folks! Normal service to be resumed next week. Probably!