The Gosh! Authority 06.06.18


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Big news of the past week is the upcoming launch party for Dull Margaret, the new graphic novel by Jim Broadbent (yes, that Jim Broadbent) and Dix! Both gents will be here in conversation with Paul Gravett on Tuesday the 26th June, 7.30-9pm. You can find more details here.

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Not only that, but we're also doing a lovely bookplate edition, signed by Jim & Dix. You can pre-order a copy for mail order or collection on the webstore now!

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Laydeez Do Comics are returning to Gosh! for a special one-off evening on Monday the 11th June from 7.30-9pm, with guest speakers Janette Parris and Jeeti Singh! More details here.  

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The legendary Martin Rowson's new Knockabout book The Pen is Mightier (Than The Word) is out at the end of June, and they'll be having a launch party at the Cartoon Museum on Tuesday the 26th June. It's a collection of seven silent tales, steeped in Rowson's usual razor-sharp insight and wit. Check the invite above for all the details, and consider yourselves invited!



Scott Snyder
Artist: Jim Cheung
Publisher: DC

DC are certainly bringing A-list creator game to the relaunch of their premiere superteam. Snyder & Cheung should make for a hit combo as they bring Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman back to the forefront of the team, and add stalwarts such as Martian Manhunter, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern John Stewart, Cyborg and Hawkgirl. And what better kind of threat to kick off a new JLA book than a cosmic menace that threatens the very existence of our world? Slick, big superhero comics, just how we like 'em.

Try it if you like: Ultimates / Dark Nights Metal / The Authority

Not to be left out, Marvel are kicking off a few new #1's this week as a part of their attempt to revitalise their readership. Jumping-on points with exciting new creative teams abound! Let's have a quick round-up, shall we?


Skottie Young
Artist: Nic Klein

Ever-more informed by the popular films (and debuting in time for the currently-in-cinemas sequel), Skottie Young is a solid choice as a writer for Deadpool, bringing that anarchic spirit that makes his I Hate Fairyland comics so much fun.


Mark Waid
Artist: Jesus Saiz

Waid's take on Stephen Strange should be an interesting one. It's certainly not a character he's been associated much with in the past, but his recent work on titles such as Black Widow and Captain America make us hopeful, especially when teamed with an artist as solid as Saiz. 


Al Ewing
Artist: Joe Bennett

We'd recommend a pamphlet selling insurance if it were written by Al Ewing, so this one's a no-brainer. He's teaming up with Brazilian artist Bennett for a horror-tinged take on the returned Bruce Banner with suitably pulpy Alex Ross covers. 


Felipe Nunes
Publisher: Boom

The first English translation of Brazilian Nunes - a protege of Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá - and it's a charming, occasionally heartbreaking look through the eyes of a 6 year old whose parents are divorcing. Laila meets a funny bird - a dodo named Ralph - in the park next to her apartment building and forms a friendship with him. With his help, Laila goes on a journey of discovery which helps her understand a little more about herself and her place in the world.

Try it if you like: Awkward / Anya's Ghost / Anna & Froga


Chad Sell & Various
Artist: Chad Sell
Publisher: Knopf

Bit of a special one, this. Sell brings a neighbourhood to life via the imagination of its children as they spend the last few weeks of summer transforming themselves and the world around them via the magic of cardboard. Via the medium of imaginative play, each of the 16 children spotlighted in the series of shorts that make up the whole of the book discover something about themselves and the world around them. Interestingly, to bring his diverse cast alive, Sell employs the help of 10 co-writers to give authenticity to their different experiences. With all these elements in place, it sounds as though the book could be lost in a mire of its own importance: worthy, but clunky and unsubtle. Far from it: on top of its admirable efforts at inclusivity, the book is just a shedload of fun as it brings new worlds to life through the medium of discarded boxes and a pair of scissors. Equal parts worthy journey of self-discovery and play manual!

Try it if you like: Raina Telgemeier / Lumberjanes / Adventure Time


Kent H. Dixon
Artist: Kevin H. Dixon
Publisher: Seven Stories Press

Few classic tales are as suited to an underground comix sensibility as Gilgamesh (the classic tale, in fact). Filled with corrupt humans, beasts and monsters, this tale of a bad king's journey to redemption is the oldest recorded story, and one to which literary scholar Kent H Dixon has devoted a good deal of his life. Working with his son Kevin, the pair have produced an adaptation of the story that draws on the comix traditions of Crumb, Jaxon and Shelton, bringing to life the full absurdity and grotesquerie of the Sumerian epic.

Try it if you like: Genesis by Crumb / Dante's Inferno by Emerson / Cartoon History of the World


Magdalene Visaggio
Artist: Jason Smith
Publisher: Vault

An ousted child queen roams the galaxy, having taken care of herself from the age of 10. Evading the revolutionary forces that want her dead, she's grown into a survivor, adept at keeping out of danger, and of handling herself when she can't. But now she's learned that her mother might actually still be alive, imprisoned in her old kingdom, and must launch a rescue mission to save her. 

Try it if you like: Saga / Kim & Kim / Heathen


Writer: Vero Cazot
Artist: Julie Rocheleau
Publisher: Boom

A beautifully designed hardcover whose classic American cinema references are telegraphed a little more by its original French title Betty Boob (geddit?). Largely silent in its execution, the book tells a story of a woman who gains a new lease on life after a mastectomy. Interestingly the book is less a cancer survival tale and more about living against the expectations and stereotypes of society as Betty throws off the things - job, breast, boyfriend - that have been more barrier than boon. It's a love letter to life outside the norm, told with verve and joy.

Try it if you like: The Story of My Tits / Persepolis / The Park Bench


Steve Orlando
Artist: Ryan Sook
Publisher: DC

Certainly one of the nuttiest-sounding books to come out of the New Age of Heroes initiative (DC's artist-led cluster of titles introducing new characters), it's also likely to be one the most beautiful with Sook on the art. The publisher blurb goes thusly: Once a paramedic dedicated to saving lives, Janet Fals - Firebrand - must now start a fight once every 24 hours to feed the Conflict Engine that's replaced her heart. But Janet's heart isn't just a curse - it's a beacon, drawing out both the mysterious Neon the Unknown and the seductive, malevolent Bad Samaritan. One of them wants to cut out her heart, the other wants to save it-but neither of them knows the true danger hidden within that will kick off a superhero manhunt ranging from Thanagar to the deepest heart of the Dark Multiverse!  Oh, Unexpected, you had me at "Conflict Engine".

Try it if you like: Doom Patrol / Seven Soldiers of Victory / The New Gods


Bridgit Connell
Publisher: Titan

Smokey and the Bandit meets Wolfcop in this new paranormal adventure series, where itinerant trucker Nash roams the highways dispensing werewolf justice as The Highway Beast. When Nash picks up a mysterious woman hitchhiking to Tuscon, he and his trucker buddies are pulled into an apocalyptic road trip that's their most dangerous adventure yet.

Try it if you like: Preacher / American Gods / True Blood


  • ANT-MAN AND THE WASP #1 (OF 5) - Mark waid and Javier Garron take on the Scott Lang incarnation of Ant Man.
  • ANT-MAN AND WASP LIVING LEGENDS #1 - Then Ralph Macchio and Andrea Di Vito do their own Ant Man and Wasp tale. Jeez, it's like there's a movie coming or something.
  • DARK NIGHTS METAL DELUXE ED HC - A hardcover collection of the peanut-butter-nutso event comic by Snyder and Capullo. Throw up your horns!
  • DAZZLER X SONG #1 - Everyone's favourite 80's icon is back, courtesy of Magdalene Visaggio & Laura Braga. We all spent our 20's trying to assemble a complete run of Dazzler, right? 
  • DOCTOR WHO 7TH #1 (OF 4) - Sylvester McCoy's Doctor gets his comics spotlight, courtesy of former Who screenwriters Andrew Cartmel and Ben Aaronovitch (with a back up by Richard Dinnick and Jessica Martin).
  • GOTHAM CITY GARAGE TP VOL 01 - Like DC Bombshells, but with futuristic grease-monkeys and motorbikes.
  • GUMBALLS GN - A collection of Erin Nations' candidly funny slice of life series.
  • JENNY FINN HC - The definitive, remastered collection of the Mike Mignola / Troy Nixey classic.
  • JOHN BYRNE STOWAWAY TO STARS #1 SPECIAL EDITION - Byrne's illustrated prose tale, now in colour!
  • MICHAEL CHABON ESCAPIST PULSE POUNDING THRILLS TP - A collection of short stories starring the comic book hero from the pages of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon. 
  • MOEBIUS LIBRARY INSIDE MOEBIUS HC VOL 02 - The second volume of Moebius' doodles and dialogues, giving incredible insight into the mind of one of the all-time greats.
  • NO 1 WITH A BULLET TP - Collecting the sci-fi satire by Jacob Semahn & Jorge Corona.
  • RED HOOK TP VOL 01 NEW BROOKLYN - Collecting Dean Haspiel's superhero webcomic. 
  • SPECTACLE TP VOL 01 - Just your classic fantasy tale of a circus, twin sisters (one of whom is a ghost), a murder and dastardly magic.
  • SWORD DAUGHTER #1 - Brian Wood hits the viking trail again in this new series that's a mix of Northlanders and Lone Wolf and Cub.

Happy summer, gang!