The Gosh! Authority 09.05.18


Quick bit of admin: due to the bank holiday that you're all enjoying while some people (me) are sitting under artificial lights in a basement at work, the comics will be arriving on Wednesday to go out on Wednesday. So when we have them will be down to the vagaries of delivery drivers and London traffic plus tyhe time it takes for us to process the delivery. Keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook, where we'll announce it as soon as they're out on the shelves. Otherwise the safe bet is to leave it until after lunchtime.


We've got the brilliant Daisy Hirst in this Thursday for the launch of her latest picture book I Do Not Like Books Anymore! Daisy will be toasting the release and signing your books here on Thursday the 10th May, 7-9pm! More details here!

Reads May.png

You should pop along the night before as well, because our regular reading group Reads will be discussing Alecos Papadatos and Annie Di Donna's historical drama Democracy. The gang meets at from 7-9pm on Wednesday the 9th May, and all are welcome. More details here.


Get up to anything exciting last Saturday? Not us. Dull as dishwater around here. Oh, except for FCBD involving a drawing table, window painting, three signings and over 20 writers and artists, as well as free comics and hundreds of people. But other than that, all pretty quiet really. Nice weather though.

204069_1168495_8 (1).png

But seriously, a massive thank you to everyone who came along and made the day such a fun experience. Everyone was considerate and patient, and it really helped us keep things running smoothly. And thanks to all those creators who kindly donated their time to meet fans, inspire kids, entertain the public and really transform the day into a special event. 


So thank you to Ben Newman, Sandra Dieckmann, Joe Todd-Stanton, Tor Freeman, Sarah McIntyre, Joe List, Ben Bowen, Karen Rubins and Laura Trinder for drawing with an excitable gaggle of kids!


Thanks to Dan White, Lord Hurk, Crom, Isabel Greenberg, Lizzy Stewart and Paul Shinn for slapping paint on our windows in supremely creative fashion!


Thanks to Stephen Collins, Tom Gauld, Simone Lia, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Michael & Laura Allred for their respective signings!


We had plenty of happy fans through the doors, and they all left stacks of signed stock in their wake if you didn't get the chance to attend.


Phew! And that was that for another year. See you next year, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!



BARRIER #1 & #2 (OF 5)
Brian K Vaughan
Artist: Marcos Martin
Publisher: Image

Did you pick up Barrier #1 for Free Comic Book Day? The full 50-page issue is re-released this week in the larger format that the rest of the series will be released in. The content is the same, though, so you can just jump straight into #2 this week if you're not terribly picky about matching formats. Originally published through Vaughan's Panel Syndicate webcomic platform, Barrier is a science fiction tale about border controls, immigration, language and violence. It's a powerful, political book, and there are no plans to ever collect it, so get these issues while you can! And yes, a good chunk of the issue is in untranslated Spanish, but that's part of the point.

Try it if you like: Lazarus / Private Eye / Y The Last Man


Writer / Artist: 
Inio Asano
Publisher: Viz

One of the modern masters of manga, Asano's work is always worth keeping an eye out for. In this, what looks to be one of his most entertainingly accessible works, he turns his idiosyncratic eye to one of the classic sci-fi tropes: alien invasion. Three years have passed since the aliens arrived on Earth, and the Japanese Self Defense Forces are still seeking an effective means of combatting the enemy. But more importantly, how is high schooler Kadode Koyama supposed to keep on top of her college enrance exams when she and her best friend spend all their time tracking the invasion on social media? Life goes on in this comedy-drama that asks the question, what's it like being a teenager when the world is about to end?

Try it if you like: Giant Days / Solanin / This One Summer


 Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson
Artist: Francis Manapul
Publisher: DC

Keeping with the large-scale action of Dark Nights Metal, No Justice is a weekly, four-issue mini-series of cosmic proportions which will shake up the status quo of the JLA. As teased in the DC Nation one shot from last week, four cosmic beings arrive in the DC Universe, a threat so huge that the JLA splits into four thematic teams to take them on, each named for their opponent: Team Entropy, Team Wisdom, Team Mystery and Team Wonder. Looks like daft fun, and with Manapul on art duties, we'll certainly be giving it a look. 

Try it if you like: Dark Nights Metal / Crisis on Infinite Earths / Infinity Gauntlet


Donny Cates
Artist: Ryan Stegman
Publisher: Marvel

Marvel's current star anti-hero relaunches with the team of Cates and Stegman, and a brand new primordial villain who brings out the worst in our symbiotic super. With the trailers for the upcoming Tom Hardy film starting to drop, it's a smart move on Marvel's part to create a fresh jump-on-friendly series for our old pal Eddie Brock. Will anything in it be as great as Emo-Spidey from Spider-Man 3? Probably not, but then what is?

Try it if you like: Amazing Spider-Man / Redneck / Eddie Brock!


Writer / Artist: 
Antoine Revoy
Publisher: First Second

A heavy manga influence shows through in Revoy's striking YA horror graphic novel, particularly recalling the likes of Katsuhiro Otomo and Naoki Urasawa. Two young friends work together to try and uncover the truth behind seemingly paranormal forces that are manifesting in their local playground. It's disturbing stuff, the best kind of entry-level horror for young teens, and an enjoyable read for adult horror buffs too.

Try it if you like: Domu / 20th Century Boys / Anya's Ghost


Writer / Artist:
David Ziggy Greene
Publisher: September Publishing

Happily now ensconced as a fixture in the pages of Private Eye, David is one of the greatest political cartoonists we have, with a sharp insight and expression that is equally matched by his great draughtsmanship. He's criminally overlooked, to be honest, but you can remedy that with the latest collection of his Scene and Heard strip, available with our very own exclusive bookplate. You can tell it's ours, because he's actually drawn the interior of the shop! 


Try it if you like: Steve Bell / Private Eye / Ronald Searle


  • ANGELIC TP VOL 01 HEIRS & GRACES - Collecting the first arc of Simon Spurrier & Caspar Wijngaard's tale of genetically engineered animals in the far future.
  • BEASTS OF BURDEN ANIMAL RITES TP - A softcover edition of Evan Dorkin & Jill Thompson's brilliant short stories starring the dogs and cats of Burden, and the supernatural menaces they face down.
  • DASTARDLY & MUTTLEY TP - Garth Ennis puts his own particular spin on the classic Hanna Barbera characters.
  • HELLBOY OMNIBUS TP VOL 01 SEED OF DESTRUCTION - The new softcover editions of Mike Mignola's baby start here. And welcome they are, too - the older books have been unavailable for a while!
  • MEDIEVAL SPAWN WITCHBLADE #1 (OF 4) - Together again! Brian Haberlin and Brian Holguin bring the medieval magic.
  • MY BOYFRIEND IS A BEAR GN - A quirky-to-say-the-least, tongue-firmly-in-cheek tale of a young woman at last finding a decent romamtic partner. Who happens to be a bear.
  • NUCLEAR WINTER ORIGINAL GN VOL 01 - One for fans of Giant Days who wished there was a touch more post-apocalyptic mutations. A mail courier rides her snowmobile through perpetual nuclear winter in this light YA adventure.
  • SHERLOCK FRANKENSTEIN & THE LEGION OF EVIL TP - Collecting the first spin-off of Jeff Lemire's Black Hammer, with art by the incredible David Rubins.
  • STAR WARS LAST JEDI ADAPTATION #1 - Why they release these adaptations so long after the fact is a mystery to us, but the nice thing is they include scenes that were deleted from the final film. Result!

And that's your lot for this week, kids! See you next time, when Spidey says...