The Gosh! Authority 30.05.18



Don't forget, we've had that second pesky May bank holiday, so the new comics won't be arriving until Wednesday to go out Wednesday. Keep an eye on our social media feeds for news when it gets to the shelves! holidays, eh? Just get rid of the blasted things, right? Anyone? Anyone with me here?

The Gosh! Comics / Broken Frontier Drink & Draw returns this week, shifting to a Thursday this month (and probably following months). We have guests Andrew Rae, David Jesus Vignolli and Gareth Brookes in this Thursday, May 31st from 6.30-9pm, meeting here before going to the pub at 7pm. As ever, art supplies by the good folks at Cass ArtMore details here


We're eagerly awaiting the release of My Friend Dahmer, the film based on Derf Backderf's acclaimed graphic novel, and we're thrilled to be able to team with Altitude Film Distribution to release an exclusive clip! You can view the clip here, and be sure to go see it in cinemas from the 1st June!


Fans of Alan Moore, take note: the excellent Book Shambles podcast with Robin Ince and Josie Long will be featuring Alan as a guest in a very special live recording at the Albert Hall as a part of the Festival of Science: Space on the 4th of June! The theme is Science Books, but with that combo of speakers, who knows where the night might take you? You can get more info and tickets here!



Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Ivan Reis
Publisher: DC

Bendis has arrived! Yep, BMB's new tenure at DC as the Super-guy starts here with this weekly mini-series setting the stage for what's to come (much as John Byrne did back in the day with his own MoS series). The book kicks off with some meat and potatoes Superman action, while also setting up the new prime antagonist, a powerful alien who was a past enemy of Krypton. Eyes are on Bendis to see what he can pull off here in his first DC work, with many hoping the chance to play in a new toybox will revitalise him as a writer. Meanwhile Reis puts in his usual slick effort on the art front, inked by Joe Prado. Jump on board!

.Try it if you like: A Bird / A Plane / Superman!


Dan Slott
Artist: Stuart Immonen, Humberto Ramos, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Jim Cheung
Publisher: Marvel

Dan Slott makes his way towards the door in style with an 80-page epic story (that's right - not the usual main story/several shorts format, but a single tale) to mark the incredible 800th issue (kinda) of the Amazing Spider-Man! To celebrate, Slott is joined by a murderer's row of his former collaborators on the book to tell a game-changing tale in the lives of both Peter Parker and his arch-nemesis Norman Osborn. Slott is one of those writers whose tenure has been so long that its very easy to take him for granted, but his really has been a remarkable run on the book, bringing a great deal of fun back to the pages of your friendly neighbourhood Spidey. Give yourself a reminder with this little bit of comics history! 

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Matt Fitch, Chris Baker
Artist: Mike Collins
Publisher: SelfMadeHero

Fitch, Baker and Collins chronicle one of the most familiar tales of the 20th Century, bringing a fresh, personal touch to it by incorporating the mishmash of fact, speculation and urban legend that surround the moon landing. Staying away from a stead retelling of the mission details, the book gives us such memorable sequences as command module pilot Collins playing basketball on the moon with an allegorical Spirit of America, and President Nixon's anxieties over the success or failure of the mission. Needless to say it's not your typical space race tale.

Try it if you like: Science Tales / T-Minus: The Race to the Moon / Ascent


Evan Dorkin
Artist: Veronica Fish
Publisher: Dark Horse

Beasts of Burden co-creator Evan Dorkin returns to a tale of the supernatural with this murder-mystery set in a school for sorcerers. Four students with hidden pasts who have enrolled in the school to control their occult abilities become embroiled in a battle against an ancient evil, not to mention the day-to-day hassle of living in an institution with an undead dean, mischevious ghosts and a two-headed monkey mummy.

Try it if you like: Beasts of Burden / Harry Potter / Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Mairghread Scott
Artist: Robin Robinson
Publisher: First Second

A new kids fantasy series from animation & comics writer Scott and picture book illustrator Robinson. San Francisco in the early 1900's is a city on its knees, still recovering from the devastating earthquake of 1906. In this fractured landscape, a young high-society girl named Isabel discovers a magical veil that separates her world from that of the fairies, and becomes embroiled in a war between the factions of fairykind that could have devastating consequences in both worlds.  

Try it if you like: Amulet / 5 Worlds / Tamsin & the Deep


Landry Q. Walker
Artist: Justin Greenwood
Publisher: Image

A mysterious drifter comes into town and immediately becomes embroiled in an unsavoury political situation: the daughter of a recently deceased monarch is to be married to a cruel, power-hungry man, her castle overrun with his thuggish goons. So far, so standard, but twists and turns await in this new story from Danger Club writer Walker and Wasteland/Fuse/Stumptown artist Greenwood.

Try it if you like: Wasteland / Fistful of Dollars / Samurai Jack


Keaton Henson
Publisher: Faber Music

Multifaceted artist Henson returns to sequential storytelling (his first since the acclaimed Gloaming) with this mixed-media project that combines a series of ink-painted images and written passages with an embedded MP3 pack, complete with headphone jack. The intention is that book and music should be experienced together to create an immersive narrative of the town of Tallowmere, a place of silence and things lost; a place that never existed. It's quite a moving experience, and one which will only be available in its current format for a very limited time.

Try it if you like: Gloaming / Gardens of Glass / Everything Is Its Own Reward



  • 2021 LOST CHILDREN #1 (OF 2) - A new Euro sci-fi tale of super-powered children attempting to free the city of Detroit from a powerful madman who has seceded it from the USA.
  • BATMAN PRELUDE TO THE WEDDING ROBIN VS RA'S AL GHUL #1 - Ra's has a pre-wedding chinwag with his grandson Damien, hoping he'll join the family business. We're sure he'll approach the topic with sensitivity and patience.
  • BLACK LIGHTNING HONG KONG PHOOEY SPECIAL #1 - The DC / Hanna-Barbera crossovers are back, and kicking off in fine style with a 70's setting and two of the companies most transparent70's exploitation icons.
  • DOOMSDAY CLOCK #5 (OF 12) - It's here, clock-watchers!
  • FLASH SPEED BUGGY SPECIAL #1 - The Flash and his sentient sidekick car take on nefarious villains in a post-apocalyptic future! Holy Hanna-Barbera!
  • FRANK QUITELY DRAWINGS AND SKETCHES HC - A lovely little hardcover packed with the aforementioned sketches and drawings, including behind the scenes work from some of his most iconic jobs. 
  • ROK OF THE REDS TP VOL 01 - Collecting John Wagner, Alan Grant and Dan Cornwell's saga of aliens and football.
  • STAR WARS LANDO DOUBLE OR NOTHING #1 - Everybody's stand-out character from the new Solo movie gets a five-part miniseries.
  • SUPER SONS DYNOMUTT SPECIAL #1 - A fairly straight-up DC/Hanna-Barbera superhero team-up by Peter Tomasi and Oclair Albert.
  • SUPERGIRL BEING SUPER TP - Collecting the terrific, out-of-continuity Supergirl tale by Mariko Tamaki and Joëlle Jones.
  • SWING TP VOL 01 - Linda Sejic returns to the ...uhh..."Sunstone Universe", this time as artist with writers Matt Hawkins and Jenni Cheung, with this tale of a couple trying to put a little excitement back into their sex life.
  • VOID TRIP TP - Collecting the psychedelic sci-fi series by Ryan O'Sullivan & Plaid Klaus.
  • WE ARE DANGER #1 - A coming of age tale where two friends learn a lesson about life through the medium of a BATTLE OF THE BANDS! By Jade Street Protection Services creator Fabian Lelay.
  • WHERE WE LIVE LAS VEGAS SHOOTING BENEFIT ANTHOLOGY TP - A fundraising anthology edited by JH Williams III dedicated to the victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting in October last year.
  • X-MEN RED ANNUAL #1 - Jean gets to grips with all that she's missed in this one-short story by Tom Taylor and Pascal Alixe.

And that's your lot for this week!