The Gosh! Authority 02.05.18



Batten down the hatches, folks, Free Comic Book Day is upon us! Yes, as usual we're pulling out all the stops for an event-packed day with a little something for everyone!

FCBD18 Kids.png

We kick off with our FCBD standard: the kids drawing table. The ever-popular draw-with-the-artists event is open to all kids aged 6-12, no need to book, just show up and grab a seat (or wait patiently for a seat to become free). We've got a great bunch of artists on the table this year, scheduled as follows:

10am-11am - Flying Eye, with guests Ben Newman  Sandra Dieckmann & Joe Todd-Stanton.
11am-12pm - Bog Eyed Books, with guests Tor Freeman, Sarah McIntyre & Joe List.
12pm-1pm - Improper Books, with Laura Trinder and friends.

And while that's going on, we'll have an amazing line-up of artists doing live window painting, including Dan White, Crom, Lord Hurk, Lizzy Stewart, Paul Shinn and Isabel Greenberg!


Then from 1pm-2pm we'll have a top crop of Guardian cartoonists in, with Stephen Collins, Tom Gauld and Simone Lia here to sign!


Grab a bit to eat, and then get back here for a Wicked + Divine signing with UK superstars Keiron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie from 3pm-4pm!


Then a little afternoon tea before coming back for the big capper of the day: none other than Michael and Laura Allred will be in the house to sign your stuff and be generally lovely human beings from 5pm-6pm!


Oh, and I guess I should mention that there are also free comics to give away! The books will be on offer from our opening at 10am, and do expect a bit of a queue. Here are the rules:

  • Free comics will be available behind the counter downstairs.
  • Five per person, maximum one copy of each.
  • First come, first served.
  • Be nice to each other.

Just a note: there will probably also be a queue running for Supreme on Peter St on the day, and we will have a coordinated plan with them, so please do listen to instructions about where to queue. 


Speaking of free comics, we have a bit of a bonus: DC NATION #0 is shipping this week and as it's such a cheapie anyway we've decided to include it in the FCBD offerings: a bonus DC book for you all! You can find more details on this special preview issue here.


In other news, we had the launch party for the landmark Nobrow 10 last Friday, and the place was absolutely jammed! A number of the artists were in attendance, and we've got stacks of signed books for you to grab if you missed it. We've got both the softcover (available on the webstore) and the super-limited hardcover for you to choose from. CHOOSE!


Then on Saturday we had the ever-fabulous (and ever-popular) Marc Ellerby in the house, signing copies of his newest Rick & Morty TP Pocket Like You Stole It. If you missed out, signed copies are available on the webstore now.


And then we had a welcome return visit from Ellie Crewes, whose autobiographical debut The Times I KNew I Was Gay from Good Comics has been an absolute sellout for us. Ellie signed for fans old and new, and left us with a little pile of signed copies for you all, you lucky beggars. You can - surprise surprise - get a copy from our webstore.



Rick Remender
Artist: Bengal
Publisher: Image

Remender and Bengal roar out the gate with a love letter to the 70's road movie: truckers, lone drivers in souped up American cars and crooked cops ahoy! Glory is a lone hellraiser, racing across the States, committing a series of heists in order to raise funds for life-saving surgery for her father. It's something of an ode to the freedoms of an untethered lifestyle, a slick action story with meaningful themes, in the vein of most of Remender's work, and with Bengal on visuals, it's sure to be a beautiful ride.

Try it if you like: Deadly Class / Vanishing Point / Motor Crush


Jason Aaron
Artist: Ed McGuinness
Publisher: Marvel

It's a fresh start for the Earth's Mightiest Heroes as Marvel's soft relaunch kicks off with one of their headline books. Thor (Odinson), Iron Man (Tony Stark) and Captain America (Steve Rogers) are back together headlining the team, with a supporting cast including She-Hulk, Ghost Rider, Captain Marvel, Dr Strange and Black Panther. And with Aaron at the helm, who knows where things might go? Just for starters we've got Celestials and the Prehistoric Avengers. Big action = big fun, which is just what the book needs a dose of.

Try it if you like: Ghost Rider (Aaron) / Ultimates / Avengers Forever


Publisher: Nobrow

It seems unbelievable that it's been 10 years since Alex Spiro came into Gosh hand-selling the first volume of his beautifully produced collection of cutting edge illustration. Since then Nobrow, and their Flying Eye children's imprint, have become a UK publishing darling. Their attention to production design has completely changed the game, and their eye for talet is second to none, launching the careers of some of this generation's most influential cartoonists. This latest edition of the illustration annual is a celebration, jam-packed with 70 artists giving their interpretation of the theme "Studio Dreams". Nobrow have issued this volume in a standard paperback edition and an extremely limited deluxe hardcover, the latter only available via Nobrow and (for a very limited time) Gosh.

Try it if you like: Nobrow / Blab / Hi Fructose


Writer / Artist:
Publisher: Fantagraphics

Been a while since we've seen any English translations of Italian artist Gipi's work, so we're very excited by this Fantagraphics edition of his 2016 graphic novel. A grim (but ultimately hopeful) post-apocalyptic saga of two brothers discovering the full nature of the world into which they're born, it's told with Gipi's usual mastery of storytelling and linework. The tale unfolds at a sedate, almost dreamlike pace, punctuated by bursts of upsetting violence, pulling the reader into its bleak world.

Try it if you like: Notes for a War Story / Wasteland / Gardens of Glass


Writer / Artist:
Alfonso Zapico
Publisher: Arcade Publishing

A graphic biography of the great Irish writer, originally published in Spain and responsible for author Zapico winning the Josep Toutain del Salón Internacional del Cómic de Barcelona Prize in 2010. Covering the broad strokes of Joyce's life, it follows him from his tumultuous days in Ireland through his restless travels through Paris, Pola, Trieste, Rome, London, and then finally his time in Zurich.

Try it if you like: Vincent / Dotter of Her Father's Eyes / Pablo


CODA #1 (OF 12)
Simon Spurrier
Artist: Matias Bergara
Publisher: Boom

It's a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, filled with fantasy tropes bent through a Mad Max-ian lens. In this landscape of lost magic a bard named Hum searches for the key to saving his wife's soul, assisted in his efforts by a bad-tempered mutant unicorn. Spurrier brings his adept skills at juggling drama, adventure and humour to the table, accompanied to great effect by the beautiful art of Uruguayan artist Bergara.

Try it if you like: The Spire / Rat Queens / Head Lopper


  • ACTION COMICS SPECIAL #1 - An oversized special featuring  stories by Dan Jurgens, Max Landis, Mark Russell, Jill Thompson, Will Conrad and Francis Manapul. 
  • AGENTS OF ATLAS TP COMPLETE COLLECTION VOL 01 - Reprinting the criminally overlooked Jeff Parker series. 
  • EXTREMITY TP VOL 02 WARRIOR - The concluding volume of Daniel Warren Johnson's terrific tale of insectoid sci-fi. Highly recommended, and bookplated copies of Vol 01 are still available!
  • GRAVEDIGGERS UNION TP VOL 01 - Wes Craig and Toby Cypress' tale of the undead-battling Gravedigger's Union gets its first collection. Lots of fun. 
  • HARLEY LOVES JOKER #1 (OF 2) - Paul Dini and Brett Blevins finish up the classic Harley take they started as a back-up in the pages of Harley Quinn.
  • HUNT FOR WOLVERINE WEAPON LOST #1 - Wolverine is lost! Bit careless, really. Daredevil, Misty Knight, Cypher and Frank McGee check down the back of the Marvel sofa.
  • NIGHTWING THE NEW ORDER TP - A great little elseworlds tale by Kyle Higgins and Trevor McCarthy set in a dystopian future where Nightwing works as governmental hero-hunter, like a PG Marshal Law.
  • REBORN TP - The Mark Millar / Greg Capullo smash hit series gets a softcover collection.
  • RICK & MORTY POCKET LIKE YOU STOLE IT TP - Collecting the mini-series based on the popular phone app, and much better than that might sound. Don't forget we've got copies signed by artist Marc Ellerby!
  • SEASON OF THE SNAKE #1 - A new sci-fi tale from Statix Press by Serge Lehman & Jean-Marie Michaud, where an ancient alien intelligence wakes from its slumber, threatening an expansionist humanity.
  • SHIELD BY HICKMAN AND WEAVER REBIRTH #1 - Reprinting the first four issues of Hickman & Weavers S.H.I.E.L.D. just in time for the final issues to arrive at last!
  • STAR WARS TAG & BINK WERE HERE #1 - The infamous tales of the Star Wars universe's own collective Forrest Gump are reprinted at last! Seriously, we get asked for these comics CONSTANTLY.
  • STRAY BULLETS SUNSHINE & ROSES TP VOL 01 - The first volume of the new Stray Bullets material that is every bit as good as the classic Stray Bullets material, which is to say one of the greatest comics ever made. Get on it, people!
  • STREET ANGEL GOES TO JUVIE HC - The latest Street Angel album from Jim Rugg hits!
  • YOU ARE DEADPOOL #1 (OF 5) - Al Ewing delivers a Deadpool mini-series in the mighty Fighting Fantasy manner! Seriously!
  • YOUNG TERRORISTS TP - Collecting the complete politically charged Black Mask series by Calexit creators Matteo Pizzolo & Amancay Nahuelpan.

And that's your lot! See you next week, folks, with no doubt a heaping helping of FCBD photos in hand!