The Gosh! Authority 25.04.18


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Big event coming up this Friday as Nobrow releases their 10th edition of the landmark annual anthology series that was so instrumental in establishing their reputation. And they've pulled out the stops with the line-up on this one, an incredible 70 artists tackling the theme of "Studio Dreams", including Olimpia Zagnoli, Jamie Jones, Lisk Feng, Molly Mendoza, Eleni Kalorkoti, Yukai Du, Gizem Vural, Bianca Bagnarelli, Jon Boam, Owen Davey, David Doran, Dustin Harbin, Icinori, Marc Martin & many, many more! We stock the original Nobrow back in the day, and we're thrilled to be hosting the launch party for this special anniversary edition. We'll have a gathering of contributors (not all of them - where would we fit everyone?) right here this Friday the 27th April, 7-9pm! More details here.

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And then on Saturday 28th April from 1-2pm we've got our signing event for Rick & Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It with magical Marc Ellerby! Note that this signing was rescheduled from the 21st due to release date changes.


In other news you may have missed, we're taking pre-orders for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Tempest #1, signed by Kevin O'Neill. If you already have LOEG on your standing order with us then no action is needed: you'll get one of these put aside for you. Otherwise, jump on over to our webstore where you can order a copy for mail order or in-store pick-up!



Lee Allred, Michael Allred
Artist: Michael Allred, Laura Allred
Publisher: DC

Gerard Way's Young Animal imprint delves into the Fourth World courtesy of the Allred clan, and the results are an entirely unique mix of adventure, comedy and all-out craziness. Breaking away from The Hive, Bug is on a mission to save the multiverse by stopping a reality-bending metal from falling into the wrong hands. It's top stuff, and we were so taken with it we got Mike & Laura to make us an exclusive bookplate, available to order on our webstore right now!

BUG! template.png

Try it if you like: Doom Patrol / Mister Miracle / Madman


Peter Milligan
Artist: Colin Lorimer
Publisher: Titan

The pinnacle of weird 60's Brit-TV returns to comics in this new series by perfect choice Peter Milligan and artist Colin Lorimer. The release marks the 50th anniversary of the show being broadcast in the US, and this time offers a contemporary take on the village and its mysteries. And as we're on something of an Allred kick at the moment (don't miss your chance to meet him and Laura this FCBD), we've got the Allred cover for you!

Try it if you like: Number 2, Number 6, Number 1 (who IS number 1?)


Writer / Artist:
Luke Healy
Publisher: Avery Hill

Luke Healy's last book - How to Survive in the North - is a favourite around these parts, so this new offering from Avery Hill has been eagerly awaited. Luke is depressed, afflicted by a severe case of metaphoritis and deadlines that don't really exist. Afraid of being forgotten by the comics community and unable to find motivation in anything besides jealousy, he sets out to create an award-winning comic that will remedy all of his problems. 

Try it if you like: How to Survive in the North / Alec / Ganges


Writer / Artist: B. Mure
Publisher: Avery Hill

We're very excited to see this debut GN from B Mure, whose illustration work and self-published material has always impressed us. In the city of Ismyre, Ed the sculptor works as his widower neighbour sings strange melodies late into the night. He places the finished figurine and notices there is an empty space on the shelf where another one should be. Perplexed, he sleeps, whilst his neighbour continues to croon. Meanwhile, across the city, a government building explodes into a mess of plants and flowers...

Try it if you like: Dan Berry / Geis / Peow Studios


Charles Soule
Artist: David Marquez, Paulo Siqueira
Publisher: Marvel

The answers to one of the most pressing questions in the Marvel Universe - where is Wolverine? - start here, with this one-shot leading into a series of minis, each focusing on a different member of Wolverine's expanded cast - the Wolvieverse? We can tell you one thing: he ain't in that adamantium shell any more!

Try it if you like: X-Men / Wolverines / Wolverine


Writer: Dan Watters
Artist: Val Rodrigues
Publisher: Vault

An intriguing new series from Watters - writer of the criminally underrated Limbo - and Brazillian artist Rodrigues, who's doing some eyeball-popping stuff from what we've seen. The story revolves around a world where the green is fighting back, with roots bursting from the earth to strangle the surface world, and sentient humanoid plants waging war against the humans.

Try it if you like: Swamp Thing / Limbo / House of Penance


Writer / Artist: 
David Jesus Vignolli
Publisher: Archaia

A young girl gets lost in the mountains and is taken in by the inhabitants of a hidden, mystical sanctuary populated by immortals. Some there fear her presence and the chaos it might bring, but as the outside world threatens to uncover their hideaway, the girl must prove that there is more to being human than the violence her guardians fear. A lovely looking fantasy tale.

Try it if you like: The Nameless City / Spirited Away


Writer / Artist: 
Pat Palermo
Publisher: Adhouse

The slice of life series by Xeric award winner Palermo, previously showcased in The Best American Comics 2012, finds a regular home at Adhouse. Welcome to 2007 New York, a year before the financial crash, in which a provisional community of young artists attempt to come together to carve out a space for themselves and launch their own careers, all while toiling in the margins of the booming New York art world.

Try it if you like: Pope Hats / Minimum Wage / Artbabe


Cati Baur
Artist: Malika Ferdjoukh
Publisher: IDW

Nominated for the Best Children's Graphic Novel Award at the Angoulême International Comics Festival, this series of HCs - four volumes in total - tells the story of four orphaned sisters who take their upbringing into their own hands, lead by the eldest. Each volume is told from the perspective of a different sister, this first being Enid, the youngest of the girls. When Enid and her friend Gulliver hear ghostly screams, they embark upon a scary adventure.

Try it if you like: This One Summer / Little House on the Prairie / Little Women


Ace Atkins
Artist: Marco Finnegan
Publisher: Image

A hard boiled detective tale written by ex-journalist (and Pulitzer Prize winner) Ace Atkins, set in the steamy world of New Orleans. It's a city filled with eccentrics and oddballs as PI Nick Travers sets out to find a college professor who has gone missing while searching for the lost recordings of legendary bluesman Robert Johnson.

Try it if you like: Hard Case Crime / Angeltown / Parker


Writer: Nnedi Okorafor
Artist: Eric Battle
Publisher: IDW

The origin tale of a legendary African hero. Antar was a medieval warrior poet, the son of a slave mother and a noble father who himself was raised in slavery. Like most such figures, little is known about his real life, so Okorafor uses the stories about him to piece together a narrative of his life, starting with his violent, troubled childhood.

Try it if you like: Niobe She is Life / The Untamed / Black Panther


  • ALACK SINNER AGE OF DISENCHANTMENT TP - The second volume of IDW's complete library of the Munoz/Sampayo classic crime saga.
  • ALIENS DUST TO DUST #1 (OF 4) - A new Aliens story by Gosh fave Gabriel Hardman!
  • ART OF GOD OF WAR HC - A lovely collection of concept art and design from the hit new game.
  • AVENGERS #690 LEG - The final chapter of No Surrender! We still have the previous issues, so drop us a line if you want to pick up the whole shebang.
  • BERLIN #22 - This is it! 20 years in the making, it's the final issue of one of the finest literary comics ever made!
  • CABLE TP VOL 01 LAST HOPE - You loved him in the trailer for Deadpool 2, now jump on the newest adventures of ol' tin arm.
  • DEAD OF WINTER GN GOOD GOOD DOG - The surprisingly good (and funny) spin-off from the zombie survival board game.
  • DEAD WEIGHT MURDER AT CAMP BLOOM GN - A summer at "fat camp" for four bored, overweight teens takes a sinister, murderous turn in this kid-friendly detective tale.
  • FEAR AGENT FINAL ED TP VOL 01 - A new, definitive reprint series of Rick Remender, Tony Moore and Jerome Opena's classic sc-fi series.
  • HEAVY VINYL TP - Formerly Hi Fi Fight Club, it's YA goodness where Hi Fidelity and Empire Records meets vigilante justice!
  • KINO TP VOL 01 - The latest from Lion Forge's Catalyst Prime superhero line.
  • LAZARUS SOURCEBOOK COLLECTION TP VOL 01 - Collecting together the sourcebook specials that delve deep into Greg Rucka's brilliant dystopian sci-fi world.
  • LOU CAMERON UNSLEEPING DEAD HC - A Yoe books collection of Lou Cameron's horror work.
  • PERVERT OGN - Collecting and expanding on Michelle Perez & Remy Boydell's account of a trans woman's experiences in Seattle's sex industry, previously seen in the Island anthology.
  • SHADOW BATMAN HC - The second team-up of the detective duo, by Steve Orlando & Giovanni Timpano. 
  • SLEEPER TP BOOK 01 - A nice chunky new edition of the Ed Brubaker / Sean Phillips classic that kicked off their collaborative run.
  • THANOS ANNUAL #1 - The Cosmic Ghost Rider recounts the sins of Thanos in this anthology featuring work by Donny Cates, Kieron Gillen, Al Ewing, Ryan North, Christopher Hastings, Katie Cook, Frazer Irving, Andre Araujo, Will Robson, Flaviano Armentaro & Geoff Shaw.
  • TOMS MIDNIGHT GARDEN GN - The singular Edith adapts the Carnegie Award winning novel by Philippa Pearce.
  • X-MEN DOMINO TP - It's a bumper best of collection of everyone's favourite lucky superhero Longsh----errr----Domino!

See you next week!

Andrew & Shaun.