The Gosh! Authority 07.03.18



New from King Louie's Lab is No Faces, a slice of London life from the guys who brought us Cheeky Monkey and Goobers. We're pleased to announce we're hosting the launch: Friday the 9th of March, from 7 till 9 pm! Come on down to share the good times and a few drinks! Details here!


This week we announced our next two bookplate editions! These exclusive Gosh! plates are limited to an edition of 200, printed on high quality cardstock. First up: from the Young Animal stable, the Bug! collection, designed and signed by both Michael & Lee Allred!


And then, following our hugely successful bookplate for volume one, writer and artist Andrew MacLean has given us another beautiful bookplate for Head Lopper Volume 02! 


The plated edition of the first volume shot out the door, so pre-order now!


And if that wasn't enough fine quality merchandise for you, we also announced our Soppy print with the one and only Phillppa Rice! Limited to just 100 signed copies, you can order now from the webstore.


Last Wednesday was the latest co-hosted drink and draw event from Broken Frontier and Gosh! We just wanted to thank everyone who braved the arctic conditions to join us. We had as always a lovely and talented crowd in attendance who quickly filled up the excellent space provided by the charming and quirky little pub, The Kings Arms. The night had our three lead artists Liam Cobb, Will Tempest, and Andy Barron pick some of our personal favourite art prompts (check out the Twitter hashtag #Goshbfdd for a glimpse at some of the wonderful pieces produced on the evening.) Keep your eyes out for the annoucned of the next Drink and Draw so you don't miss out on all the fun. 


A massive thanks to the lovely crowd who braved it through the snow Friday night for the launch of Lizzy Stewart's book Juniper Jupiter. Cold spirits were quickly livened up with cupcakes and a few drinks and a warm atmosphere soon had everyone thawed out. For those poor souls snowed in have no fear, now the pathways are clear you still have time to grab a signed copy in store. 



Robert Kirkman
Artist: Lorenzo De Felici
Publisher: Image

Robert Kirkman's definitely been putting the legwork in on promoting his new tale of interdimensional survival, even going so far as to send stores advance copies of the entire first TP. And we can tell you that it's shaping up to be a cracking read, as our initial protagonist Nathan Cole searches for answers in the massive area of Philadelphia that has been plunged into a hellish dimension of monsters, refusing to give up when the rest of the world has. 

Try it if you like - Walking Dead / Black Science / Sweet Tooth


Jeff Lemire
ArtistAndrea Sorrentino
Publisher: Image

While we're always interested to see what he does with the various superhero properties he puts his mind to, any of Jeff Lemire's creator owned work is an absolute must-read (this week see also Black Hammer spin-off DOCTOR STAR & KINGDOM LOST TOMORROWS #1 . Hence Gideon Falls should be on the list of any right-thinking comics reader this week: a trash-obsessed conspiracy nut and a washed up priest share a connection may hold the key to The Black Barn, a building that mysteriously appears in Gideon Falls throughout its history, bringing ill times with it. Old Man Logan artist Sorrentino is a perfect fit for this tale of urban horror.

Try it if you like - Wytches / Harrow County / Locke & Key


Writer:  Mike Carey
ArtistPeter Gross
Publisher: IDW

The drop-dead-gorgeous series covers illustrated by award-winning cartoonist Yuko Shimizu sold us on this new IDW book before we even spotted that it's the new story from the creators behind the Hugo Award-nominated comic The Unwritten! Mike Carey and Peter Gross invite you into The Highest House, the story of a slave boy named Moth who makes friends with a powerful entity called Obsidian that promises advancement and happiness. Clearly Obsidian has a hidden agenda, but Moth has ambitions and plans of his own.

Try it if you like - Geis / Battling Boy / The Divine


Writer/ArtistRyan Heshka
Publisher: Nobrow

Another fantastic new Nobrow offering. This stereotype-busting graphic novel subverts 1950s clichés to bring you an utterly wild, pink-tinted trip in Ryan Heshka’s unmistakably cool style. Returning to Nobrow for a follow up to his smash hit Mean Girls Club one-shot published as part of their 17x23 series. Pink Dawn is a beautiful full-length hardcover graphic novel that has the Mean Girls Club laying waste to the town as the power-crazed Mayor Schlomo is hell-bent on their destruction. He blackmails a young mechanic named Roxy to infiltrate the Clubhouse – but her feisty attitude lands her an initiation into the Club instead! Torn between the sleazebag Mayor’s dirty threats and her unexpected friendships with the Mean Girls, Roxy holds the fate of the Club in her hands

Try it if you like - Violent Love / True Romance / Tarantula


Writer/ArtistAlexander Utkin
Publisher: Nobrow

Enter a world of magic and adventure in this stunningly illustrated comic based on traditional Russian folklore and myth from the sublime Alexander Utkin. The King of Birds has victoriously defeated the King of Animals, but he is left gravely injured. He promises a merchant a great reward if he can nurse him back to health. Upon his recovery, they travel far across the land to the domains of the King’s three sisters to claim the merchant’s prize but can his sisters overcome their greed and give up that which is most precious to them. A breathtakingly good looking new book full to the brim with myth and and lore that is constantly surpising. 

Try it if you like - Geis / Headlopper / Ico


Writer/Artist: Jaime Hernandez
Publisher: Toon Graphics

The mythology of Latin America is brought to life for audiences of all ages by Jaime Hernandez, and as you might expect it's all done with an (seemingly) effortless artistic aplomb. How would a kitchen maid fare against a seven-headed dragon? What happens when a woman marries a mouse? And what can a young man learn from a thousand leaf cutter ants? A book of tales for all ages in the truest sense. 

Try it if you like - Love & Rockets / Moomins / Bone


Writer/ArtistSloane Leong
Publisher: Image

Artist/writer Sloane Leong returns to comics after being sorely missed after the conclusion of From Under Mountains. She returns with Prism Stalker, a story blending elements from Sailor Moon to the biopunk horror of David Cronenberg. This is an ongoing sci-fi adventure series for fans hankering for more Copra and Prophet. Vep is a young refugee raised away from her devastated home planet as an indentured citizen in a foreign colony. She works tirelessly for her insectoid hosts, but there is no exit in sight in this vicious, dripping city-nest. The eye of opportunity is closing. Her duty is to her family and her siblings, but what more can she do for them here? The answer appears faster than she is ready for.

Try it if you like - Glory / Prophet / Gardens of Glass


Writer:  Gerry Duggan
ArtistAaron Kuder
Publisher: Marvel

The Saga of the Infinity Stones begins this week in Marvel's next huge event series. From superstar creative team Gerry Duggan and Aaron Kuder comes a tale that has the Infinity Stones reappear around the cosmos and sets into motion the ultimate race for power! Battles will be won and lost as blood is spilled and lives are lost as the greatest cosmic heroes and villains vie for possession of the most important relic in the universe, the Power Stone! 

Try it if you like - Secret Wars / Infinity Gauntlet / Civil War


WriterJ. Torres
ArtistCJ Cannon & Nick Filardi
Publisher: Oni

Rick and Morty go Superheroic as J. Torres, CJ Cannon and Nick Filardi reveal the secret origins of the galaxy's best, brightest and oddest heroes. Featuring fan favorite characters including Million Ants, Scary Terry, Crocubot, Alan Rails and we even spy a Pickle Rick on that cover! This could be the most twisted and bombastic escapade yet for the Rick and Morty comics and that is saying a lot. For new and old fans of the series, this will be a pure delight of the most absurd nature. 

Try it if you like - Rick / Morty / Rick AND Morty


WriterJosh Vann
ArtistSimone D'Armini
Publisher: IDW

Spider King is Vikings vs. aliens and the perfect new series for fans of Conan the Barbarian, Hellboy or Predator. This new serialization from IDW reprints for the first time the critically acclaimed and award-nominated Kickstarter-funded graphic novel! When a fleet of spaceships crashes into northern Europe in 956 AD, a group of unlikely Viking heroes are the last line of defense against a brutal intergalactic warlord. Equal parts science fiction and fantasy, The Spider King follows the adventures of Viking warriors as they defend their world against alien invaders armed with futuristic technology and impossible weapons. 

Try it if you like - Lake of Fire / Dark Ages / 2000 AD


Writer/ArtistJames Kochalka
Publisher: IDW/Top Shelf

James Kochalka's Mechaboys straddles the line between his all ages book Glorkian Warrior and his adults-only work Superf*ckers. Calling all readers who like the sound of a book best described as the love-child of Superbad, Carrie, Mean Girls, and Transformers! Mechboys is about two lovable dirtbag teens, tired of being bullied, who build a robot battle suit to take revenge on their entire high school. But they never expected to become kind of popular! Experience the thrill of keg parties, gym classes, bear attacks, and first kisses, all with a mechanical enhancement! It's an action-packed dark-comedy teen-romance from Eisner Award-winning cartoonist James Kochalka.

Try it if you like - Copra / Dexter's Lab / End of The F**king World


WriterEd Brisson
ArtistAlessandro Micelli & Shari Chankhamma
Publisher: ONI

Kidnapped off the streets of the Philippines as an infant and trained as a child assassin, Sang has never had a childhood. All he's ever known is killing and the kindness of his master, Chen, the closest thing Sang has to a father. Ballad of Sang sees writer Ed Brisson fuse his love for crime stories with his skill at writing explosive martial arts action, as seen in his run on Marvel's Iron Fist. Brisson is one of the most underrated writers in comics today and if his past work is anything to go on this is set to be another great series. 

Try it if you like - Deadly Class / Kill Or Be Killed / The Violent



  • AVENGERS & THE INFINITY GAUNTLET TP - An all-ages retelling of the classic tale, as Marvel's heroes unite to fight cosmic scourge Thanos, who wields the power of the Infinity Gems.
  • BATMAN & HARLEY QUINN HC - Ty Templeton and Rick Burchett reunite for a story that serves as a sequel to the Batman and Harley Quinn animated film! This new hardcover edtion collects all twelve digital chapters.
  • CHIMICHANGA HC SORROW OF WORLDS WORST FACE -  Eric Powell returns to his all-ages creation, Chimichanga, with artist Stephanie Buscema for a story about a bizarre monster and the little-bearded girl who guides him through life in the sideshow.
  • DOCTOR STAR & KINGDOM LOST TOMORROWS #1 - A new spin-off title set in the world of Black Hammer, written by Lemire with art by Max Fiumara. The Golden Age hero Doctor Star wants to pass the mantle on to his son, but his son may have other plans...
  • LOBSTER JOHNSON TP VOL 06 - Collecting five Lobster Johnson one-shots featuring a Christmas robbery, a prison break, an art museum heist, a preacher serving up more than scripture, and a zombie hitman! Each tale is a perfect slice of pulp adventure and this collection is a perfect introduction to one of comics best pulp heroes. 
  • SHADE THE CHANGING WOMAN #1 - Cecil Castellucci and Marley Zarcone return post Milk Wars for the third arc of their critically acclaimed Young Animal series, and now Shade is all grown up. 
  • SNAILS ARE JUST MY SPEED YR GN - Kevin McCloskey mixes snail science, art, and hilarity for the newest book in his Giggle and Learn series, praised by the New York Times as "a winning combination of facts and gross-out fun."
  • SUPER SONS TP VOL 02 - The second collection of Peter J. Tomasi's criminally underrated teen superhero book. As good as Ms Marvel, Teen Titans, and Nova. Don't sleep on this little gem. 
  • UNHOLY GRAIL TP VOL 01 - Master of pulpy horror Cullen Bunn, unleashes Unholy Grail, a nightmarish spin on the Arthurian legend. 
  • WALKING DEAD TP VOL 29 - The latest collection of Kirkman and Adlard's juggernaut zombie soap opera. It'll be hard to miss the massive stack of these. 
  • WAR MOTHER TP VOL 01 - High concept post-apocalyptic fun from Fred Van Lente and Stephen Segovia. For fans of Max Mad Fury Road and Lazarus.

Until next time that's all folks.

Andrew & Shaun.