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We're Hiring! After after a little bit of internal shuffling, we’re looking for a new Assistant to the Periodicals Buyer & Back Issue Manager! Hit the link for the full details. 

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It’s Drink & Draw time with our friends at Broken Frontier once again. This coming month we have special guests Elizabeth Querstret, Jenny Robins, and Michelle Mildenberg! Kicking off at Gosh! at 6.30pm with an opportunity to buy work from the featured artists at a discounted price before heading to the evening’s location of choice. At 7pm we will be going to a local pub, Kings Arms to begin our drinking and drawing! Hopefully, we won't have to brave a blizzard this time out!


Ellie Crewes will be here to launch the collected edition of The Times I Knew I was Gay on Friday, April 6th at 7-9 pm! Ellie's zines have been a Gosh favourite for some time now; so we're delighted to be holding this celebratory drink and chat!  If you can't make it in and would like a signed copy pre-order can be placed via our website. Keep up to date on the facebook page


Last Thursday we were joined in store by Alexander Tucker and David CW Briggs for UNDIMENSIONED presents R, the new comic from DCWB! R takes us on a journey through the utter pointlessness of war in this repetitious cycle of humanoids, flamboyant assassins, and ruthless goblin killers! Huge thanks to the great crowd who turned out for the evening to celebrate in style with the creators. Check our new releases shelves for copies of R.


Before we get to this week's new comics just a warning about our delivery the week following Easter. Due to Easter bank holidays, our new comics delivery will arrive on Wednesday 4th April for immediate sale. All going well shelves will be full by lunchtime but everything depends on the delivery gods being kind. Keep an eye on our Twitter as we will post as soon as everything is out, we thank you in advance for your patience. Customers are as always welcome to call or email if they'd like anything stashed aside to avoid missing out. 



Write/Artist: Amélie Fléchais
Publisher: Lion Forge

Three young boys set off from Camp Happiness, determined to win a treasure hunt in this new offering from Lion Forge. The shortcut the boys take leads to something far more spectacular and sinister however as all manner of magical beasties live in these woods, and the kids find themselves caught between warring Forest Spirits. Amélie Fléchais’s incredible artwork combines the best of French illustration with manga influences. Lost Path is a spooky new fairytale, for fans of Over the Garden Wall.

Try it if you like - Battling Boy / Over The Garden Wall / Beautiful Darkness


Writer/Artist: Anna Haifisch
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly

Haifisch looks at the fervent drive and crippling insecurities of the average artist and places those same issues on the shoulders of three celebrated 20th-century artists. Part study of isolation, part tale of a begrudging camaraderie, daily life at the centre mixes with reminiscences from the world outside. Wryly written, precisely composed, and glowingly coloured, Von Spatz is a hilarious, heartwarming absurdist tale. Walt Disney is exhausted both physically and mentally. After a breakdown where he trashes his office, his wife Lilian brings him to a retreat to recover—the Von Spatz Rehabilitation Center. With a campus that includes studio buildings, a gallery, an art supply store, a hot dog booth, and a penguin pool, the clinic is a paradise for artists in crisis. There Disney meets Tomi Ungerer and Saul Steinberg, and together, they embark on a regimen of relaxation and art therapy.

Try it if you like - The Artist / Ant Colony / Megahex


Writer/Artist: Conor Stechschulte
Publisher: Breakdown Press

The latest work from Chicago-based cartoonist Conor Stechschulte is an erotic psychological thriller charting the fallout following a stranded motorist's unexpected encounter with a strange, isolated couple. This is the third in an ambitious series, several years in the making, that has already been described as Stechschulte's best work to date by such critics as The Beat's Heidi McDonald who called Generous Bosom 2 the "most mindboggling comic of the year".

Try it if you like - The Amateurs / Showtime / The End of The F*cking World


Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Ibrahim Moustafa
Publisher: Young Animal

After the fallout of MILK WARS, Violet Paige finds herself in a Gotham City unlike any we have seen before. Ten years into the future, in a world without a Batman, Gotham City has been taken over by the Collective, with Gala acting as Head of Citystate. In a high-tech town with zero tolerance toward caped crusaders and masked vigilantes (except for those designed by Gala and her association of aristocratic artisans), what's a woman who has vowed vengeance to do? And what's happened to her mother, Rebecca Paige? Perhaps The Joker, now a sad clown who makes balloon toys shaped like Tommy guns and machetes on the abandoned Gotham docks, has the answers. Find out for yourself as Mother Panic returns to a different Bat-time, different Bat-channel and now with the breathtakingly talented Ibrahim Moustafa on art duties!

Try it if you like - Gotham Central / Gotham By Gaslight / Altered Carbon


Writer: Christopher Sebela
Artist: Phil Noto
Publisher: Marvel

Tieing into the current Doctor Strange mini event Damnation comes to a brand new Ghost Rider tale from writer Christopher Sebela and artist supreme Phil Noto. Johnny Blaze takes the fight to a different devil than he usually as he faces off against Mephisto! But Mephisto will show Johnny his own brand of suffering - and give him a whole new reason for vengeance.

Try it if you like - Doctor Strange / All-New Ghost Rider / Beautiful Phil Noto Interiors


Editors: Nicola Streeten & Cath Tate   
Publisher: Myriad

Based on the exhibition of the same name, hosted at the Cartoon Museum last year, The Inking Woman, (edited by Nicola Streeten and Cath Tate) is a visually rich celebration of the work of over a hundred British artists which gives insight into the wit and talent of a wealth of creative women spanning 250 years. This wide-ranging curation of women’s comics work includes prints, caricatures, joke, editorial and strip cartoons, postcards, comics, zines, graphic novels and digital comics, covering all genres and topics. A veritable who's who of female comic creators and a perfect jumping off point to expand the types of things you're reading. Broken Frontier's Andy Oliver wrote a fantastic piece well worth your time, his final thoughts on the book sum up its importance 'The Inking Woman is an essential and long overdue recognition of the role, influence and importance of the women creators who have been instrumental in the evolution and forward momentum of this art form in the UK.' 

Try it if you like - Comic History / Comic Culture


Creators: Simon Grennan, Roger Sabin & Julian Waite
Publisher: Myriad

Marie Duval was a groundbreaking Victorian cartoonist whose wide range of work, depicting an urban, often working-class environment. Her phenomenal work has sadly been largely forgotten. However, this new offering from Myriad looks to first celebrate her life and work whilst bringing her to the attention of a whole new generation and audience. This is an entertaining visual account of the work of Duval as she struggled and succeeded in creating a new urban visual culture, whilst also placing her work within the context and framework of the emerging profession of visual journalism. Serving as an enticing glimpse into the exciting and strange world-changing media environment of London in the latter part of the nineteenth century.

Try it if you like - Dispossession / The Comic Book History of Comics / Victorian History


  • BEEF #2 (OF 5) - The mad genre fun continues and is filled to bursting with some of the best work from Gosh! favourite artist Shaky Kane.
  • BREATHLESS #1 - Pitched as a healthcare horror story about the monsters creeping in the dark, Patrick Shand and Renzo Rodriguez's new Black Mask book is Buffy the Vampire Slayer but if the villains were big pharma.
  • COPPERHEAD TP VOL 04 - The acclaimed sci-fi western continues as shocking revelations about Sheriff Clara Bronson's tragic past finally come to light.
  • DAREDEVIL #600 - Huge oversized anniversary issue as Daredevil hits a landmark 600th instalment in the finale to the Mayor Fisk story arc. 
  • DARK NIGHTS METAL #6 (OF 6) - Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder's brilliantly bonkers DC mega-event concludes this week. 
  • DOOMSDAY CLOCK #4 (OF 12) - DC's other brilliantly bonkers mega-event reaches its fourth issue and with it a shocking revelation about the aftermath of Ozymandias' actions and how they reach into even the darkest corners of the DC Universe. Geoff Johns and Gary Frank continue to enrapture the comics audience in this pseudo-sequel to Watchmen. 
  • HIGHEST HOUSE #2 - Mike Carey and Peter Gross the creators behind huge series, The Unwritten, invite you back to The Highest House, as their brand new series continues. (We still have some copies of issue #1 if you missed out.)
  • HIT-GIRL #2 - Mark Millar teams with sensational artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz as their continuation of Hit-Girls story propels forward in a bloody mess. (We still have some copies of issue #1 if you missed out.)
  • INVINCIBLE TP VOL 25 END OF ALL THINGS PART 2 - Every single story for the past 14 years has been leading up to this epic series conclusion as Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley's genre-redefining superhero tale goes out with a bang.
  • NEW MUTANTS TP DEMON BEAR - With the movie still almost a year away tide yourself over with some of the very best that the New Mutant have to offer with Chris Claremont and legendary illustrator Bill Sienkiewicz's take on the X book. 
  • PLEASE KEEP WARM COLLECTION GN VOL 01 - Collecting Michael Sweater seminal webcomic, PLease Keep Warm is a comic about friendship, overcoming depression, finding your place in the world, and also sometimes black metal. 
  • REALM TP VOL 01 - A fantastic new urban high-fantasy adventure series from Image comics gets its first collection. Featuring beautiful character designs from the always great Jeremy Haun. 
  • SAGA #50 - The comic juggernaut reaches it's milestone 50th issue this week. 
  • TERRIFICS #2 - Jess Lemire's fantastic new DC series picks up the pace with issue two hit shelves on Wednesday. (We still have some copies of issue #1 if you missed out.)
  • WORLDS FINITE CEREBUS #1 (OF 1) - The latest offering in Dave Sim's recent spate of experimental Cerebus comics. 

That's all for another week.

Andrew & Shaun. 


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