The Gosh! Authority 28.02.18


Welcome, to the last Gosh! Authority of February 2018 and what a lovely little line up of new goodies we have for you. 


It’s Drink & Draw time with our friends at Broken Frontier! We have Liam Cobb, Will Tempest, and Andy Barron! The event will be Wednesday, February 28th. The excellent Kings Arms pub will be hosting this time. Regular Gosh host Nora will still be Stateside for this one so our Shaun (aka me) will do his level best to fill her mighty shoes. Don't worry, though, you'll still be in the very capable hands of Broken Frontier’s Editor-in-Chief Andy Oliver! The Drink and Draw will begin at Gosh! at 6.30pm with an opportunity to buy work from the featured artists at a discounted price before heading to the Kings Arms at 7pm to begin our drinking and drawing! You can follow the event on Facebook, and a huge thank you to our sponsor Cass Art for the huge stack of art supplies!


We had such a good time at Lizzy Stewart's last launch for There's a Tiger in The Garden, we just had to do it again: we're hosting the launch of her latest book Juniper Jupiter on Friday the 2nd March, 7-9pm! Lizzy's self-published short comics - Dog Walk and A Quick Catch up, among others - are perennial Gosh! favorites and she will also have a selection of them available on the night to sign. If you can't make it and would like something signed, please email us at to arrange a reservation or mail order.


We had a lovely evening last Thursday as David Gaffney and Dan Berry throw a party to celebrate the launch of their new graphic novel Three Rooms in Valerie's Head. Anyone feeling blue about missing out can turn that frown upside down as we still have a nice big stack of signed copies!


And finally, we just wanted to plug a really great looking Kickstarter by an old friend of the shop, Karen Rubins. Karen is an accomplished comics writer and artist, whose accolades include a stint as the Comics Artist in Residence at the Victoria & Albert Museum. She is currently crowdfunding her latest project, Comic Turns, a comics storytelling card game suitable for ages 7 and up. We've had a hands-on with a prototype deck, and it's a really great, well-executed idea. You can find out more and offer your support over on the Kickstarter page.



BEEF #1 (OF 5)
Richard Starkings & Tyler Shainline
Artist: Shaky Kane
Publisher: Image

Richard Starkings and Shaky Kane have previously collaborated on the former's excellent Elephantmen, and we were excited to see them back together again (alongside Liberty Justice co-creator Shainline) when this project was first announced back in 2014. A little late, but worth the wait, it's a meatpacking love story, as mild mannered meat man Chuck rides to the rescue of strawberry picker Mary Lynn, who falls prey to the clutches of the villainous Vodino Brothers. It looks pretty nutso, drawn in the manner that only the legendary Shaky Kane can deliver!

Try it if you like - Bulletproof Coffin / Elephantmen / That's Because You're A Robot


Jillian Tamaki
Publisher: Abrams

Gosh fave Jillian Tamaki turns her talented hand to writing and drawing a picture book, and the results don't disappoint. A young girl ponders the colours of the world, relating them to her own life and experience. Tamaki uses lush, flowing linework complemented by rich watercolours to bring the girl's senses to life, creating something that is equally as engaging for children and adults.

Try it if you like - This One Summer / There's A Tiger in the Garden / Supermutant Magic Academy


Angus P Allan
ArtistArthur Ranson
Publisher: Rebellion

First published in 1981 in the pages of Look In magazine, this long-lost chronicle of the origins of the Fab Four was the first of its kind. Lovingly restored for Rebellion's Treasury of British Comics imprint, it's particularly worthy as a showcase of Arthur Ranson's etched photorealism, which we can never have enough of.

Try it if you like - Beatles With An A /  Baby's In Black / The Fifth Beatle


: Andrzej Klimowski
Publisher: SelfMadeHero

While his graphic novel adaptation work on titles such as The Master & Margarita, I, Robot and Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde are well loved, Andrzej Klimowski's reputation was made on his design and illustration work for Polish theatre and film posters in the 1970's, when he moved from London to Warsaw for a period. Integrating Polish folklore and surrealism, Klimowski created an incredible body of work for films and plays, from Scorsese to Brecht. This collection of his best wok from the period is a must-have for film fans and design buffs alike. 

Try it if you like - Saul Bass / ZAleksandr Rodchenko / Franciszek Starowieyski


Vita Ayala
ArtistEmily Pearson
Publisher: Black Mask

Ayala & Pearson bring some post-apocalyptic drama to Black Mask in this new series starring Daisy Walker, a courier and explorer in this bleak new world. When her partner, another runner named Heather, goes missing beyond the walls of her settlement, Daisy begins to uncover not only the horrors that lie in wait in the wilderness, but also the dark truth behind the the organisation that now controls the destiny of humanity.

Try it if you like - Wasteland / The Postman / Bitch Planet


Jeff Lemire
ArtistIvan Reis & Joe Prado
Publisher: DC

Jeff Lemire joins the superstar DC art team of Reis and Prado for this new team book spinning out of the events of Metal. Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, Plastic Man and Phantom Girl find themselves trapped in the Dark Multiverse, and must work as a team to make their way back home. Lemire is always reliable, but this one is particularly notable for the introduction of an old ABC favourite to the DC Universe. None other than Tom Strong!

Try it if you like - Tom Strong / Black Hammer / Justice League Dark


Dan Abnett
ArtistLan Medina
Publisher: DC

For the first time ever, Mera gets the spotlight in this new 6-issue limited series by Aquaman scribe Abnett and DC stalwart Medina. Mera is a queen in exile as an Atlantean civil war rages, working as a go-between for the surface dwellers and her undersea home. But sensing his opportunity for a triumphant return as savior of Atlantis, Ocean Master has waded into the conflict. Can Mera stop him? I mean, probably, but it should be a fun ride getting there, right?

Try it if you like - Aquaman / Sub Mariner / Jacques Cousteau


Hubertus Rufledt
ArtistHelge Vogt
Publisher: Titan 

A little dead girl? A ghostly supporting cast? A dark mystery? Sounds like a goth-y treat to us. Created by former Disney animator Vogt for a short animation project, he developed it with Rufledt into a hit comic series for the French market, now translated thanks to Titan's Statix press.

Try it if you like - Coraline / Emily the Strange / Lenore


  • BEAUTIFUL CANVAS TP VOL 01 - Gonzo sci-fi noir from the writer of indie smash hit one shot Eternal, Ryan K Lyndsey, and future megastar artist Sami Kivelä.
  • CROSSWIND TP VOL 01 - Pitched as Goodfellas by way of Freaky Friday, Gail Simone and Cat Staggs' critically acclaimed Image series is a down and dirty crime delight. 
  • DESPICABLE DEADPOOL TP VOL 01 - As the cult favorite character rapidly approaches his 300th issue, dig into his most despicable adventure yet courtesy of  Gerry Duggan and Scott Koblish.
  • DOOM PATROL JLA SPECIAL #1 - The massive Young Animal/DC crossover event Milk Wars gets its final curtain this week!
  • ELEANOR & THE EGRET TP VOL 01 - Teaming the legendary creator of The Maxx, Sam Kieth, with Chew scribe John Layman for this peculiar and gripping heist series.
  • LOCKJAW #1 (OF 4) - The Inhuman pooch gets his own starring series at last. C'mon, who wouldn't want a Lockjaw comic???
  • MOTOR GIRL OMNIBUS SC - At over 200 pages this omnibus collects all ten issues of Terry Moore's twisted junkyard take on E.T. - Motor Girl - in one place. 
  • PIZZERIA KAMIKAZE ORIGINAL GN HC - Etgar Keret and Asaf Hanuka's classic tale of love, loss and escape is brought back into print by Archaia, now in beautiful colour!
  • RICK VEITCH THE ONE #1 (OF 6) - Rick Veitch's brilliant superhero satire makes a welcome return to print. Treat yourself to one of the true deconstructive classics.
  • SPARKS GN - Two intrepid cats pilot an advanced mechanical super-dog in this quirky all-ages romp from Ian Boothby and Nina Matsumoto. 
  • UNTAMED TP VOL 01 SINNERS PRAYER & UNTAMED TP VOL 02 KILLING FLOOR - The first two volumes of Sebastian A. Jones and Peter Bergting's haunting revenge epic set in the fantasy world of Niobe: She is Life.

And that's new comics for another week, see you all in March!

Andrew & Shaun. 

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