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Another great launch event coming up this week as we toast the release of the Top Shelf edition of David Gaffney & Dan Berry's terrific graphic novel The Three Rooms in Valerie's Head! Be here Thursday, 7pm for some beer, bubbles and general good humour. More details here.


Last Monday we celebrated the release of the new Breakdown Press manga collection Fukushima Devil Fish, by Katsumata Susumu. Manga scholar Ryan Holmberg gave a talk about gekiga manga, including the works of Susumu as well as fellow practitioners Matsumoto Masahiko, Tsuge Yoshiharu & Hayashi Seiichi. A great turn-out for a fascinating talk!


And then on Thursday night we had a murderer's row of concept artists and costume designers from Star Wars The Last Jedi! Kim Frederiksen, Jake Lunt Davies, Jock, Chris Weston, Adam Brockbank and Robert Rowley chatted with host JAKe about their inspirations, history with the Star Wars franchise and what was involved in their work on the film. They also signed a small mountain of Art of Star Wars The Last Jedi books, of which we still have a good number available in store or online!



Writer / Artist:
Publisher: IDW

This actually shipped last week, but we missed it! Masterminded by IDW stalwart Dirk Wood as a part of his IDW:PDX initiative, Full Bleed seeks to recreate a luxury culture magazine of the type that has almost been lost to the internet age, packed to the gills with interviews, editorial features, fiction, reviews, and of course plenty of comics! Funded via a very successful Kickstarter, the book is produced to the highest standards as a lovely hardcover. This first volume contains an exclusive interview with Stephen King, a lost and unpublished interview with Alan Moore, a political essay with spot illustrations by Bob Fingerman, a new short story from Joe Lansdale with spot illustrations by Tim Truman, new comic content from Erin Nations, Kim Dwinell, Craig Yoe, Shannon Wheeler, and a whole lot more. Treat yourself!

Try it if you like: New York Review of Books / The Paris Review / The Comics Journal


Joshua Williamson
Artist: Riley Rossmo
Publisher: Vertigo

Joshua Williamson and Riley Rossmo bring a bit fresh verve to Vertigo with this fun looking new series. Valentine Richards is a reporter (and failed novelist), who is dispatched to the castle of Antonio Luna, formerly the world's greatest adventurer until his disappearance 20 years ago. He lies on his deathbed, and has revealed himself to the world once more, ready to tell his story, and it's to Val that it's told. Cue a tale of extreme violence, far-out psychedelia and supernatural insanity as the bottom falls out from the world that Valentine thinks she knows.

Try it if you like: Casanova / Butcher Baker / Injection


Mark Millar
Artist: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
Publisher: Image

The return of the Kick-Ass universe continues apace in this all new ongoing series starring pint-sized crime-fighting terror Mindy McCready as she sets her sights on international justice-dealing. Her tour kicks off in Columbia, where the mother of a murdered child seeks revenge on her daughter's killer, Columbia's top contract killer. But Mindy has bigger plans for him, and we're guessing a bit of casual ultraviolence lies in store. 

Try it if you like: Kick-Ass / Body Bags / Kingsman: The Secret Service


David Barnett
Artist: Martin Simmonds
Publisher: IDW

The latest addition to Shelly Bond's Black Crown stable, with a comic that (quite literally) captures the kind of punk sensibility of British comics in the 80's and early 90's. 15-year old awkward adolescent (weren't we all?) "Fergie" Ferguson comes across the ghost of Sid Vicious in Heathrow airport, who then follows Fergie back to his unstable, chaotic home. As if his mother's seat-of-your-pants parenting style wasn't enough to contend with, Vicious adds a whole other level of crazy into Fergie's life, along with some unexpected new supernatural abilities. An all new ongoing series that feels a bit like a lost peak-Vertigo title!

Try it if you like: Deadline / Hellblazer / The Invisibles


Emma Beeby
Artist: Ariela Kristantina

Speaking of peak-Vertigo, Dark Horse's new Berger Books line, spearheaded by ex-Vertigo braintrust Karen Berger, continues its initial line-up (alongside sold-out Hungry Ghosts and still-in-stock Incognegro Renaissance) with this new look at the life of the infamous courtesan and German spy. Emma Beeby - the first woman to ever write Judge Dredd, among other achievements - and Ariela Kristantina - artist on the erotic fantasy series Insexts - offer up a compelling look into the life of one of the First World War's least-understood figures. 

Try it if you like: Chiaroscuro / It Was the War of the Trenches / Insexts


Adrian Benatar
Artist: Miguel Angel Garcia
Publisher: IDW

The always-welcome choose-your-own-adventure format is the narrative engine of this all-ages fantasy tale. Dwarven adventurer Uric is on a quest from the gods to find the ancient Dragon Relic, working under the direction of his Spirit Guide (aka You). Will he win the day, or die in a ditch? YOU DECIDE!

Try it if you like: Choose Your Own Adventure / Fighting Fantasy / Dungeons & Dragons


Gerry Duggan
Artist: Mike Deodato
Publisher: Marvel

Infinity Stones, Infinity Stones, where for art thou, Infinity Stones? Turns out everyone wants the answer to that question in the upcoming cosmic event Infinity Countdown. Following on from the recent Adam Warlock one-shot, this Prime one-shot puts all the major players in place for the upcoming mini-series where battle commences for possession of the powerful, reality-warping artifacts. Marvel's cosmic events are often their best, as they tend to be pretty self-contained, so it's worth having a look if your interest is piqued!

Try it if you like: Infinity Gauntlet / Infinity War / Infinity


  • AMERICAN GODS HC VOL 01 SHADOWS - A collection of the first arc adapting Neil Gaiman's incredibly popular novel.
  • ASTONISHING X-MEN BY CHARLES SOULE TP VOL 01 - The first collection of Charles Soule's take on the merry mutants, with Psylocke, Old Man Logan, Bishop, Archangel, Fantomex, Rogue and Gambit (mon dieu, mes amis!).
  • BATMAN SINS OF THE FATHER #1 (OF 6) - A comic series bridging the first and second chapters of the hit Telltale adventure games.
  • BLOODBORNE #1 (OF 4) - Ales Kot writes continuing adventures based on the hit horror fantasy game.
  • CAPTURE CREATURES TP - Cult fave creators Frank & Becky do their own take on Pokemon in this super-cute adventure.
  • CAVE CARSON SWAMP THING SPECIAL #1 - It's Milk Wars part four, by Jon Rivera and Langdon Foss!
  • DC UNIVERSE BY NEIL GAIMAN TP - A softcover collection of Gaiman's DC Universe bits and bobs, including his Metamorpho story from Wednesday comics drawn by Mike Allred!
  • DEATH TO THE TSAR HC - A story of the Russian revolution by the creators behind Death of Stalin.
  • GHOST STATION ZERO TP - The second collection of Antony Johnston and Shari Chankhamma's espionage thriller series starring Codename Baboushka. 
  • MULTIPLE WARHEADS GHOST THRONE (ONE-SHOT) - Brandon Graham's fan-favourite series returns for this one-shot story that gives a pay-off to the storyline that ran through the pages of the Island anthology.
  • ROBIN YEAR ONE DELUXE EDITION HC - A new deluxe edition is the perfect showcase for this always underrated follow-up to Dark Victory, featuring stunning art by Marcos Martic, Javier Pulido and Robert Campanella. 
  • TAARNA #1 - Alex De Campi and Stephane Roux create new adventures for the classic Heavy Metal cover girl (not to mention star of the animated movie poster).

And that's your lot! See you next week...

Andrew & Shaun.

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