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We’ve got a very special event coming up this week: the launch of 24 Panels, a benefit comic for survivors of the tragic Grenfell fire who are suffering from PTSD. We’d love to make as much noise about this launch (and this book) as possible, so please do come along and show your support. Editors Kieron Gillen, Rhona Martin and Steve Thompson will be here, along with a small army of contributors. More details here!


Last week we had Anna Haifisch and Joe Kessler in for a discussion of Joe’s new Breakdown Press title Windowpane, as well as Anna’s work on The Artist and Von Spatz. A fascinating evening with two exciting talents.



DIE #1
Kieron Gillen
Stephanie Hans

Gillen reunites with his Journey Into Mystery and WicDiv variant cover artist Stephanie Hans for a tale that he describes as “Goth Jumanji”. It’s the story of a group of forty-somethings who find their teenage experience of being sucked into another world for two years while roleplaying coming back to haunt them. Apparently the inspiration was wondering whatever became of the kids from the 80’s D&D cartoon, which to be honest has us sold already. Of course this being Gillen, melancholic questions of identity, culture and mid-life meaning are at the heart of it all - horror-tinged fantasy adventure that rides on the back of terrifically realised characters, all lushly illustrated by the phenomenally talented Hans.


Steve Orlando
Riley Rossmo

For those of you who are looking to replace the sophisticated storytelling of Mister Miracle now that it’s done, you could do a lot worse than starting here. Orlando and Rossmo - who have previous form together on Batman / The Shadow - go right back to the beginning for J'onn J'onnz for a Rebirth-era reinvention of the character. The book promises to bring a little more complexity to our green-skinned hero with the revelation that he was far from squeaky clean in his days as a Martian lawman. Quite the opposite in fact, hence his need to make things right in his time on Earth as some form of redemption. Looks like a really interesting take on the character, and kind of reminiscent of Tim Truman’s Hawkworld.


Mark Millar
Rafael Albuquerque

A new high concept pitch piece from the master of such: Ethan Crane excels in every field he attempts: science, sports, music the occult, he’s a master of them all. Constantly looking for the next challenge, the world’s smartest man decides to turn his abilities to the big problems that the goverments of the world can’t fix. War, famine, injustice: he’ll take them all on. Needless to say, Millar’s Huck collaborator Albuquerque brings the goods on the art front delivering his usual beautiful work. And of course this is part of the Millarworld Netflix deal, so look forward to the eventual show.


Geoff Johns
Dale Eaglesham

The return of Geoff Johns to a monthly title, and it’s one that has long been dear to his heart as evidenced by the back-up series he did with Gary Frank back in 2012. And for the titular hero, incredibly it’s the first DCU-set monthly title he’s had in 20 years! Obviously it’s in no small part down to the upcoming film (which is looking pretty great), but we’ll take whatever excuse is needed for some more tales of Billy Batson and his superpowered alter-ego. The balance of high school and heroics always makes for some fun tension, and as you might expect, Mr Mind and Dr Sivana are waiting in the wings to screw everything up. Should be good, with Dale Eaglesham a perfect choice for the art chores.


Nnedi Okorafor
Tana Ford
Dark Horse

The latest title from the Berger Books stable comes courtesy of award-winning sci-fi and fantasy author Okorafor, joined by Marvel regular Ford. Set in an alternate world where aliens have integrated into human society, we follow Future Nwafor Chukwuebuka, a pregnant Nigerian-American doctor who has smuggled a sentient alien plant into the United States. In a charged climate of draconian anti-immigration sentiment, Future lives in a South Bronx tenement with her Grandmother amidst a mostly African and alien immigrant population. But, as the birth of her child nears, Future begins to change, and her past begins to catch up with her. A timely tale of political sci-fi to say the least!


  • BREAKNECK #1 (OF 5) - A contemporary thriller by Duane Swierczynski, perfect for fans of 24 or Homeland, as a white-collar worker finds himself embroiled in a terrorist plot with only 2 hours to stop it.

  • DEFENDERS IMMORTAL HULK #1 - The return of the Defenders! The “Best Defense” (*cough* Defence *cough*) storyline kicks off here as Bruce Banner hunts for the perpetrator responsible for the charred corpse of….Dr Strange!

  • DEFENDERS NAMOR #1 - “Best Defense” (DefenCe) continues, as Namor once again declares war on the surface world. But seriously, was anyone else aware of the UK/US English spelling difference of defence? Because this is genuinely the first time I’ve noticed it. Yeesh….

  • FREEZE #1 - Dan Wickline & Phil Sevy spin a tale of a frozen world, and the one man who can save us all - if he decides we deserve to be saved.

  • GRUMBLE #1 - Half-demon Tala and her transmutated-into-a-pug father Eddie go on the run to escape the powerful interdimensional forces that pursue them. Total madness from Rafer Roberts & Mike Norton.

  • KILLMONGER #1 (OF 5) - The origin of Killmonger is retold, presumably bringing it more into line with the excellent portrayal seen in the Black Panther movie. Bryan Hill and Juan Ferreyra are a top class creative team for what should be a very solid book.

  • MERRY X-MEN HOLIDAY SPECIAL #1 - 25 holiday season tales starring everybody’s favourite mutants. Like a slightly late-starting homo-superior advent calendar.

  • PAPER GIRLS TP VOL 05 - Hey Paper Girls trade waiters - it’s here! As enjoyable and gorgeous as ever.

  • SELF MADE #1 - A new sci-fi series by Matt Groom & Eduardo Ferigato about AI self-awareness, as a fantasy game character begins to unpick the truth of her existence.

  • SNAP FLASH HUSTLE #1 (OF 4) - A drug-soaked crime thriller set in the world of alternative modelling by Pat Shand & Emily Pearson.

  • SPIDER-GEDDON HANDBOOK - Confused about all the different characters in the Spider-Verse? Want to prepare for the upcoming Into the Spider-Verse film? The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe has got you covered, Spider-Geddon-style!

  • STAR WARS AGE REPUBLIC QUI-GON JINN #1 - The massive maxi-series spanning three ages of the Star Wars universe kicks off here! Each age is represented by a series of character-focused one-shots looking at the heroes and villains of the Star Wars universe

  • WINTER SOLDIER #1 - Bucky Barnes is back, baby!

  • WIZARD BEACH #1 (OF 5) - A comedic fantasy for Terry Pratchett fans by Shaun Simon & Conor Nolan.

  • X-MEN EXTERMINATED #1 - Memories, of a Cable left behind. Misty water-coloured memories, of the way we were. Including a Chris Claremont-penned tale of Nathan Summers’ past.


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