The Gosh! Authority 19.12.18


Ho ho ho! Christmas is almost here, and with it comes the special Christmas gift of extended opening hours and delayed new comics shipping! You can find all the details here, but the basic thrust of it is as follows:

Christmas 2018 Shop Hours.png

“But what about the comics,” you cry, “Won’t someone think of the comics?” Well, I’m happy to tell you that there will indeed be a delivery of new comics between Christmas and New Year! It’s a greatly reduced shipment of titles that we’ll post up here on the blog this coming Friday, but I can tell you that they will all be out on sale from opening on Thursday the 27th December. Then post-New Year we’ve got a slightly more standard delayed shipment, with titles arriving to go out on Thursday the 3rd January, so keep an eye on social media where we’ll announce it when the books are on the shelf.

2018 Sale.png

And don’t go spending all your hard-earned cash in the lead-up to Christmas, because from Thursday 27th December to Sunday 13th January we’ll also have our annual JANUARY SALE! With 50% off all back issues and thousands of graphic novels at reduced marked prices, it’s your yearly opportunity to pick up some silly bargains. Mark it in your calendars!

Bit of a public service announcement: do yourself a favour and check out Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse while it’s still in cinemas. One of the best Spider-Man movies made yet, if not one of the best super-hero movies full-stop. Bloody great.

On with the comics! Strangely, we’re a little busy this week, so this may be slightly briefer than usual!


Alan Moore
Kevin O’Neill
Knockabout / Top Shelf

Now here’s a lovely Christmas present! The third issue, somewhat delayed but out in time for festive reading! And as a special bonus, this is the issue where the 3-D kicks in as we enter the beautifully realised Blazing World. Heck, there might even be a musical number in there too. We’ve still got copies of issue #1 (signed!) and #2, so there’s still time for you to get on board the final run of Moore & O’Neill’s landmark series. And if you’re worried about further delays, fear not! Issue #4 will be shipping in early January, and then the bi-monthly schedule will be back on track for the final two issues.

Grant Morrison
Dan Mora

That most peculiar of holiday traditions returns: that one where Grant Morrison and Dan Mora chronicle the high-fantasy origins of Father Christmas. Santa battles the Norse pantheon while trying to help an absentee father cursed into snowman form to reconcile with his family before he melts. Hosanna in excelsis!


Writer / Artist: Jason Latour
Publisher: Marvel

A bit of Marvel festive fun, as Jason Latour gets kooky with Deadpool, Squirrel Girl, Peter Parker Spidey, Mile Morales Spidey, Gwenpool and more! As the publishing blurb goes, It's the most wonderful time of the year! And certainly the most eventful, as this cast of Marvel heroes soon find out as they engage in wacky hijinks to save the holiday season! Latour is always good value, so worth a look.

Vita Ayala
Raul Allen, Patricia Martin
Publisher: Valiant

A new ongoing from Valiant starring the titular electrified hero. I’m sure you’ve heard people banging on before about how solid all the Valiant books are, and that you should check them out, but here’s the thing: they really are and you really should. Formerly a government agent who turned on her manipulative masters, Livewire is on the run, hunted by her former agency and her former allies. The question is: after her actions shutting down the US power grid, is she still even really a hero at all?

Andy Diggle
Alessandro Vitti

Conceived of by Robert Kirkman and Marc Sylvestri, and executed by Diggle and Vitti, this no-doubt-soon-to-be-a-tv-series is a hard-hitting bit of military sci-fi. In a future where psychic hijacking is possible, the military use humans as drones via the Hardcore Program, taking control of those close to targets for elimination. But when Agent Drake enters a body to get to a designated target, someone hacks the Hardcore Program, stranding him there with only 72 hours to discover who has done it, and why.


  • BETTY & VERONICA #1 (OF 5) - Jamie L Rotante, Kelly Fitzpatrick & Sandra Lanz take the classic frenemies to their senior year of high school.

  • DEFENDERS BEST DEFENSE #1 - IT’S SPELT DEFENCE! It’s also the final chapter of a mini-series that was far better than it had any right to be, by Al Ewing & Joe Bennett. Seriously, we’ve still got all the chapters of this and it’s a really solid read. Perfect Christmas day fodder. 

  • FREEDOM FIGHTERS #1 (OF 12) - Robert Venditti & Eddy Barrows take us to Earth X, where a new generation of Freedom Fighters arise in the Nazi-occupied USA of 2018. Or possibly 2019. Present day, but if there were Nazis running around in the US. Jeez, imagine that. Err…anyway, it’s a fun-looking, Elseworlds-y 12-issue maxi-series!

  • TANK GIRL ACTION ALLEY #1 - An all new ongoing by Alan Martin & Brett Parson delving into the history of the…uhh…Tankiverse?

  • THOR TP VOL 01 GOD OF THUNDER REBORN - A collection of Jason Aaron & Michael Del Mundo’s Thor stories, also featuring the terrific back-up story with art by Christian Ward. It’s easy to take for granted just how brilliant Aaron’s landmark run on Thor is. Check it out.

  • WILL EISNER SPIRIT CORPSE MAKERS HC - An all-new tale of Will Eisner’s signature pulp hero, written and drawn by Francesco Francavilla.

  • WITCH HAMMER OGN - Cullen Bunn & Dalibor Talajic spin a detective tale about a world where witches are among us, and someone wants them all dead. Merry Christmas!

And that’s everything for this Wednesday! I’ll be back on Friday for a truncated blog post about what’s coming next week, so count the hours until we meet again!


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