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Events are quieting down as we approach the silly season, but we’ve still got some goodies up our sleeve, including next week’s Reads reading group meeting which looks at Brandon Graham & co’s Prophet Vol 01. As ever, everyone is welcome to join the discussion here, Wednesday the 14th from 7-9pm. More details here.

Last Wednesday we had the Halloween treat of Jock and Ram V here signing their respective new titles Wytches: Bad Egg and Batman: Secret Files #1. Great turnout, as you might expect for those two, and we’ve still got signed stock of both comics on our webstore if you fancy it.


Then on Saturday we had the lovely Dan McDaid down from his adopted Scottish home to sign copies of Doom Patrol #12, which we’ve also got a little stack of left over (though you’ll need to email us to reserve one of those!)



Grant Morrison
Liam Sharp

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Morrison on a monthly, and it’s remarkable to think that he’s never really taken on Green Lantern before given the potential for cosmic craziness. Morrison himself has said he wants his take on Hal Jordan to focus on the Green Lantern Corps’ role as a cosmic police force, a ring-slinging Hill Street Blues. Sharpe is a good choice to bring some oversized superheroics to the table with his exaggerated muscularity, but at the end of the day whenever Morrison tackles something like this there’s a good chance you’re onto a classic run, and who’d want to miss the start of that?

Try it if you like: Justice League / Top Ten / Guardians of the Galaxy

Michael DeForge

We’re in the late-middle age of Koyama Press, with Annie Koyama having announced its impending closure in 2021 when her current slate of books is done. So we can’t encourage everyone enough to pick up all you can from this landmark publisher while you have the chance. Of course, when that book is an all new graphic novel by Michael DeForge, it’s hardly a roll of the dice. DeForge is one of the great chefs of comic books, a brave, experimental force of creative nature that has rarely misstepped. Brat follows the late career of Mrs D, a merry prankster whose juvenile delinquency has been transformed into protest art but who now, in a life of relative comfort and endless benders, wonders what the hell the point is any more. A satirical skewering of protest art and the cycle of cultural irrelevance.

Try it if you like: The Artist / Ant Colony / Art School Confidential

Grim Wilkins

Originally self-published, then serialised in part in the pages of Island, Grim Wilkins’ Mirenda is a visual treat, the tale of a young woman’s quest to exorcise the strange demonic portal that has grown on her leg. As she treks through a strange, post-disaster fantasy world her entire journey is played out wordlessly, using pictograms to convey dialogue sparingly, and letting Wilkins’ superb visual storytelling abilities to do the heavy narrative lifting. Which certainly isn’t a chore, because this book is absolutely beautiful, with vivid colours and a lovely, lushly realised world that really pops off the page. Be sure to pick one up and check it out!

Try it if you like: Prophet / Nausicaa / Gardens of Glass


Writer: John Layman
Artist: Afu Chan
Publisher: Image

Chew writer Layman teams up with Immortal Iron Fists artist Chan (and if you haven’t checked out the latter, we highly recommend it) for a sci-fi horror set at the edges of known space. The crew of the Charon, led by Captain Joshua Rigg, make horrifying discoveries as they journey through the darkness of interstellar space. It’s a universe of horror: demonic possession, chained gods, ghosts and cosmic horrors face the intrepid crew as they dare the outer darkness, all peppered with Layman’s trademark pitch-black humour.

Try it if you like: Chew / Event Horizon / Manifest Destiny

Edmond Baudoin
New York Review of Comics

French comics legend Baudoin’s beautiful portrait of his relationship with his brother is translated at last. Edmond and his brother Piero are inseparable as children, journeying through imaginary worlds they create together through art and play. As they grow older, they grow apart, each caught up in their own developing interests and the distractions of adolescence and beyond. It’s a bittersweet reflection on sibling relationships, the strains of growing older and the development of ones art.

Try it if you like: Epileptic / Art Masters Dali / The Arab of the Future


  • DARK SOULS III DESIGN WORKS HC - Another great collection of concept design work from the hit horror fantasy game.

  • DOCTOR WHO 13TH #1 - The Jodie Whittaker comics era starts here, by Jody Houser and Rachael Stott!

  • EMPTY MAN #1 MAIN - Cullen Bunn’s terrific pandemic horror returns in an all-new ongoing series (and look out for a TV adaptation in the future).

  • JAMES BOND 007 #1 - Greg Pak & Marc Laming kick off a new ongoing series starring the Brit superspy, featuring an encounter with the fearsome Oddjob.

  • MARVEL KNIGHTS 20TH #1 (OF 6) - In celebration of 20 years of Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti’s Marvel imprint that heralded a golden era for the publisher, Donny Cates & Travel Foreman spin a tale of an amnesiac Matt Murdock.

  • MARVEL RISING TP - Collecting the recent Squirrel Girl / Ms Marvel series that ties into the upcoming animation.

  • MEAT WARP GN - A bumper collection of the twisted comics of Chris Kegel and Jim Blanchard.

  • MOTHER PANIC GOTHAM AD TP - The final collection of Young Animal’s Gotham hero Mother Panic jumps forward 10 years to a city with no Batman.

  • OUTPOST ZERO TP VOL 01 - Collecting the first arc of Sean McKeever & Alexandre Tefenkgi’s survival sci-fi set in a remote outpost of humanity on a frozen world, where something alien stirs beyond the failing habitats of the settlers.

  • STAR WARS HAN SOLO IMPERIAL CADET #1 - Delving into the young Han Solo’s days as as a soldier with the Empire (as seen in the foolishly underrated Solo movie).

  • STREET ANGEL VS NINJATECH HC - A new Street Angel book! What more do you need to know?

  • SUICIDE SQUAD BLACK FILES #1 (OF 6) - Short stories spotlighting various characters from Task Force X, with stories by Mike W. Barr, Jai Nitz, Philippe Briones & Scot Eaton.

  • WATERSNAKES HC - Eisner-nominated creator Tony Sandoval returns with a typically beautiful fantasy tale of a young girl on her summer holidays encountering an army of ghosts.

  • WICKED & DIVINE FUNNIES #1 - Things get a little silly in this fun anthology of off-kilter WicDiv tales by Kieron Gillen, Erica Henderson, Chip Zdarsky, Kate Leth, Larissa Zageris and Kitty Curran.

And that’s your lot!


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