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It’s always an honour to host the legendary Gilbert Shelton in the store, and he’ll be back here this Saturday, November 24th, 1-2pm! Bring down your Freak Brothers, Wonder Warthogs and Fat Freddy’s Cats, or pick up a copy of the lovely omnibus editions to replace the copies that your cousin / flatmate / party guest “borrowed” off you that time. More details here!


Before then, don’t forget our Drink and Draw on the slightly unusual day of Tuesday the 20th, at the slightly unusual venue of The Crown pub. It’s all down to our Nora heading off on holiday the next day, so mark it in your diaries to meet here at 6.30pm before heading to the pub at 7pm. More details here.

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We had the SelfMadeHero winter party last week to celebrate the launch of Lip Hook, Lovecraft and Wolf! Rachael Ball, INJ Culbard, David Hine and Mark Stafford were all in residence and signed up a storm, and we’ve still got signed copies available if you’re quick!

Then last Saturday we had Guy Adams and Jimmy Broxton here to sign copies of their new 2000AD collection Hope, a lovely looking supernatural detective adventure that comes highly recommended. We’ve got a couple of signed copies available still if you’re quick off the mark about it.



Writer / Artist:

The tragedy of the June 2017 Grenfell Tower fire still leaves its physical and psychological scars on London, from the site itself to the after-effects on those who witnessed it, survived it, and lost their loved ones to it. The 24 Panels anthology has been created as a complement to the 24 Stories prose anthology, and like that project is a fundraising effort for those survivors who have been affected by PTSD in the wake of the disaster.

Edited by Kieron Gillen, Rhona Martin and Steve Thompson, the anthology features 24 stories, each no longer than 24 panels. Half drawn from professional creators who volunteered their time and half drawn from open submissions, project contributors include Alan Moore, Al Ewing, Sara Kenney, Alex De Campi, Laurie Penny, Paul Cornell, Dilraj Mann, Antony Johnston, Lizz Lunney, Leigh Alexander, Dan Watters, Ram V., Melinda Gebbie, Doug Braithwaite, Jan Wijngaard, Ted Brandt, Ro Stein, Gavin Mitchell, Rachael Smith, Dilraj Mann, Robin Hoelzemann, Tom Humberstone and Sarah Gordon.

24 Panels poster.png

And to help promote the book and the fundraising drive behind it, we’ll be having a launch event here with a large number of the contributors on Thursday 6th December, 7-9pm. See here for more details.

Writer / Artist:
Svetlana Chmakova

The third installment of Chmakova’s Berrybrook Middle School series, a sweetly romantic and painfully familiar story of THAT person, the one in school that made you feel like a bumbling fool every time they crossed your path. Jorge is the stand-in for us all, a guy who must contend with the shifting expectations of his friends in the face of his feelings towards a particular girl…

We’ve been big fans of Svetlana’s earlier books Awkward and Brave (the latter one of our Best of 2017), so we’re thrilled to have a Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition of Crush. Order here for mail order or in-store pick-up.

Skottie Young
Jorge Corona

Skottie Young has been on a writing roll of late, and this new fantasy series about a boy coming into his destiny in a familiar but different small town America looks to be ticking the right boxes. Able lives with his abusive father, his friends offering his only escape from his grim day-to-day life. But a coming storm knows Able’s name, and he must journey across country to discover the truth of his family history in order to stop it. The book has an intriguing hook, and features some lovely, lush art from Jorge Corona.


Writer / Artist:
Tom Scioli

From the classic madness of Myth of 8-Opus, through the crazed energy of Godland, American Barbarian and Transformers Vs GI Joe, we’re happy to follow the visionary style of Tom Scioli wherever it may lead. And this time it leads to Go-Bots, the rival franchise that wound up as an alternate Transformers universe thanks to the magic of corporate buyouts. The Go-Bots are here to help us, or so they say, but are they actually here to replace us? It’s the rise of the machines, Scioli-style, with kinetic visuals and big concepts a-plenty.

Bryan Hill
Leandro Fernandez

A hard-nosed, politically relevant thriller in the tradition of Scalped. Two FBI agents with checkered pasts are offered a chance for redemption, with one - a biracial man who can pass as white - going undercover to infiltrate a white supremacist group believed to be responsible for the death of a fellow agent. It bears a passing resemblance to Mat Johnson’s Incognegro in that respect, but very much cuts its own contemporary path with the concept, assisted by the heavy inks of Leandro Fernandez. It’s nice to see Vertigo picking up the crime thread again.


  • ARCHIE #700 - The heartbreaking redhead hits the big seven-oh-oh, with Nick Spencer jumping on as the new regular writer.

  • CRIMSON LOTUS #1 (OF 5) - A supernatural spy thriller starring Lobster Johnson’s greatest enemy in her early days.

  • CRUDE TP VOL 01 - A collection of Steve Orlando & Garry Brown’s gripping Russian revenge thriller.

  • FLAVOR TP - Culinary-themed YA fantasy from Joseph Keatinge & Wook Jin Clark.

  • IMMORTAL HULK TP VOL 01 OR IS HE BOTH - The first trade of Al Ewing and Joe Bennet’s horrific take on the jade giant.

  • JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE #402 - The Dredd magazine this month comes bagged with a special Carlos Ezquerra tribute mini-trade, featuring 7 stories spanning his 41 year history with 2000AD.

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE TP VOL 01 THE TOTALITY - The new Justice League as masterminded by Scott Snyder, spinning out of the pages of No Justice.

  • LIGHTSTEP #1 (OF 5) - Milos Slavkovic evokes the spirit of Barbarella in this new sci-fi miniseries from Image.

  • MOTHERLANDS TP - A trade collection of Simon Spurrier and Rachael Stott’s scifi tale of a mother/daughter bounty hunting team (and all the baggage that comes with it)

  • RICK VEITCH BRATPACK HC - Rick Veitch’s deconstructive satire of sidekicks is back in an all-new hardcover edition, complete with extras.

  • SMOOTH CRIMINALS #1 - Kiwi Smith and Kurt Lustgarten (Misfit City) team with breakout artist Leisha-Marie Riddel (Goldie Vance) in a story about felonies and friendship.

  • SPIDER-MAN ENTER THE SPIDER-VERSE #1 - Veteran Spidey editor Ralph Macchio teams up with artist Flaviano for a standalone Spider-Verse story that’s perfect for anyone excited about the upcoming film.

  • SPIDEY SCHOOLS OUT MPGN TP - A print collection of the formerly digital-only early years Spider-Man tale.

  • SUKEBAN TURBO #1 (OF 4) - Stylised girl-gang warfare on the streets of Brooklyn, by Sylvain Runberg & Victor Santos.

  • VENOM BY DONNY CATES TP VOL 01 - The first collection of Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman’s Venom run.

  • WEB OF VENOM CARNAGE BORN #1 - Donny Cates takes on Carnage, with Danilo Beyruth on art.

And that’s all she wrote! See you next week, folks!


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