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We’ve got a corker of a SelfMadeHero event coming up this Friday as we celebrate the release of THREE new books: Lovecraft HC by INJ Culbard; Wolf HC by Rachael Ball; and Lip Hook by David Hine and Mark Stafford. We’ll have all four of those luminaries in the house from 7-9pm, so come on down to get something signed! (Any of them would make great Christmas gifts, for example….) More details here.

Speaking of good gift ideas, we announced our Best Of 2018 lists this week, rounding up the books our collective brains felt were a representation of the best the medium has to offer from the past year. You can find the Adult list of 20 titles here, and the Kids list of 10 titles here.


In sad news, this week saw the passing of Stan Lee. While there’s plenty to unpack in the legacy of the man, there’s no denying his place in comics history and the special place he held in people’s hearts as the man who made us all feel like we were part of a big hero-loving club. Rest in peace, Stan!


Ram V
Anand RK

We banged on before about Ram V’s status as one of the most exciting writers coming up right now, and this long-gestating work from crowdfunding publisher Unbound is one of his most personal and exciting works to date. Grafity is a street artist who finds a wall left standing after the tenements he lives near are demolished, and paints a mural on the wall depicting the lives of his friends. What unfolds are a series of character vignettes that give us a glimpse into life in the hustle and bustle of an ever-changing Mumbai. Mention must be made of the art of Anand RK (with beautiful colours by Jason Wordie), which is drop-dead gorgeous. Rarely do you find artwork that so perfectly captures a sense of place, with all the small details of Mumbai street life brought vividly to life.

Johnnie Christmas, William Gibson
Tamra Bonvillain, Johnnie Christmas
Dark Horse

William Gibson’s original script for Alien 3 has long occupied an almost mythical status for Alien fans. With a Cold War analogy at its heart, the story picks up after the end of Aliens, when Ripley, Newt, Hicks and Bishop are found aboard the Sulaco. But they also have another non-human stowaway which soon becomes the target of two opposing powers trying to develop a new weapon of mass destruction. Gibson rachets up the body horror - the idea of the xenomorph taking on the features of its host that was used in the eventual film was his conception - re-emphasizing the horror after the previous action-oriented entry. The unused screenplay is now adapted into comics by Johnnie Christmas, with colours by Tamra Bonvillain.


Ed Brisson, Kelly Thompson, Matthew Rosenberg 
Mahmud A. Asrar, R.B. Silva, Yildiray Cinar, Pere Pérez 

The flagship X-book is back! They’re kicking things off with a 10-part weekly epic, similar to the Avenegers No Surrender arc that came out recently. If the recent Extermination mini-series by Brisson and Pepe Larraz is any indication of the quality we’re going to see, then we’re well up for this. Things kick off with a tragic disappearance, leading the X-Men into what might be their final adventure, or so the publicity blurb goes. I mean…we’re guessing it won’t be their final adventure, but maybe we’re just being cynical…

Arabson, James Robinson

The singular named Arabson is a bit of a sensation in the Brazilian comics community, with a style somewhat akin to that of Spanish artist David Rubin or fellow Brazillian Rafael Grampá. Now his hit graphic novella gets an English translation, with assistance from ex-Gosh staffer (true story) James Robinson. Elisabeth Dumn is a tough, no-nonsense young woman, which is just as well, because her father sold her soul to the Devil a long time ago, and he’s come to take his due. It’s a mind-bending horror adventure, full of style and energy.

Steve Orlando
Travel Foreman

This is a bit of an odd one: a brand new sci-fi series set in the future of an alternative DC Universe timeline (the Cosmic Dark Age). The creative team of Orlando and Foreman have certainly sparked our interest in this tale of a dystopian future where galactic civilisations represent themselves with Diplomatic Gladiators who fight for a decision-making role. But the Earth has two representatives: the human and animal kingdoms each have their own champions. Can they learn to work together before the entire universe tears itself apart? This kinda sounds like the sort of series that in 20 years people will be going “Did you ever read Electric Warriors? That was a really overlooked gem.” (*coughcoughStrikeforceMorituricough*)


  • AVENGERS #10 - A bumper issue to celebrate the 700th issue of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

  • BITTER ROOT #1 - David Walker, Chuck Brown & Sanford Greene spin a tale of a monster-hunting family in 1920’s Harlem.

  • BLACK ORDER #1 (OF 5) - Thanos’ fearsome lieutenants get their own spotlight mini-series with a story of cosmic villainy and a foe that’s even worse than they are. Buy novelist Derek Landy and artist Philip Tan.

  • BROTHERS DRACUL TP VOL 01 - A collection of Cullen Bunn & Mirko Colak’s tale of the teenage Vlad Dracul and his brother Radu.

  • COMICS COMICS QUARTERLY #1 - An anthology teaming comedians with comic artists, featuring Patton Oswalt, Jackie Kashian, Eliot Rahal, Sara Benincasa, Carolyn Main, Rose Matafeo, Robert Hack, Troy Nixey & Carolyn Main.

  • DOCTOR STAR & KINGDOM OF LOST TOMORROWS TP - Collecting Jeff Lemire & Max Fiumara’s genuinely moving Black Hammer spin-off.

  • DR HORRIBLE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER #0 - Joss Whedon’s musical villain is back in this one-shot written by Whedon with art by Josep Maria Beroy, Sara Soler & Dan Jackson.

  • ENOLA HOLMES HC VOL 01 CASE OF THE MISSING MARQUESS - The younger sister of Sherlock and Mycroft gets her chance to shine in this kids graphic novel.

  • FIREFLY #1 - Mal and the crew are back! All new stories of the crew’s early days from the absolutely perfect team of Greg Pak & Dan McDaid.

  • FORM OF A QUESTION HC - Andrew Rostan & Kate Kasenow tell the story of Rostan’s appearance on Jeopardy, and the transformative nature of it on his entire outlook.

  • LIFE IS STRANGE #1 - A sequel to the hit videogame using one of the alternative endings (no spoilers) as its launching point. Written by Gosh fave Emma Vieceli with art by Claudia Leonardi.

  • LUKE CAGE MPGN TP EVERY MAN - A collection of the formerly digital-only comics by Anthony Del Col & Jahnoy Lindsay.

  • MARVELS CAPTAIN MARVEL PRELUDE #1 - A prelude comic for the upcoming film by Will Pilgrim & Andrea Di Vito.

  • MINIONS VIVA LE BOSS #1 - The history of the Minions in the service of villainy in this new stocking stuffer, I mean, first issue.

  • MISTER MIRACLE #12 - The final issue of Tom King and Mitch Gerads’ stone cold classic mini-series.

  • THANOS HC INFINITY CONFLICT OGN - The continuation of Jim Starlin & Alan Davis’ Thanos saga, as started in The Infinity Siblings.

  • TO BUILD A FIRE GN - French star Christophe Chabouté adapts the classic Jack London short story to stunning effect.

  • WONDER WOMAN #58 - G Willow Wilson comes aboard as the new regular writer, with Cary Nord on art.

    Okay, I’m outta here! See you next week!


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