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Happy Halloween! We’re marking the day with a very special signing from 6-7pm with guests Jock and Ram V, here to sign their respective new titles this week: Wytches: Bad Egg and Batman: Secret Files #1! More details here.

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Then on Saturday the 3rd November from 1-2pm we’ll have Dan McDaid here to sign the latest issue of Doom Patrol, an RPG-inspired slice of superhero madness! More details here.

Last week saw our monthly drink’n’draw in association with the good folks of Broken Frontier, with special guests James Albon, Cathy Brett and Dan White. It was the usual fine time, and with MCM at the weekend we even had a couple of comics professional attendees in the house!

Then on Saturday we had Simon Coleby, Guy Adams and Lizzie Boyle here to sign the new Scream and Misty Special for us. Sadly Kek-W and John Stokes were unable to attend, but we had a great time and pretty much sold out of the comic. We still have a very small number of signed copies available, so if you’re quick you might be able to nab one off the shelf.



Scott Snyder

The long awaited return of Snyder & Jock’s horror masterpiece! Previously part-serialized in Image+ magazine, with the 13-page conclusion printed here for the first time, this one-shot serves as both a stand-alone story and a prequel to the upcoming Wytches Vol 02. It’s a tale of two teenage friends raised on opposite sides of the ancient feud between wytches and wytch-hunters. Can their friendship overcome their differences? And don’t miss the chance to get your copy signed at our Halloween signing (see above)!

Try it if you like: Harrow County / Blair Witch Project / Black Monday Murders


Tom King, Jodie Bellaire, Ram V., Cheryl Lynn Eaton, Tom Taylor
Jorge Fornes, Elena Casagrande, Brad Walker, Mikel Janin

Speaking of our Halloween signing, Ram V will also be attendance signing copies of this, his first DC work. Ram is one of the most exciting writers out there, so jump on board this anthology featuring his work, with a framing sequence by Tom King and Mikel Janin. It’s a dive into mysteries surrounding Batman and his world, including the truth of how Scarecrow’s fear toxin works, and a team-up between the Dark Knight and Detective Chimp! It’s also got one of those shiny foil covers, so what the heck are you waiting for?

Try it if you like: Batman / Justice League Dark / All Star Batman


Junji Ito

I mean, what do you need to know? It’s one the greatest ever authors of horror comics adapting one of the greatest horror tales ever written. Not only that, but you also get a host of short stories featuring Oshikiri, a student who lives in a decaying mansion in a parallel world, and a story about the Ito family dog, because why the hell not? A must-buy for fans of horror comics!

Try it if you like: Uzumaki / Wytches / Kitaro


Hector German Oesterheld
Alberto Breccia

One of the greatest comics ever made, back in print at last in a lovely hardcover edition by Fantagraphics. Originally published in Argentina through the early 60’s, it’s a the tale of a man who resurrects each time he dies. He has been alive through many of the great events of human history, from the raising of the Tower of Babel to the trenches of the First World War, a witness to the best and worst of mankind. But when he comes back from the grave this time, mysterious men are waiting for him, intent on using his brain in an horrific experiment. A compelling, mournful tale, the real standout is the incredible art of Breccia, an artist whose influence is still felt throughout the comics world. Treat yourself!

Try it if you like: Sergio Toppi / Moebius / Guido Crepax


Writer / Artist:
Joe Kessler
Breakdown Press

One of the most exciting creators working in comics today gets a collection of the third and fourth issues of his signature anthology series, plus extra material never before collected. A mixture of humane narrative tales and bold experimentation, Windowpane is at once accessible and boundary-pushing. Just great comics!

Try it if you like: David Hockney / Dash Shaw / Gary Panter


  • AVENGERS HALLOWEEN SPECIAL #1 - Spooky stories starring all your favourite Marvel characters.

  • BATMAN THE DARK PRINCE CHARMING HC - Enrico Marini’s lushly illustrated Batman tale of the Dark Knight racing against the clock to save a young girl from The Joker.

  • DEAD KINGS #1 - Steve Orlando & Matthew Dow Smith tell a techo-fantasy tale that’s high-concept pitched as “True Grit in the world of Final Fantasy”.

  • DEATHBED TP - Joshua Williamson & Riley Rossmo’s mapcap tale of a retired adventurer trying to uncover his would-be murderer while relating his life’s story to a totally out of her depth journalist. This is an absolute blast: highly recommended.

  • DEATHSTROKE YOGI BEAR SPECIAL #1 - The DC / Hanna Barbera crossovers return! Ranger Smith hires Deathstroke to eliminate a terror stalking the woods of Yellowstone Park: “the Yogi”!

  • DODGE CITY TP - Josh Trujillo & Cara McGee spin a YA tale set in the world of competitive dodgeball.

  • HEX WIVES #1 - Ben Blacker & Mirka Andolfo continue the Vertigo rebirth with this tale of suburban witchcraft. Looks like a lot of dark witchy fun.

  • JESSICA JONES MPGN TP BLIND SPOT - Collecting the previously digital-only tale in print for the first time, guest starring Dr Strange and Elsa Bloodstone!

  • MAESTROS TP VOL 01 - Collecting the first arc of Steve Skroce’s funny, beautifully drawn story about a reluctant mage being forced to take up his deceased father’s position as the master of the multiverse.

  • MAN OF STEEL BY BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS HC - Collecting the mini-series that heralded the arrival of Bendis on Superman (and to the DC universe).

  • MEAL GN - A graphic novel about cultural appropriation, queer romance and insect-based cuisine by Soleil Ho and Blue Delliquanti.

  • NIGHTWING MAGILLA GORILLA SPECIAL #1 - Dick Grayson works to clear the name of oscar-winning superstar Magilla Gorilla!

  • NINA IN THAT MAKES ME MAD GN - A new level 2 reader book from Toon books by Eloise artist Hilary Knight from a text by Steven Kroll. Nina gets mad at lots of things!

  • OTTOS BACKWARDS DAY GN - And another Toon books release, this time for level 3 readers, by Frank Cammuso & Jay Lynch. Otto and his robot sidekick Toot try to discover who stole Otto’s birthday.

  • OUTDOORS GN - A new Breakdown Press collection of works by avant garde Japanese artist Yokoyama Yuichi, author of New Engineering, Iceland and Travel.

  • PEANUTS DELL ARCHIVE HC VOL 01 - A beautifully put-together collection of the Dell Peanuts comics. Good Christmas present at a very reasonable £18.99!

  • PRIDE GN - The Kickstarted collection of Joe Glass’ queer superhero series The Pride. A real landmark in British comics history, this one.

  • PUNKS NOT DEAD TP VOL 01 TEENAGE KICKS - The ghost of Sid Vicious follows a kid home from Heathrow airport and becomes a father figure to him. David Barnett & Martin Simmonds bring some excellent weirdness to this Black Crown series.

  • SEX DEATH REVOLUTION #1 - A new urban fantasy series from Magdalene Visaggio (Kim & Kim) & Becca Farrow (Ladycastle).

  • SPIDER-FORCE #1 (OF 3) SG - Some Spider-Geddon, alt-Spidey team-up craziness with Kaine, Jessica Drew, Ashley Barton, and new characters Astro-Spider and Spider-Kid.

  • SUPERMAN TOP CAT SPECIAL #1 - Top Cat and Superman team up to stop…uhh…apparently an alien who is using kale to destroy mankind? I mean….makes as much sense as Nightwing trying to clear Magilla Gorilla’s name, I guess?

  • THROUGH A LIFE HC - From Nobrow, a poignant, silent graphic novel by Tom Haugomat follows the saga of a boy who grows up to be an astronaut, but is forced to find solace in beauty on earth after a near-fatal shuttle crash.

  • TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD HC - Fred Fordham adapts Harper Lee’s classic novel in a lovely hardcover edition. It’s wonderfully done, and very accessible for those non-comics readers in your life.

  • VAULT OF SPIDERS #1 (OF 2) SG - A Spider-Geddon anthology tie-in featuring short stories with some of the Spider-Verse lot, including - incredibly - Supaidaman, the star of the Japanese Spider-Man TV show from the 70’s featuring a web-slinger who is the Emissary of Hell. Hell yeah we’re on board for this one.

  • WHAT IF? MAGIK #1 - Leah Williams & Filipe Andrade ask the question: what if Illyana became the Sorceror Supreme, which we have to explain to you as the concept because they don’t make it part of the title any more WHICH IS DUMB. *ahem*

  • X-MEN BLACK EMMA FROST #1 - Probably the must-have of the X-Men Black series if only for the fact it’s drawn by Chris Bachalo, but also ably written by Leah Williams.

And that’s your lot, folks!



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