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After the event whirlwind of last week, we’re into a relatively quiet 2-event week!

This Saturday start your Halloween prep with a signing for the all-new Scream & Misty special from 1-2pm with creators Simon Coleby, Guy Adams, Lizzie Boyle, John Stokes and Kek-W! Details here.


But before then, the ever-popular Drink’n’Draw (in association with our good friends at Broken Frontier) returns this Thursday the 25th! Be here from 6.30pm to buy works from our special guests James Albon, Cathy Brett and Dan White, and then move onto the Kings Arms pub at 7pm until late! Details here.


Speaking of last week’s event bonanza, it all kicked off with a signing with the one and only Seth! Unsurprisingly, he was a lovely, personable man who really took time with everyone who came along, and still stuck around until an hour after closing to sign a pile of stock for us, which is still available in store! We’ve got a stack of George Sprott and Wimbledon Green, and limited quantities of Palookaville volumes and The Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists, so drop us a line if you fancy one!


Then on Thursday night we had a lovely evening with Becca Tobin and Liam Cobb for the (slightly delayed) launch of their new Retrofit books Understanding and The Prince! Signed copies of both are available!


But there are no signed copies left of Square Eyes, the visionary sci-fi epic by Anna Mill and Luke Jones that we launched on Friday night, as we SOLD OUT! The place was packed to celebrate Jonathan Cape’s release of this book that’s sure to be a talking point in best of lists this year!


And then on Saturday afternoon, Kieron Gillen came down to sign for the release of The Wicked + The Divine Vol 07, and left us a pile of signed stock to boot, some of which you can order over on our webstore! Kieron was his usual brilliant self, and brought out his usual brilliant fans, so it was a great Saturday afternoon all around!


Also on our webstore you can spot something we’re very excited about: our first ever canvas tote bag (modelled here by Shaun in one his final official Gosh duties). Featuring the always popular Splendidman illustration that has graced our paper bags for many years, this high quality tote is all yours for £8.99 or free with any purchase over £100.



Writer / Artist: Various
Publisher: Rebellion

Once again the 2000 AD folks resurrect the two greatest UK horror anthologies for a joint one-shot Halloween special! Scream and Misty ride again, featuring classic charcaters interpreted by a top tier of modern talent. Alec Worley, Kek-W, Guy Adams, Jordi Badia Romero, Rich Mcauliffe, Lizzie Boyle, Smuzz, Frazer Irving, John Stokes, Leigh Gallagher, Simon Coleby, Dani, Steve Mannion & Yishan Li all bring their scariest game to stories including Black Max, 13th Floor, Black Beth, Best Friends Forever and Decomposition Jones. And don’t miss our signing on October 27th, as mentioned at the head of the blog!

Try it if you like: Scream / Misty / 2000AD


Writer: David & Maria Lapham
David Lapham
Publisher: IDW

An all-new crime noir by David & Maria Lapham, whose Stray Bullets still continues to be one of the best monthlies on the stands. This mini-series follows a cat and mouse chase between a serial killer, The Lodger, who murders his way across the midwest, and Ricky, a young woman who was taken in by his charms until he murdered her mother and left her father framed for the deed. And now she’s on his tail and out for revenge. This kind of book is the Lapham’s bread and butter, so we’re definitely on board for this one.

Try it if you like: Stray Bullets / Parker The Hunter / The Hitcher


Writer/Artist: Nora Krug
Publisher: Particular Books

Artist Nora Krug creates a memoir of her family history, and through this prism examines modern Germany’s relationship with the acts of the Nazi regime. Using journal entries, photos, collage, prose and comics, Krug examines what it means to be German for her personally and for her home nation (she now resides in New York). Guilt, horror and the moral complexities of a family history which is both culpable and innocent all weave together into a fascinating, powerful book.

Try it if you like: Maus / Persepolis / Fun Home


Kat Howard
Tom Fowler

The eagerly awaited return of Timothy Hunter, and as might be expected, being a teenage mage living in London brings its own complexities. Not only does Tim have to negotiate the usual pitfalls of school, with its bullies and fraught romances, but there’s the whole matter of mastering the magical arts, and that pesky cult that’s trying to kill him in order to prevent him becoming an evil tyrant. Author Kat Howard teams up with the versatile Tom Fowler to bring Tim Hunter into the new Sandman Universe line.

Try it if you like: Sandman / Harry Potter / Summer Magic


Shaun Tan

Shaun Tan is a genius. Just in case you missed the memo on that one, Tan - author of The Arrival, The Lost Thing and The Rabbits, among others - is both an exceptional illustrator and a tremendous writer. In this new book, a companion piece of sorts to his earlier Tales From Outer Suburbia, Tan crafts a series of short prose stories linking cities and animals. From the warmly touching to the sadly profound, he accompanies each short with his characteristically beautiful illustrations.

Try it if you like: The Arrival / Haruki Murakami / The Heart in the Bottle


  • ABBOTT TP - Saladin Ahmed & Sami Kivela’s occult detective tale gets a collection.

  • ALIENS ESSENTIAL COMICS TP VOL 01 - Collecting the first three Aliens comics series: Outbreak, Nightmare Asylum, and Earth War

  • ART COMIC HC - Matthew Thurber returns with a scathing examination of the art world.

  • BLACK PANTHER VS DEADPOOL #1 (OF 5) - Wade and T’Challa go toe-to-toe in a title from Late Show writer Daniel Kibblesmith.

  • BLOODSTRIKE BRUTALISTS TP - Michel Fiffe brings his indie-supes sensibilities to the extreme world of Rob Liefeld creations!

  • DAVE MCKEAN SHORT FILMS HC - A blu-ray collection of McKean’s short films with a hardcover behind the scenes book.

  • GHOST IN THE SHELL GLOBAL NEURAL NETWORK HC - A collection of four original stories by Western writers and artists, based on the works of Masamune Shirow.

  • HEY KIDDO GN - Jarrett J Krosoczka’s moving tale of addiction and familial bonds.

  • INFINITY WARS ARACHKNIGHT #1 (OF 2) - Spider-Man + Moon Knight = Arach-Knight!

  • ISOLA TP VOL 01 - Collecting the first arc of Brenden Fletcher & Karl Kerschl’s fantasy saga. 

  • JAMES BOND THE BODY HC - A collection of Ales Kot’s James Bond work.

  • MARS ATTACKS #1 - They’re back! Hide your cows!

  • PETIT HC BOOK 01 OGRE GODS - A dark Euro fantasy by Hubert & Bertrand Gatignol.

  • SPIDER-GIRLS #1 (OF 3) SG - A Spider-Geddon tie-in starring May Parker, Anya Corazon and Annie May Parker!

  • SPIDER-GWEN GHOST-SPIDER #1 SG - Spider-Gwen launches into an all-new series, tied in to the events of SPIDER-GEDDON!!!

  • SUPER MARIO ENCYCLOPEDIA HC - Mario prepares himself for the earth-shattering events of Spider-Gedd…oh wait, it’s the definitive resource for all things Mario!

  • THIRTEENTH FLOOR TP VOL 01 - In a futuristic tower block, AI Max torments those who wish ill upon the residents by taking them to the 13th floor, where nightmares become reality! From the pages of dear old Scream.

  • WAKANDA FOREVER TP - A collection of the Dora Milaje- focused mini-series.

  • WHAT IF? THOR #1 - What if Thor was raised by frost giants? WHAT IF???

  • WHISPERING DARK #1 - Lovecraft meets Apocalypse Now in this tale of war in the frozen extremes of the world where ancient evil awaits!

Phew! That’s that! See you next week, folks.


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