The Gosh! Authority 17.10.18


This week we have the one and only Seth here to sign! It’s a rare chance to meet the Canadian cartoonist behind Palookaville, Wimbledon Green, George Sprott and more. He’ll be here from 6-7pm on Wednesday October 17th. Check here for more details.

Then on Thursday the 18th, 7-9pm, we’ve got our rescheduled Retrofit launch with Liam Cobb and Becca Tobin to celebrate the release of their respective books The Prince and Understanding. The books are in hand this time, so it is on! Check here for details.

Square Eyes poster.png

Then on Friday the 19th, 7-9pm, we celebrate the release of Anna Mill & Luke Jones’ visionary sci-fi graphic novel Square Eyes, from publishers Jonathan Cape. Trust us when we say this is one of the visual feasts of the year. More details here.

Wicked & The Devine Poster.png

And then, because we’re too good to you folks, we’ve got Kieron Gillen here on Saturday the 20th, 1-2pm, to sign copies of The Wicked + The Divine TP Vol 7: Mothering Invention, the latest collection of the award-winning series. And of course he’ll sign anything else you wish to purchase or bring along on the day! More details here.

Of course, it’s already been a busy old October for events! Last Wednesday our Reads reading group got together to discuss Berlin Book One, the beginning of Jason Lutes’ landmark trilogy of life in the twilight days of the Weimar Republic. Opinion was overwhelmingly positive, as it should be!

Then on Thursday we had the launch of new mind, body, spirit publisher Liminal 11, the brainchild of Mike Medaglia (a Gosh-er of old) & Darren Shill. It was a great night, and lovely to also meet Sarina Mantle, author of the Liminal 11 title Women + Patterns + Plants, a self-care colouring book. We have limited signed quantities of Mike’s Luna Sol tarot deck and Sarina’s book on the shelves if you’re quick, as well as the full range of Liminal 11’s other fab titles.

And because we’re always moving forward like some kind of event-holding shark, Friday saw the launch party for two new titles from Avery Hill. B Mure was here to launch their newest title Terrible Means, follow-up to the equally terrific Ismyre, and the Comic Book Slumber Party Posse hit town for their latest anthology release Escape From Bitch Mountain. We’ve got signed copies of both here for you lucky, lucky people!

Finally, it’s the last week of our Shaun here at Gosh, so if you see him this week, be sure to give him a fond farewell. Bon voyage, Mr Richens! And then next Tuesday we have new bod Luke starting up, so be sure to say hi!

On with the (rather sparse, tbh) comics!



Dan Watters
Max & Sebastian Fiumara

One of the most anticipated Sandman universe books, teaming up the always impressive Fiumara brothers with up and coming British writer Watters (whose Image title Limbo marked him as a man to watch). Lucifer, the retired lord of Hell, has been captured and imprisoned by unknown forces who seek to subject him to endless torment in the body of a frail, ailing mortal.

Try it if you like: Sandman / Deep Roots / Black Hammer


Nnedi Okorafor
Leonardo Romeo

While a prexisting character in the Black Panther comics (and indeed a former Black Panther herself), Shuri’s introduction in the Ryan Coogler BP movie as Wakanda’s resident techno-genius has made her one of the most popular characters in the MCU. Makes sense then that we might see a Shuri comic series which skews more in favour of the cinematic version, and Afrofuturist Okorafor is an excellent choice for the job, joined by Kate Bishop Hawkeye artist Romero. T’Challa is lost is space: who’s going to look out for Wakanda’s welfare?

Try it if you like: Black Panther / Binti / The Shadow Speaker


W. Maxwell Prince
Stefano Raffaele

Ice Cream Man writer Prince reimagines the Marvel Zombies in a new post-apocalyptic vision of the MU. Spider-Man, Daredevil, Moon Girl and the Falcon are among a last surviving group of heroes protecting a small enclave of humanity in the wake of a zombie pandemic. When an opportunity to find a cure presents itself, the heroes must ask if they’re willing to sacrifice their own humanity to save what remains of the human race. Don’t worry, Marvel, you had us at “Simon Garth on the cover.”

Try it if you like: Walking Dead / Marvel Zombies / World War Z


Ian Boothby
Gisele Lagace

Kate and Cate Harrow are the exorsisters, identical twins who handle the worst cases the supernatural world has to offer. But what is the dark secret that lies behind the sister’s special abilities? And why do they differ so dramatically from one another? And why must I tease you with endless questions? Why? Why? WHY?

Try it if you like: Revival / Supernatural / Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


  • AQUICORN COVE HC - A beautiful kids GN by Katie O’Neill, author of The Tea Dragon Society.

  • BATMAN & THE JUSTICE LEAGUE MANGA TP VOL 01 - Currently being serialized in Japan, Saint Seiya mangaka Shiori Teshirogi takes on the Justice League.

  • CRUMB COMPENDIUM TP - A comprehensive bibliography of Crumb’s work, peppered with all manner of rare illustration.

  • DEATH OR GLORY TP VOL 01 - The first collection of Rick Remender & Bengal’s hi-octane heist series.

  • GIDEON FALLS TP VOL 01 BLACK BARN - Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino’s creepy tale gets its first collection.

  • INFINITY WARS WEAPON HEX #1 (OF 2) - Do you like Weapon X? Do you like the Scarlet Witch? Well how about Weapon HEX? Huh? Huh? It’s another fun Infinity Warp!

  • KILLTOPIA VOLUME 1 GN - A slice of future-Japan cyberpunk by writer Dave Cook and artist Craig Paton.

  • RIVERS OF LONDON: ACTION AT A DISTANCE #1 (OF 4) - A new miniseries of Ben Aaronovitch’s magical police procedural.

  • SIDEWAYS TP VOL 01 STEPPIN OUT - Collecting the first arc of the New Age of Heroes character created by Justin Jordan and Kenneth Rocafort.

  • UNSTOPPABLE WASP #1 - She’s back! Nadia van Dyne gets a new ongoing by Jeremy Whitley & Gurihiru.

  • WE ARE ALL ME HC GN - A new early readers book from Jordan Crane.

  • WHAT IF? GHOST RIDER #1 - Sebastian Girner & Caspar Wijngaard smoosh Robbie Reyes with some good old fashioned Norwegian black metal.

  • WINDHAVEN GN UK EDN - An adaptation of George RR Martin’s first fantasy novel, written with Lisa Tuttle with art by Elsa Charretier.

  • X-MEN BLACK MYSTIQUE #1 - Seanan McGuire & Marco Failla put the spotlight on the shapeshifting blue mutant.

  • YOU CAN TRY AGAIN ONE SHOT - The debut longform from webcomic superstar Olivia Walch.


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