The Gosh! Authority 03.10.18


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We’ve got a couple of corkers this week on the launch front. First up, this Thursday Tor Freeman will be here to launch her new book from Bog Eyed Books, Welcome To Oddleigh. It’s a collection of her all-ages police procedural set in a town where the oddball is the norm. Check here for more details.


Then on Friday we have the long-awaited new graphic novel from Jon McNaught, Kingdom. It’s a meditative, visually poetic take on the typical British holiday, and is of course one of the most beautiful books released this year. Check here for details.

Looking back, we had a lovely time with Katriona Chapman and Kristyna Baczynski on Friday night for the launch of their new respective books Follow Me In and Retrograde Orbit. We’ve got signed copies Follow Me In and bookplate editions of Retrograde Orbit available in store and online now!


Then on Saturday we were lucky enough to have a signing event with the wonderful Anders Nilsen, whose new series Tongues is really perking our antennae. We’ve got signed copies of issues one and two (still to be released through normal channels) on the racks now!


Starting to think about Christmas? Terrifying I know, but keep an eye out at the beginning of November, because our Best of 2018 lists for kids and adults are taking shape as we speak!

Okay, it’s a bumper week, so on with the show!



Gerard Way
Gabriel Ba
Dark Horse

The return of the series that put Way on the map as more than just a dilettante musician-turned-writer. Umbrella Academy was a cracking read, and there’s a Netflix-produced adaptation in the pipeline. So it’s probably no coincidence that we see a new series now, but we’ll take whatever excuse we can get for Way’s unique vision of a dysfunctional super-family as brought to life by the ever-stunning Ba.

Try it if you like: Doom Patrol / My Chemical Romance / Casanova


Writer / Artist:
Philippa Rice
Andrews McMeel

It’s also a week that heralds the very welcome return of Philippa Rice to our shelves with this new book based loosely around her own sibling relationship. Two twenty-something sisters negotiate the ups and downs of near-adulthood, with all its awkwardness and hilarity. Brimming with Rice’s usual good-natured, wry observation, this is a perfect gift for that special sister in your life, or, y’know, yourself.

Try it if you like: Soppy / Hark A Vagrant / My Cardboard Life


Ram V
Sumit Kumar

A slice of supernatural period horror with the up and coming writer of the moment, Ram V. An ancient evil stows away aboard a trading vessel bound along the Silk Route, but along the shores of the Indus river lie evils that are far older than he. Sounds like a lot of fun, and should definitely scratch a Mignola-itch.

Try it if you like: Baltimore / The Vampire Lestat / American Vampire


Sam Humphries
Jen Bartel

An urban fantasy about a young woman whose glimpses of a sinister magical world that exists beneath the facade of everyday LA have isolated her from family and friends. But far from being crazy, her glimpses of the true nature of the city have made her a target for forces that would rather not be seen. A new ongoing from an acclaimed creative duo.

Try it if you like: Neverwhere / Mercy Thompson / Sandman


Gerry Duggan
John McCrea

Deadpool writer Duggan teams with legendary Irish creator McCrea for the tale of a retired hood who dons his brass knuckles one more time to save the love of his life (whether she wants him to or not). Cue a white-knuckle comedy action thriller where tropes are subverted, limbs are dismembered, and good taste is left at the door.

Try it if you like: Hitman / Deadpool / Happy


Tee Franklin
Alitha Martinez

It’s always nice to see a horror comic that understands the real power of horror: to engage the mind through challenging, potentially transgressive content. The book is set in 50’s New Orleans, where a woman named Auntie Mahalia runs a house of ill repute. But there’s a slight difference to this brothel: it’s staffed by the slain victims of domestic violence who dispense bloody justice on the violent men of the town. A tale of voodoo vengeance from the writer of Bingo Love and the artist of Black Panther World of Wakanda.

Try it if you like: House of Whispers / Harrow County / Bitch Planet

Delilah S. Dawson
Matias Basla

The rebellious daughter of a naval captain in the late 1800’s is stolen away to a world of faeries and mythical beasts, where she must fight to save her home world: a world where she never actually felt as though she fit in. Billed as “fairy fight club”, this looks like a fun YA read with some beautiful art by Basla.

Try it if you like: Labyrinth / Princeless / Legend of Korra


Ryan Ferrier
Alejandro Aragon & Chris O'Halloran
Dark Horse

Rider, an axe-wielding wasteland survivor, carves a bloody path across a war-torn North America ruled over by the Lords, the mysterious Father, and their cult followers as he searches for his abducted wife and child. Hi-octane, non-stop action from the off. If you enjoyed movies like The Raid and Mad Max Fury Road, then you’ll have a blast with this. Coming from the mind of the most underrated genre writer writer in comics Ryan Ferrier, this is one not to be missed!

Try it if you like: Mad Max Fury Road / Akira / Fist of The North Star


  • AVENGERS BY JASON AARON TP VOL 01 - Collecting the first cosmic arc of the Jason Aaron/Ed McGuinness run. It’s a lot of fun!

  • BATMAN/SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN BLANK COMIC #1 - Yes, it’s a branded comic that has no content! Intended as a fun showcase for 24 Hour Comic Day, it’s your chance to draw your own book featuring one of these iconic characters.

  • BATMAN THE MAXX #1 (OF 5) - Sam Keith brings his signature character head-to-head with the Dark Knight in this unlikely crossover.

  • BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT TP - Collecting Sean Murphy’s incredibly popular, adult-oriented Batman tale, now branded as a part of DC’s Black Label line.

  • BLAMMO #10 - The latest issue of Noah Van Sciver’s excellent vignette series.

  • CONSPIRACY OF RAVENS HC - A great looking kids graphic novel by John Reppion, Leah Moore & Sally Jane Thompson starring a girl, a locket, a crumbling English estate, and a secret magical legacy.

  • INFINITY WARS SLEEPWALKER #1 (OF 4) - Sandman done right.

  • ME THE PEOPLE HC - A collection of Y the Last Man artist Pia Guerra’s editorial cartoons.

  • NEW YORKER ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CARTOONS HC - A mammoth collection of cartoons from throughout the history of the esteemed magazine: nearly 3000 cartoons catergorized into over 250 alphabetised subjects, collected into a two-volume slipcase edition that would kill a burglar should you need to.

  • SHATTERSTAR #1 (OF 5) - Making the leap from comics page to the silver screen in Deadpool 2, Rob Liefeld’s Shatterstar makes his triumphant return to comics this week, in his very own series no less.

  • SPOOKHOUSE 2 #1 (OF 4) - Eric Powell’s annual Halloween comic for kids of all ages is back in a brand new weekly event throughout October!

  • SUPERIOR OCTOPUS #1 - Christos Gage and Mike Hawthorne tell us Doctor Octavius has turned over a new leaf in this Spidergeddon spin-off that sees the good Doctor play superhero. If this is half as much fun as Superior Spider-Man then we are in for a treat.

  • TYPHOID FEVER SPIDER-MAN #1 - Typhoid Mary is back in Manhattan and has set her sights on Hell's Kitchen in this all new three part mini-series from Marvel that sees Spidey and Daredevil team up!

  • WHAT IF? SPIDER-MAN #1 - What If… Flash Thompson had been bitten by the radioactive spider?

  • WHAT IF? X-MEN #1 - What If….the X-Men were inhabitants of a digital realm?

  • WICKED & DIVINE TP VOL 07 - Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson’s critically acclaimed smash hit series of pop deities continues to ramp up as we approach it’s conclusion. Watch out for a signing with Kieron on Saturday October 20th, announcing soon!

  • WONDER WOMAN & JL DARK WITCHING HOUR #1 - Just in time for Halloween, it's "The Witching Hour," a five-part weekly event that will rewrite the future of DC's magical heroes! Kicking off here in a one shot and running through Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark.

  • WONDER WOMAN EARTH ONE HC VOL 02 - The second part of Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette’s critically lauded take on DC’s first lady.

  • WRAITH TP - The graphic novel prequel to Joe Hill's New York Times bestselling novel NOS4A2.

  • X-MEN BLACK MAGNETO #1 - The first in a series of one-shots focusing on individual X-Men. Magneto is back and so is the one, the only, the legendary Chris Claremont!

  • X-MEN PHOENIX IN DARKNESS BY GRANT MORRISON TP - A collection of the Phoenix arc of Grant Morrison’s seminal run on the X-Men.

And that’s that!

Andrew & Shaun.