The Gosh! Authority 10.01.18


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Okay, things have settled down a bit now and it's time to get back into the groove of normal, non-holiday life. Standard opening hours, standard delivery schedule, standard sardine-like commuting - all that great stuff. And what better way to start than by announcing our first signing event of the year? We're very excited to announce that Irish comics superstar Declan Shalvey will be here on Saturday 27th January, 1-2pm! Already an established artist on top titles like Injection, Declan is also proving to be an accomplished writer on projects such as Deadpool vs Old Man Logan and the excellent OGN Savage Town. Check here for more details and pop it in your calendars!

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And Reads, our monthly reading group, is back for the new year this Wednesday with a discussion of Hellboy Vol 02: The Right Hand of Doom. Come along and pull up a chair to discuss this classic at 7pm, Wednesday 10th January. No ticket required, all are welcome! More details here.

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Still plenty of great deals to be had in our January sale, with new stock of books going out all the time, and 50% off on all back issues! Come on down before the 31st January and take a look!

As you might expect, it's a fairly quiet one for new titles this week. Still plenty of cracking reads though. Let's take a look.



Writer / Artist: 
Dave Calver
Publisher: IDW

Dave Calver was one of the most influential New York artists of the early 80's, springing from the same fertile creative scene of the 70's that had nurtured Blondie, The Talking Heads and The Ramones. His editorial and commercial art could be found everywhere, from the pages of the New York Times, through the likes of Esquire and GQ, and on to the walls of the New York transport system in a series of iconic posters. After leaving the New York scene for a more sedate lifestyle in Palm Springs, he began to devote himself to more personal, idiosyncratic work, including gallery works, film and comics. Now, as the debut graphic novel from Yoe Books' new initiative to showcase original material, Calver's original vision can be seen in the pages of Limbo Lounge. The full-colour, lushly illustrated book is a surreal journey alongside a bizarre cast of characters as they wait in a purgatorial bar for their final destination, tormented by bored denizens of hell. Top stuff, and Calver has some preview art on his website here.

Try it if you like: The System / Frank / Cinema Panopticum


Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub
Artist: Pepe Larraz
Publisher: Marvel

This issue kicks off No Surrender, a weekly-shipping Avengers event, billed as "Avengers Disassembled for the modern team". All of the various Avengers titles are now replaced for the duration of this 16 part epic by the main Avengers book, with the creative teams of those books working together to create one mammoth story. In a story pitting all the various Avengers teams against the Black Order and the Lethal Legion, with the fate of the earth at stake, Marvel are really trying to deliver a fun, cohesive story with this one. Apparently the bulk of it is already in the can, so shipping delays shouldn't be a factor, and the whole thing is confined to the pages of the one title, so no commitment to endless crossovers and spin-offs. And with Waid, Ewing and Zub at the helm, it should be a fun ride!

Try it if you like: Avengers Forever / Infinity / Avengers Kree Skrull War


Ethan Sacks
ArtistMarco Checchetto
Publisher: Marvel

Journalist Sacks takes on his first major comics gig as we return to the post-apocalyptic world of Old Man Logan. Set five years before the events of the classic Millar / McNiven miniseries, Clint Barton is just starting to experience the effects of the glaucoma that will take his sight, and is in a race against time across the wasteland to save his friends and atone for the actions of his past. Featuring a bevy of characters we never saw in the original OML, with nice gritty art from Checcetto.

Try it if you like: Old Man Logan / Mad Max Fury Road / Freeway Fighter


Richard Marazano
Artist: Luo Yin
Publisher: Lion Forge

A Ghibli-esque tale of a young girl who finds herself in a strange town stuck in eternal winter, where all the inhabitants are talking animals. Lost and alone, she discovers that the greatest crime in this snowbound place is to be a little girl, and only the Emperor can save her from a terrible fate - but at a price. Prolific French writer Marazano (The Chimpanzee Complex) teams up with Chinese artist Yin to create a magical adventure tale in the vein of Spirited Away.

Try it if you like: The Ring of Seven Worlds / Amulet / Spirited Away


Writer / Artist: 
Elizabeth Beier
Publisher: Northwest Press

A collection of Beier's autobiographical comics charting her relationship history. After breaking up with her boyfriend of six years, Beier decides to explore her attraction to women. At first disastrous and awkward, these comics were a means of exploring and clarifying her thoughts, as well as a form of catharsis for her worst dating experiences. It all adds up to a nuanced portrayal of bisexuality and its place in queer culture, and of her own complexities as a woman, as well as being an often touching narrative of someone looking for love.

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