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We're very excited to announce our first launch party for 2018, with celebrated author David Gaffney and brilliant artist Dan Berry here to toast the release of their new Top Shelf book Three Rooms in Valerie's Head. The book is out this week (see below), but the party will be on Thursday the 22nd February, 7-9pm. A little bit of a delay thanks to demanding schedules, but some things are worth the wait! Full details here.


The first Drink & Draw of 2018 has been announced! In association with our good friends at Broken Frontier we have Clio Isadora, Alex Potts and Olivia Sullivan coming along to quaff and scribble on Tuesday 23rd January. We'll be meeting at the shop at 6.30pm, giving you a chance to purchase work by the guest creators, before setting up at the Coach & Horses for some artsy fun! More details here.

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Still plenty of great bargains to be had in our January sale. Back issues remain at 50% off the marked price, with plenty of good silver and bronze ages goodies still in the mix. On the sale table upstairs the longboxes of reduced book stock are constantly being refreshed, so even if you've dipped your toes earlier in the month, keep checking back for new bargains!



David Gaffney
Artist: Dan Berry
Publisher: Top Shelf

A darkly comedic trek through the detritus of a woman's love life, where the mummified corpses of her ex-boyfriends are kept in the cellar of the house within her mind. The comic is a series of short pieces recounting the awkward, painful details of each relationship as she brings the bodies upstairs for conversations with each, trying to find out where it all went wrong. Funny, disturbing, poignant and even a little sweet, the rooms of Valerie's mind (and the inhabitants within) are brought evocatively to life by Gosh fave Dan Berry in a graphic novel that could well be one of our best of 2018. 

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Ales Kot
Artist: Danijel Zezelj
Publisher: Image

Fan favourite Kot is back with a new politically charged piece of near-future sci-fi, this time collaborating with an old favourite of ours whom we haven't seen in a while: Croatian artist Danijel Zezelj. Tragedy affects us all in different ways, and in a future America ruled by white supremacists, it has driven our two main protagonists in completely different directions. One runs into the arms of the police state while the other joins a guerrilla army fighting for the freedom of America. That hook of a basic concept aside, Zezelj coloured by Jordie Bellaire alone will be worth the price of entry!

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Christophe Gibelin
Artist: Claire Wendling
Publisher: IDW

A renowned creator in the world of animation and video game design, Wendling has done precious few comics. In fact, outside of a few short stories, this book is the only substantial comics work she has ever done, originally serialised in five volumes through the early 90's. It's a high fantasy piece about the struggle for power between two creators: an ancient wizard and a Great Oak, who together have crafted the beings that inhabit their magical land. Needless to say things become complicated, not least by the creations themselves. A welcome English language edition of the Angoulême Press award-winning saga.

Try it if you like: Dungeon / Sandman / Monstress


Writer / Artist: 
Terry Moore
Publisher: Abstract Studios

Bit of a surprise return of one of the breakthrough indie hits of the 90's. A pioneering book for it's strong, distinctive female leads, SiP (along with Sandman) is one of the most important books published in that period for increasing the number of women reading comics. The long-running saga of Katchoo and Francine finally came to a happy ending back in 2007, but creator Moore is bringing the series back for its 25th anniversary with an all-new story as Katchoo's past comes back to haunt her once again.

Try it if you like: Love & Rockets / Giant Days / Coronation Street


Eddie Gorodetsky, Marc Andreyko
Artist: Steve Sadowski
Publisher: Image

Eisner winning writer Andreyko teams up with Emmy winning writer and producer Gorodetsky for an all-new story of a superhero has-been. Nick Wilson was a celebrity hero for a few years in his early 20's, cruising on the financial success and adulation that it brought him. Now nearly 30, his powers lost and his status reduced to a punchline or (if he's lucky) the answer to a trivia question, he passes his days in a haze of medicinal marijuana and junk food. A deconstructive superhero tale that's about finding second chances when we feel our best years have gone by.




Try it if you like: Major Bummer / Starlight / Astro City


Robert Venditti
Artist: Tony Daniel
Publisher: DC

Part of DC's New Age of Heroes initiative, spinning a number of artist-led titles out of the Metal saga. This time around DC gets its own, shall we say, HULKing, destructive brute. Protagonist Ethan has a powerful alter-ego who appears for a single hour each day, and whose huge destructive potential he has no control over. Used by the government as a living weapon, can it really be long before such an unstoppable force goes out of control?

Try it if you like: The Incredible Hulk / The Indestructible Hulk / Hulk


Writer / Artist: 
Enrique Fernandez
Publisher: IDW

A lushly-illustrated fable in vein of the Arabian Nights. The book relates the epic story of the young lovers, Irvi and Sian, who are separated by fate; of Cobra, the soldier who becomes emperor; and of Maluuk, the dwarf actor who plans a revolution. It all looks suitably exciting, hurt in no part by Fernandez's beautiful art.

Try it if you like: Brigada / By Chance or Providence / Fables


  • AMAZING SPIDER-MAN VENOM INC OMEGA #1 - The final chapter!
  • CRAZY QUILT SCRAPS & PANELS ON WAY TO GASOLINE ALLEY HC - A sampling of Gasoline Alley creator Frank King's early work, where the seeds of what was to come were first planted, all presented at the original broadsheet size by Sunday Press.
  • JAMES BOND THE BODY #1 - Alex Kot tackles Bond, with art by Luca Casalanguida.
  • KILL OR BE KILLED TP VOL 03 - The latest collection of Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips' gritty vigilante tale.
  • SHADOWS ON THE GRAVE HC - Richard Corben's latest anthology of horrific tales gets a lovely hardcove collection.
  • SUPER POWERS BY JACK KIRBY TP - Collecting the King's mid-80's toy line tie-in stories of the Justice League (and his only time illustrating their adventures!)

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