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A seriously long-awaited launch party coming up this week: Dilraj Mann will be here on Friday, September 15th from 7-9pm to launch his debut graphic novel from Nobrow, Dalston Monsterzz! Check out the details here, and be sure to swing down for a drink and a chat! 

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Then on Saturday, have a little lie-in then pop your shoes on and head into town to meet acclaimed illustrator & designer Jon Burgerman! Jon's influential doodle stylings have appeared everywhere from books, to product packaging, to trainers, to vinyl toys, to New York subway walls. He's here to launch his latest kids book, Rhyme Crime, and will be here Saturday September 16th, 1-2pm. Check out more details here.


Not enough for you? Well heck, how about a signing with YA author and writer of the brilliant Young Animal series Shade the Changing Girl, Cecil Castellucci? Cecil will be here signing copies of Shade and her latest graphic novel Soupy Leaves Home on Monday September 18th, from 6-7pm. Details here. It's the first of our Thought Bubble festival-related signings, so keep an eye out next week for more (or just head over to our events page now!)


Speaking of Thought Bubble-related things, this week we announced our special exclusive James Stokoe print, "Citadel"! Originally the cover for the fourth TPB in the Brandon Graham-masterminded Prophet reboot, the image of a man climbing a cyclopean staircase, dwarfed by a monstrous building, really tickled our fancy. Filled with Stokoe's trademark attention to detail, it's an evocative, vibrant image, produced to our usual high standards as an A3 digital print that fairly leaps off the wall. Released to coincide with our James Stokoe & Marley Zarcone signing, the print will be signed by James, and is limited to just 50 editions. You can preorder for pick-up or mail order through our online store now!


And looking at events gone by, last Thursday we had the Let's Talk Intersectionality crew in to discuss resistance and activism through comics and zines. Nora, Lisa and Lauren were joined by Sofia Niazi, co-founder of the pioneering zine OOMK (One of My Kind) and DIY Cultures Fair. It was, as ever, a stimulating, motivational event with a frank and honest exchange of ideas. Always worth attending!


And then on Friday the shop was packed out to celebrate the release of Tom Gauld's new strip collection, Baking With Kafka. It was a great night, though poor old Tom barely got to see any of it, stuck behind a table beavering away at signatures and sketches.


He did come in earlier in the day to do a fab window painting for us, though, a kind of Great British Metamorphosis, if you will.


So come check that out, and while you're here, we still have some of our exclusive bookplate edition left in stock! Though probably not for long, so get in quick, or even order through our webstore to reserve a copy for in-store pick-up.

Phew! On with the comics!



Writer / Artist:
Tom Gauld
Publisher: Canongate

A collection of Tom's weekly comics from the Guardian, tickling the ribs of literary convention with his wry sense of humour and sharp, crosshatched execution. From skeleton apocalypses to Kafka's lemon drizzle cake, it's a chuckleriffic read from start to finish. And as if you needed any added incentive, as mentioned above if you get in quick you might even get one of our Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Editions!

Try it if you like: Mooncop / Some Comics / The Far Side


Rainbow Rowell
Artist: Kris Anka
Publisher: Marvel

A baffling omission from Marvel's recent slate makes a welcome return this week as we rejoin the adventures of the Runaways crew. I'm sure an upcoming TV series has nothing to do with the decision to kick off an all-new ongoing with the teen team, but whatever the cause, we're happy to see Nico, Chase, Rico, Carolina, Molly and even (don't ask us how) Gert back in action! Hit YA author Rowell should offer a fresh new take on the gang, with the ever-stylish Anka on art duties. Worth a look!

Try it if you like: Teen Titans / Uncanny X-Men / Power Pack


Seth Peck
Artist: Jeremy Haun
Publisher: Image

A good slice of post-apocalyptic high fantasy from X-Men writer Peck and Beauty creator Haun. Fifteen years after the emergence of magical beasties into our world, the earth is overrun by orcs, dragons and more. And a rag-tag band of humans hits the road to bring an end to an evil sorceror while mankind's fate hangs in the balance.

Try it if you like: Seven to Eternity / Shadowrun / Prophet


Aline Brosh McKenna
Artist: Ramón Pérez
Publisher: Boom

A contemporary retelling of Jane Eyre, relocated to Manhattan high society, where young Jane must negotiate the social mores around love and loyalty. Screenwriter Brosh (The Devil Wears Prada / Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) shows a deft hand at scripting comics, assisted in no small part by beautiful art from superhero veteran Pérez.

Try it if you like: Jane Eyre / Bridget Jones / The Plain Janes


Frederico Lamas
Publisher: Moebius editora

We've just a handful of this exciting book by Argentinian Lamas, a multi-media artist who has been exhibited around the world. His ongoing project is Vete al Diablo, which enables viewers to see past outward appearances and into the secret sins of Lamas’s red pencil-drawn subjects. By holding a red-tinted slide up to each page, the viewer is rewarded by an alternative vision of reality. The handsome young priest becomes a naked, leering pervert. The peaceful-looking deer becomes a carnivore hungry for the flesh of children. Vision Infernal is a collection of those works, all packaged in a lovely hardcover, shrink-wrapped with its own red lens for viewing.

Try it if you like: Gary Panter / Johnny Ryan / Brian Chippendale


Writer / Artist:
Adam & Lisa Murphy
Publisher: David Fickling Books

A themed compilation of Corpse Talk strips taken from the pages of The Phoenix, each small vignette focuses on a famous figure from the annals of science. From Al-Haytham to Einstein, Adam Murphy (in cartoon form) digs up the animated corpses of these historical figures for a This Is Your Life styled biography. It's informative, funny, and - most importantly for the kids it's aimed at - occasionally a bit gross. Note that this does contain strips which previously appeared in Corpse Talk Vols 1 & 2.

Try it if you like: Horrible Histories / Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls / Mysteries of the Universe


Writer / Artist:
Keezy Young
Publisher: Lion Forge

Part of Lion Forge's new kids and YA line of graphic novels, Taproot is the story of a ghost and his ghost-aware best friend, whom he loves. But when a presence in the town threatens the spectral community and poses a danger to gardener Hamal, the ghostly Blue must find a way to stop Hamal's ability, even if it means saying goodbye again. It's a queer love story wrapped in a ghost story, all wrapped in some seriously lovely art.

Try it if you like: Legend of Korra / Anya's Ghost / I Love This Part


Writer: Matt Nixon
Artist: Toby Cypress
Publisher: Image

Looks like a bit of a head-twister from former Conan and X-Men scribe Nixon and Gosh fave Cypress. Expect meta-textual hijinks galore, as a group of paranormal adventurers faced with an impossible threat keep shutting down alternative timelines in order to prevent the ultimate destruction of the solar system. This is only to find themselves reinvented in a similar, albeit retconned situation -- back in issue 1 on a parallel Earth, facing the same enemy. Fun!

Try it if you like: Mind Mgmt / Black Science / Ether


Writer / Artist: Trina Robbins

The legendary Trina Robbins adapts the famous 1919 novel by Sax Rohmer, one of the first ever novels to speak about the international drug trade, and the first to look at the connections between celebrity and drug use. A London starlet becomes fatally tangled in the city's early 20th century drug culture, depicted in a stark black and white style by Robbins that she regards as her best work to date!

Try it if you like: From Hell / Berlin / The Black Dahlia


Writer / Artist:
Publisher: Fantagraphics

A slice of psychedelia from the Fantagraphics Underground imprint. To be honest, the best thing I could probably do here is reproduce the publisher blurb: Mountebank is like nothing you’ve ever seen before: a systematized sketchbook that tracks the inner workings of an obsessive brain and a book that could only be described as “psychedoolic.” Both meditative and hypnotic, D.W. invites you to get lost alongside anthropomorphic creatures crawling through grid paper labyrinths and in his own brand of whirling dervish mark-making.

Try it if you like: Yuichi Yokoyama / Distance Mover / Floodgate Companion


SINK #1 (OF 5)
John Lees
Artist: Alex Cormack
Publisher: ComixTribe

A survival horror set on the streets of a fictional Scottish suburb in a world teeming with killers and psychopaths. After a young man takes a wrong turn on his walk home into the Sinkhill area, his night descends into nightmare as he's pursued by knife-wielding youths, a fox-masked vigilante, and a nightmare lurking in a blue van.

Try it if you like: The Purge: Anarchy / After Hours / Escape From New York


  • BATMAN DARK KNIGHT MASTER RACE COVERS HC - Pretty much what it says on the tin: a deluxe collection of the Master Race, including all the variants by dozens of top artists. An art book for any Batman fan.
  • BATMAN HIS GREATEST ADVENTURES TP - A collection of the best Batman Adventures stories by talents such as Kelley Puckett, Mike Parobeck, Ty Templeton and Rick Burchett.
  • DARK HORSE DC COMICS MASK TP - Collecting all of the Mask crossovers into the DC universe, including Grifter, Lobo and The Joker.
  • DARK NIGHTS METAL #2 (OF 6) - Continuing what is pound for pound the most entertaining event we've read in a long time. A mini-series that posits the question "What if those comics back in the 90's weren't as bad as I remember?"
  • ELEKTRA TP ALWAYS BET ON RED - Collecting the most recent Elektra series.
  • HARD BOILED HC 2ND EDITION - A beautiful new hardcover edition of the Frank Miller / Geof Darrow classic, newly coloured by Dave Stewart!
  • HARLEY QUINN 25TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL #1 - An all star cast of creators (including Harley's creator Paul Dini) spin tales of everyone's favourite hard-hitting goofball.
  • JEFF STEINBERG TP - Joshua Hale Fialkov and Tony Fleecs spin a tale they describe as "What if Kevin Smith directed Men in Black?" Which is a pretty good way to help you decide if this is for you, to be fair.
  • KINGPIN TP BORN AGAINST - Collecting the first five issues of Matthew Rosenberg & Ben Torres' criminally overlooked Kingpin series.
  • SAUCER COUNTRY TP - Collecting the entirety of the Vertigo run of Paul Cornell & Ryan Kelly's UFO conspiracy saga, of late continued at IDW.
  • SECRET EMPIRE OMEGA #1 SE - The aftermath of Secret Empire. CAN CAPTAIN AMERICA BE REDEEMED? Probably! (Spoilers)
  • SHEENA #1 - Picking up where the super-cheap #0 issue left off, with Marguerite Bennett and Moritat skirting around the exploitative traps inherent in such a character to bring some fun jungle adventure.
  • SWING IT SUNNY GN - The sequel to charming YA comedy-drama Sunny Side Up.


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