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With the bank holiday behind us everything should be back to normal for this weeks new comics day, with all the new releases on the shelves from first thing Wednesday morning! 


This Thursday (September 7th) from 7-9pm we're back with our latest Let’s Talk Intersectionality event with extra special guest Sofia Niazi, co-founder of OOMK zine and DIY Cultures Fair. Find out more about the event on the Facebook page here


Tom Gauld will be here to celebrate the release of his latest strip collection, Baking With Kafka, on the 8th of September from 7-9pm! To sweeten the deal, as if it needed it, the event will be your first chance to pick up our limited bookplate edition.


The signed, exclusive bookplate edition is currently up for pre-order now through our online store. It is limited to just 300 and we don't anticipate these sticking about very long as, like us, people really love Mr Gauld. If you can't make it down but don't want to miss out, then you can arrange for an in store pick up via the pre-order link. As with all of our events, keep up with all of the latest updates on the dedicated Facebook event page.

Burgerman signing.png

Couple of great upcoming events announced this week. First up, the one and only Jon Burgerman will be here signing his new kids book Rhyme Crime on Saturday September 16th, from 1-2pm. More details here.


Then, in the lead-up to the Thought Bubble festival, Cecil Castellucci will be here on Monday September 18th from 6-7pm! More details here.


We had a rather lovely kids book launch last Friday. Katherina Manolessou was here to celebrate the release of her new Frances Lincoln picture book Look For Ladybird in Plant City. It's a beautiful, large format hardcover, and we still have a wee stack of signed copies as well as a number of her previous book T-Veg, the excellent tale of Reginald the T-Rex who favours crunchy carrot cake over juciy steak.


Saturday was Dr Who Comics Day and to mark the occasion we held a singing with Doctor scribes Paul Cornell and James Peaty. It was a wonderful way to show our love for everything Whovian and even better to see so many happy fans, even a few who had come in from overseas. While stocks last you'll find a few signed Dr Who collections on our new releases section. 

Before we dive into the bumper selection of new books we'd just like to thank everyone who came along and made our last few events such a blast. See you all at our upcoming batch!   



Writer/ArtistDaniel Warren Johnson
Publisher: Image

Extremity is what you'd get if Mad Max Fury Road director George Miller made a Studio Ghibli flick then turned it into a comic. Daniel Warren Johnson and colourist Mike Spicer breath life into a world of floating sky islands, brutal clan warfare and a daughters self destructive quest for revenge. Beautifully realised, complex characters and DWJ's signature flair for dynamic and balletic action scenes make this the perfect genre comic. Like Tradd Moores action sequences? Have your heartbroken every month by BKV's character work in Saga? Then you need to read Extremity. One of our favourite new series this year, with no sign of slowing down.  


If you needed an added incentive, then how about this jaw-droppingly lovely bookplate!  Pre-orders are up on our online store for both in-store collection and world wide mail order. 

Try it if you like: Saga / Akira / Head Lopper


Writer/Artist: Tillie Walden
Publisher: SelfMadeHero

Speaking of bookplates we are beyond excited to have a second releasing this week, this one for Tillie Walden's longest work to date in the form of her graphic memoir, Spinning, from the fine folks at SelfMadeHero (who celebrated their 10th anniversary this week!) We're huge fans of the multi-talented Walden, having worked with her in the past on two prints, A City Inside and End of Summer, as well as sold out bookplates for both.


Spinning traces Walden's real life journey through the twisted and insular world of competitive figure skating. The ice-rink becomes her home away home and forms the backdrop to her childhood and teen years. She battles bullies, skaters, and coaches whilst trying to cope with her sexuality, her identity, the world around her and the trauma of growing up. She loses herself on the ice, and struggles to find a way out. Spinning is poignant, captivating and possible the best work to date from the Ignatz Award winner. It captures the raw and heartbreaking struggle of coming of age and leaves you holding your breath the whole time you're reading. 

As with Extremity, Pre-orders are up on our online store for both in-store collection and world wide mail order. 

Oh and if you've never come across Tillie's webcomic - On a Sunbeam - we highly recommend heading over to and reading the whole thing!

Try it if you like: This One Summer / Boundless /The End of Summer


Writer/ArtistEthan Rilly
Publisher: Adhouse Books

A new issue of Pope Hats is always something to celebrate. A slice of life series with occasional oddball twists, it's one of the last bastions of the 90's indie comic spirit. In this issue we return to the story of law clerk Frances, now dealing with the success of her best buddy, no-longer-struggling actress Vickie, while her own life languishes in depressing familiarity. Top stuff!

Try it if you like: Love & Rockets / Optic Nerve / Acme Novelty Library


: Victoria Jamieson
Publisher: Dial Books

Imogene (Impy) is starting middle school, having grown up being home-schooled by her Renaissance Faire-working parents. Her life until this point has revolved around the trappings of the middle ages, and her desire to qualify as a squire herself. But thrown into the public school environment she's suddenly a misfit, with her thrift store clothes and faux-medieval ways. Jamieson was the author of Rollergirl, one of our favourite YA GNs of the last few years, so we're super-psyched for this!

Try it if you like: Smile / Rollergirl / Awkward


Clay Chapman
ArtistJey Levang
Publisher: Boom! Studios

Jey Levang, one of Broken Frontier's "Six to Watch in 2016", earns her stripes on this, her first professional work. She's a terrific artist, gracing an intriguing concept. Acclaimed playwright Chapman pens a story about a group of students quarantined to their dorm after a pandemic strikes. The civilised veneer of their education and privilege is soon stripped away as the reality of their situation sinks in.

Try it if you like: Deadly Class / The Woods / Drifting Classroom


: Mazen Kerbaj
Publisher: Fantagraphics

Another from the Fantagraphics Underground imprint, it's a collection of the diary comics kept by Kerbaj - a Beirut resident - during the Israeli bombing of the city in 2006. His scathing, angry wit leaps off the page, a cry against the inhumanity he sees in the destruction of people's homes and lives around him. An essential chronicle to remind of the real victims of these conflicts: ordinary people. Like all the FU titles, the print run on this is extremely limited, so don't dither about picking it up!

Try it if you like: Footnotes in Gaza / An Iranian Metamorphosis / Metro


Caitlin Skaalrud
Publisher: Uncivilized Books 

A surrealist journey through a young woman's psyche as she looks to address the damage within. It's a Dantean look at the mind, as she journeys through the layers of her consciousness to confront her inner demons, rendered as expressionist concepts. Bold, experimental stuff.

Try it if you like: Frank / Laid Waste / Kramer's Ergot


: Elijah Brubaker
Publisher: Uncivilized Books

We love Elijah Brubaker's Reich, a fascinating telling of the story of controversial psychologist Wilhelm Reich, so we're psyched for his take on the Old Testament story of Jezebel. Told with a verve and wit that make it feel as contemporary as an HBO comedy series, while never losing touch with its biblical source material, it's a story of Judaism, Paganism, murder, sex, and the odd bear mauling.

Try it if you like:  Pantheon / The Book of Genesis (Crumb) / Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus


Writer: Sebastian Girner
Artist: Galaad
Publisher: Image

A fun looking fantasy adventure series from the writer of Shirtless Bear Fighter! Tired of scraping for pennies, wannabe adventurer Luvander sets off on a quest for the untold treasure that lies in the depths of the dungeon known as The Dragon's Maw. But this simple quest soon turns into a journey of destiny, prophecy and all those other good epic fantasy things that end with the letter "y". Looks like good fun.

Try it if you like: Bone / Nimona / Amulet


Paul Tobin
ArtistArjuna Susini & Gonzalo Duarte
Publisher: Oni Press

A Detroit special ops officer is caught in an ambush with her squadmates, and barely manages to escape with her life, the only survivor. Nursing her wounds, she works on discovering who was behind the ambush, and plots her revenge. Because unbeknownst to her enemies, she's a descendent of one Victor Frankenstein, and she knows all the old family secrets.

Try it if you like: Frankenstein / Frankenstein Unbound / Victor Frankenstein


Cullen Bunn
ArtistIban Coello
Publisher: Marvel

Trasnported to the far reaches of space with a ragtag band of heroes, Venom finds himself targeted by a new race of alien predators: The Poisons! (See what they did there?) Under attack, our heroes willingly bond with their own parasites creating an all-Venom team. Deadpool? VENOMIZED Deadpool! Old Man Logan? VENOMIZED Logan! Hot stuff! Also see Venomverse War Stories #1, featuring a bunch of surprisingly fun looking short stories starring other VENOMIZED heroes. VENOMIZE!

Try it if you like: VENOM!



  • 4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK #5 - The final issue of this brilliant mini-series is here at last!
  • ALL STAR BATMAN TP VOL 01 - A softcover collection of the slightly bonkers Scott Snyder series.
  • ALL STAR BATMAN HC VOL 02 - Followed by a new hardcover collection!
  • BATMAN YEAR ONE DELUXE ED HC - A super-duper hardcover collection with lashings of extra material.
  • BLACK BEETLE KARA BOCEK HC - The return of Francesco Francavilla's pulp crime fighter, collecting the recent storyline from Dark Horse Presents into a lovely hardcover.
  • DARK HORSE BOOK OF HORROR HC - Missed this one last week: a bumper collection of all of Dark Horse's little themed horror hardcovers from the mid-2000's. Featuring the original Beasts of Burden stories, plus stories from Mike Mignola, Gary Gianni, P Craig Russell, Sean Phillips and many, many more.
  • DASTARDLY AND MUTTLEY #1 (OF 6) - Garth Ennis takes on the villainous duo from Wacky Races in one of those twisted reinterpretations of classic Hanna-Barbera characters that DC are doing so well. 
  • GENERATIONS IRON MAN & IRONHEART #1 - Riri Williams jumps back in time to team up with good ol' Tony Stark.
  • JOURNEY SW LAST JEDI CAPT PHASMA #1 - The new Boba Fett gets her own mini-series, set at the end of The Force Awakens, revealing Phasma's fate!
  • KINGSMAN RED DIAMOND #1 (OF 6) - A new mini-series starring Mark Millar's super-spies, this time written by Rob Williams, with art by Simion Fraser.
  • STAR WARS DARTH MAUL TP - Collecting the recent Darth Maul mini-series.
  • SUPER F*CKERS FOREVER TP - The unorthodox and wild superhero book from critically acclaimed creator James Kochalka. 
  • SWEET TOOTH BOOK ONE TP - The new editions of Jeff Lemire's classic starting their softcover release at last!
  • WICKED & DIVINE HC VOL 02 - Never read Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie magnum opus? Well this second oversized hardcover collection will help you get up to issue 22! (But you'd probably best pick up Vol 01 first!)

And that's all for another week.

Andrew & Shaun. 






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