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Fans of great kids comics need to get themselves along on Thursday night for the official launch party for Bog Eyed Books! The brainchild of Gary Northfield and Nicky Evans, Bog Eyed Books are fine purveyors of funny kids comics, including titles from The Beano and The Phoenix! Gary & Nicky will be joined by Wilbur Dawbarn, Alexadner Matthews and Jim Medway to toast the official launch of the line. Get the details here!


We're incredibly privileged to be hosting the legendary John Stokes this Friday evening for a conversation with Broken Frontier's Andy Oliver. Stokes was the artist on Marney the Fox, a beautifully-drawn nature story from the pages of Buster. Kevin O'Neill, once a junior production worker on Buster, had the following to say: "John Stokes art on Marney the Fox is a magnificent achievement. Peerless pen work and a palpable sense of place... and season. An atypical strip for the Fun and Adventure themed BUSTER John Stokes' work conveys a love of nature and the countryside almost unique in comics. Neglected for too long, Marney the Fox is part of British Comics' treasure trove of uncollected wonders!"   Rebellion have lovingly restored the artwork and are releasing the first ever collection of the story as a part of their Treasury of British Comics line. Get details on this very special event here.


We had a tremedous one-two hit of talent last Tuesday with the wonderful Katie Skelly signing her new book from Fantagraphics, My Pretty Vampire. She then joined Ariela Kristantina, Apila Pepita and Sara Valta for our monthly Drink'n'Draw, in association with the good folks of Broken Frontier. We still have signed copies of My Pretty Vampire and Insexts Vol 01 (Ariela's collaboration with Marguerite Bennett) available in store while stocks last. Drop us a line if you're interested!


Then on Friday the place was packed out for the launch of Geis: A Game Without Rules, the second book in Alexis Deacon's dark fantasy trilogy from Nobrow. Alexis signed and sketched through the evening, and we still have a very limited number of signed copies of the book available if you want to email us for a reservation. Be quick though: these won't last!


It was a bittersweet evening though, as we also said goodbye to Steven Walsh, a familiar face to anyone who has shopped with us over the last 6 years. Steve is off for new adventures in Ireland, and we wish him all the best for his future endeavours. Thanks for everything, Steve!


And finally in news this week, we've kicked off our October back issue sale! All our back issues are half price from Sunday 1st - Sunday 15th October, including all packs and wall books. Get in and grab a bargain! 



Robert Kirkman
ArtistCharlie Adlard
Publisher: Image

Originally serialised in the pages of Image Plus, the origin story of The Walking Dead's most tenacious villain is at last collected into a swanky hardcover edition. No spoilers, but the moment you find out about Negan's pre-apocalyptic profession, his swaggering, semi-psychotic behaviour makes total sense. A must read for WD fans!


And if you are going to read it, then get in quick to grab one of the last copies of our Gosh Exclusive Bookplate Edition! Seriously, these things have been snapped up on pre-order, so stocks are extremely limited. If you're worried about missing out, you can still pre-order right now via the webstore, and get some of that sweet Negan/Lucille romance.

Try it if you like: The Walking Dead Comic / The Walking Dead TV Show / Uhh...Fear the Walking Dead?


Writer: Scott Goodall
Artist: John Stokes
Publisher: Rebellion

The classic Buster strip, collected into a lovely, stitch-bound hardcover edition (with some pretty sweet spot-varnish to boot). In short: a Christmas present waiting to happen! The book follows Marney, a lone fox in the Devon countryside, who goes about his day to day life while dealing with other animals and evading the murderous intentions of the humans he encounters. Beautifully illustrated by Stokes, this lost classic of British comics has been restored as a part of Rebellion's Treasury of British Comics series.

Try it if you like: Watership Down / Mouse Guard / The Wind in the Willows


Mike Mignola & Chris Roberson
ArtistPaul Grist
Publisher: Dark Horse

Collecting the recent mini-series that explored the hidden history of one of the Mignolaverse's longest standing mysetries: who was the alien assassin that appeared in Seed of Destruction at the time of Hellboy's summoning, and why did he stay his hand? Now the truth is revealed, as written by Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson, and drawn by UK comics royalty, Paul Grist!


And speaking of Paul, he'll be appearing here alongside Warwick Johnson-Cadwell as a part of our Halloween celebrations on Saturday, 28th October! The gents will be signing from 1-2pm, and you can get all the details here.

Try it if you like: Martian Manhunter / Saucer Country / X-Files


Writer/ArtistSean Murphy
Publisher: DC

Sean Murphy is hands-down one of the most talented artists working today. His lush illustration work and creative storytelling were on full display in the recent Rick Remender collaboration Tokyo Ghost. So we're very excited to see what he has in store for Batman with this new Elseworlds mini-series. The basic set-up: when Batman finally snaps, the Joker must become the hero Gotham needs to save them from the Dark Knight.

Try it if you like: Tokyo Ghost / Punk Rock Jesus / World of Flashpoint: Batman


Garth Ennis
ArtistGoran Parlov
Publisher: Marvel

Garth Ennis' run on Punisher Max is quite simply one of the greatest comics runs of the 21st Century so far. Of that run, the undoubted highlights were his collaborations with Goran Parlov, a creative synergy that followed into their excellent Fury mini-series. So the prospect of a new Punisher mini-series by the pair has us, to be frank, a bit giddy. And this time we're going right back to the start, even further than the Born series, to Frank Castle's first tour in Vietnam: his first command, and his first kill.

Try it if you like: Punisher MAX / Fury My War Gone By / The Nam


Writer / Artist
: Alexis Deacon
Publisher: Nobrow

The second book of the trilogy, and the second game begins! As the wannabe rulers compete under the sorcerous geis that compels them, our unwitting heroes Io and Nemas struggle to trust each other an even themselves as the mind games continue. Deacon's lush art recalls the work of Joann Sfar and Christophe Blain, and is perfectly suited to this dark fantasy tale. Treat yourself and pick it up along with volume one, A Matter of Life and Death.

Try it if you like: Seven to Eternity / Sandman / Monstress


Sam Humphries
ArtistEthan Van Sciver
Publisher: DC

The Dark Universe Batman origin stories continue, and this time the spotlight falls on a young Bruce Wayne, whose fearlessness when faced with his parents killer is rewarded with a Green Lantern ring, a ring he uses to wreak a terrible vengeance on the murderer, setting the tone for his crimefighting career. This METAL stuff is a blast, to be honest. And you even get a fancy shiny cover for a standard comic price!

Try it if you like: Judge Dredd / Flashpoint / JLA Earth 2


Benoit Peeters
Artist: Francois Schuiten
Publisher: IDW

Seeing the Schuiten / Peeters titles back in print in English is a real treat. Previously serialised as Cities of the Fantasic by NBM, the new editions now being released by IDW are all newly translated and remastered, including some excellent recolouring, all with the approval of the authors. Under the more accurate translation The Obscure Cities, the stories of the Counter-Earth city states are as fresh and engaging as ever. Having published the spin-off albums so far, now we're going right back to the beginning of the main series, following clerk Franz Bauer as he investigates mysterious goings-on in the city of Samaris.

Try it if you like: The Leaning Girl / Alack Sinner / The Incal


Dan Panosian
Publisher: Image

Dan Panosian hits the keyboard for a change, writing and drawing this new Las Vegas-based action thriller about a down-on-his-luck former boxer who heads back to the city of sin looking for redemption. Panosian's gritty, moody style is perfect for this kind of material, so we're looking forward to seeing how this shapes up.

Try it if you like: Southern Bastards / Loose Ends / 100 Bullets


  • ARYA #1 - An exciting looking anthology of women's comics from Antarctic Press, including Sofia Davila & Minjun Chen.
  • BERLIN #21 - Two issues in the space of 6 months? The end is nigh!
  • BREAKS GN - A collection of Emma Vieceli & Malin Ryden's webcomic.
  • COMPLETE DEATH NOTE SC - The entire story in one brick of a book, complete with slipcase!
  • COMPLETE SCARLET TRACES GN VOL 02 - Collecting The Great Game and the never-before-collected Cold War!
  • EUGENIC #1 (OF 3) - A new dystopian future title from the GLAAD award nominated team of James Tynion IV and Eryk Donovan.
  • GHOST STORIES OF AN ANTIQUARY GN VOL 02 - A second anthology of MR James adaptations, written by Leah Moore & John Reppion with a host of top UK art talent.
  • GROSZ BERLIN - NEW YORK HC - Lars Fiske's graphic biography of the Wiemar-era German artist George Grosz, covering the peak of his career in the Dada and New Objectivity movements, as well as his later teaching years.
  • HARLEY & IVY MEET BETTY & VERONICA #1 - Pretty much what it says on the tin!
  • HOOKJAW CLASSIC HC - Ultraviolent shark fun, reprinted from the pages of Action, the fondly remembered terror of parents and moral groups everywhere.
  • MISHADRA HC GN - Iasmin Oma Ata's semi-autobiographical story of a young man's struggle managing his epilepsy while meeting the demands of his studies. 
  • ONE YEAR WISER: AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO MINDFULNESS GN - The latest book in our pal Mike Medaglia's series of wellbeing books, this one acting as a practical guide to mindfulness.
  • PEPPY IN THE WILD WEST GN - An early kids adventure story by Tintin creator Hergé, informed by a somewhat naive European understanding of the Wild West.
  • SCREWED UP GN - An amusing looking short story about an increasingly cringe-inducing attempt at a marriage proposal on a New York subway platform.
  • THE SENSES HC - Neurocomics author Matteo Farinella turns his hand to the world of the senses in this entertaining, educational graphic novel.
  • THE SHADOW / BATMAN #1 - Dynamite's turn to team up the two heroes, written again by Steve Orlando and drawn by Giovanni Timpano.
  • SPACEBAT & THE FUGITIVES GN BOOK 01 - A new kids GN series starring Spacebat, the galaxy's greatest misfit!
  • SPIRITS OF VENGEANCE #1 (OF 5) - Ghost Rider! Satana! Hellstorm! Blade! The 90's! LEGACY!
  • THE TICK 2017 #1 - To compliment the new Amazon TV series, a brand new ongoing Tick series!
  • TOMB OF DRACULA COMPLETE COLLECTION TP VOL 01 - Another attempt to collect the classic series, and we welcome it with open arms!
  • UNREAL CITY HC - A collection of short stories by major new talent  D.J. Bryant.
  • WEREWOLF BY NIGHT COMPLETE COLLECTION VOL 01 - Do you think Halloween might be coming? Still, we're not complaining: the more 70's Marvel monsters comics that are back in print, the better!
  • WHISKERS SISTERS YA GN VOL 01 - Super-cute looking kids comic by Miss Paty with talking animals and forest adventures.
  • WILLIAM GIBSON ARCHANGEL HC - Collecting the recent series by science fiction legend William Gibson!

And that's that! It's a big old week, so save those pennies for Wednesday!

Until next time, mes amis!
Andrew & Shaun.