The Gosh! Authority 27.09.17


We will be joined by the super talented Katie Skelly, post her stint at Thought Bubble Festival. Katie will be here signing on Tuesday, September 26th from 6-7pm. Grab all of the up to date details on the Facebook event here.


Plus after the signing Katie will be in attendance at our monthly Drink & Draw along with Ariela Kristantina, Apila Pepita and Sara Valta. All come to us from the far reaches of the world, so this serves as a unique opportunity to meet them. Drink and Draw takes place straight after Katie's in store singing with us. 


Alexis Deacon will be here on Friday 29th September, 7-9pm, to celebrate the release of his new Nobrow graphic novel (and sequel to one of our favourite books of last year) Geis: A Game Without Rules! We hosted Alexis for the laucnh of the first volume and it was one of the most enjoyable launch events we've ever had the pleasure to host, and this second event is set is sure to be no different. 


The middle chapter of Deacon's dark fantasy trilogy, A Game Without Rules picks up where the first volume, A Matter of Life and Death, left off. The contenders for the throne undertake their second challenge, compelled by the sorcerous power of the geis. Meanwhile our heroine Io, still an unwilling participant, continues to puzzle over the mystery of the dark magic at the heart of the geis that threatens to consume them all.


If you can't make it but would like a signed book, then drop us a line to to arrange a mail order or a reservation.


In association with the amazing Thought Bubble Festival the mega duo of Marley Zarcone and James Stokoe  joined us last Friday for a hell of a double signing. It was a pure joy to host the pair and the lovely crowd in attendance got to see them at work as they scribbled away for the fans. Anyone who couldn't make it down or missed them at Thought Bubble this past weekend, well, we have you covered. We still have signed copies of work by both Zarcone and Stokoe! 


Oh and speaking of Mr James 'Hobgoblin' Stokoe, our Bookplate Edition of Aliens: Dead Orbit is now available for pre-order via our online store



Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Esad Ribic
Publisher: Marvel

It’s finally, (well almost, it's out on Wednesday) here. Marvel Legacy #1, the hotly anticipated one shot that sets the stage for the next phase of the Marvel Comics Universe. Re-teaming Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic after their bloody brilliant run on Thor has us chomping at the bit to dig into this. Just look at this preview page courtesy of  CBR- 


Ribic's work just seems to get better and better and with Aaron having already proven himself in the realm of neanderthal man comics with the Goddamned this should be rad!

Try it if you like - Secret War / The Aaron-Ribic Thor run / Secret Empire 


Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Nathan Fox & Jim Rugg
Publisher: Image

Sonia Harris' psychedelic and attention grabbing cover (inspired by a Batman Annual cover by Trevor von Eeden) should be your first clue that you're in for something wholly different here. Annual is Man of Action and veteran comics writer Joe Casey's one man anthology featuring new and rarely seen work with his long time collaborators Jim Rugg, Nathan Fox and Luke Parker, including The Winternational, which previously appeared on the digital comics app Stela, as well as Modern Romance, a story drawn by Fox that appeared in Playboy’s 60th anniversary issue. 

Try it if you like - Island / Butcher Baker / Valhalla Mad 


Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Tom Mandrake
Publisher: Titan

Time for a quick history lesson. Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter started out way back in 1974 as a Hammer Films production. Orginally intended as a series of films that would follow the adventures of the title character and his companions, however the studio ended up shutting it's doors having only made the original. In the years since it's release it has gained a cult following, helping in no small part to it's tremendous mix of supernatural horror and swashbuckling action. It was adapted into comics once before in the guise of The House of Hammer series, but now over forty years later Titan Comics are picking up where the good Captain Kronos was last left, hunting Vampires. Now in the depths of Eastern Europe, the legendary Kronos, and his two assistants, Grost and Carla, are called upon to help rid a town of a blood sucking plague. However, beneath the surface of the beleaguered town a malevolent force far more evil and deadly is awakening and it's the greatest foe Kronos has ever faced. 

Try it if you like - The Witcher / Hellboy / Five Ghosts


Writer/Artist: Mathieu Bablet
Publisher: Titan

Whilst we love this iconic stylised cover from one of our favourite contemporary comics creators Brandon Graham, you really must take a peek at Mathieu Bablet's warm, textured and hauntingly beautiful interior pages, it's got the kind of visual wow to rival even the likes of Juanjo Guarnido!


This four issue post-apocalyptic miniseries is part of Titan Comics’ exciting line of translated comics, which brings the best of international comic books to a brand new audience. Previous titles include Snowpiercer, Elric and The Death of Stalin. Set after the age of humanity has ended, and now horrifying insect like aliens have claimed the earth for themselves, we follow Wayne, Jeremiah, and Soham, survivors of the devastating invasion, as they struggle trying to find a purpose that justifies their presence in a ruined world. They fight through the remains of human civilisation, constantly struggling to stay one step ahead of the bugs, but none of them suspects that they are part of a much larger plan, a plan that involves another, unknown, survivor!

Try it if you like - Walking Dead / Prophet / The Incal


Writer: Joe Caramagna
Artist: Lucas Usai & Gianfranco Florio
Publisher: IDW

With the brand new and charmingly brilliant Ducktales animated series gracing our televisions we couldn't be happier to see Donald and his Nephews back in the pages of our comics too. In this opening adventure the gang discover the chilling secrets of the lighthouse, then they visit a lab full to busting with  fantastic and crazy inventions designed to make life easier, but they soon discover some of these gadgets might just be deadly than designed.

Try it if you like - Mickey Mouse / Bone / Astrix


Writer: Alain Dodier, Pierre Makyo & Serge Le Tendre
Artist: Alain Dodier
Publisher: IDW

The adored french work finally gets an English translation. Continuing in the grand tradition of European Noir comics Jerome K Jerome Bloche titular character is a wannabe sleuth, by day Jérôme translates detective novels, while by night he's enrolled in Professor Maison's correspondence course for private eyes. It's only when fifteen people in Paris have been killed by poisoned darts that Jérôme gets his first case, capturing a flamboyant assassin who uses a blowgun. Unfortunately, things get off to a rocky start when the professor appears to be victim sixteen!  

Try it if you like - Blacksad / Tintin / The Killer


Writer/Artist: Kevin Sacco
Publisher: Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics) 

The first new work from Kevin Sacco since his critically acclaimed autobiographical graphic novel The Plane Story, Josephine is a visually arresting wordless Civil Rights era tale of a young boy with a complicated family life. At the heart of this narrative is the bond the boy shares with Josephine - until a sinister plot twist casts a dark shadow on their relationship.

Try it if you like - Fun Home /Berlin / Arab of The Future


Writer: Pete Toms
Artist: Aleks Sennwald
Publisher: Alternative

The latest Study Group production offering is, Short Con a loving and frankly hilarious pastiche of the tried and true detective genre. Lead character and legendary kid detective "Pops" Popowski prefers to work alone, but when she's saddled with a rookie partner named Mary Branwell, Pops won't stop until she discovers who offed Mary's parents, whether Branwell wants her to or not. 

Try it if you like - Hilda / Lumberjanes / Bandette


Writer: Donny Cates & Mark Reznicek
Artist: Geoff Shaw
Publisher: Image

God Country was a huge smash hit series for Image comics this year, with creators Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw seeming to most folks to have come from nowhere. BUT if back in 2013 you picked up the duos first foray into comics in the form of Buzzkill (at the time coming out through Dark Horse) you'd have seen that they made for an impressive pairing. Now hot off the back of their much deserved praise Image are releasing all of Buzzkill in a glorious new collection. It's a whip-smart superhero tale of alcohol abuse and self destruction, a high concept executed perfectly and told with a tonne of heart. The best creator owned superhero book since Kick-Ass.

Try it if you like - God Country / MPH / Kick Ass


  • ANIMAL NOIR TP - Zootopia by way of Blacksad. Animal Noir was one of the biggest and most delightful surprises of the year. 
  • BATMAN 66 MEETS STEED AND MRS PEEL TP - The TV Dynamic Duo of 1966 team up with the other 1960s Avengers in this lighthearted caper.
  • BATMAN 66 MEETS WONDER WOMAN 77 HC - A second helping of Batman 66 goodness this time with the the 70s TV Wonder Woman. 
  • BATMAN THE MURDER MACHINE #1 (METAL) - Frank Tieri and Ricardo Federici unleash more creatures of the Dark Multiverse on us. In this second Batman Metal One Shot the Justice League must now face against a twisted and warped version of Cyborg. 
  • BERNIE WRIGHTSON ART & DESIGNS FOR GANG OF 7 ANIMATORS HC - A collection of the late, great Bernie Wrightson's extensive design work for the Gang of Seven Animation Studio.
  • CORTO MALTESE GN FABLE OF VENICE - Hugo Pratt offers a complex mystery thriller involving Freemasons, occultists, and esotericists set during the rise of Fascism in 1921.
  • GENERATIONS CAPTAIN AMERICAS #1 - A Steve and Sam team up with Bucky to face a world ending threat.
  • GENERATIONS MORALES & PARKER SPIDER-MAN #1 - The amazing Ramon K. Perez drawing a double helping of Spidey, written by Brian Michael Bendis.
  • HADRIANS WALL TP - The full eight issue run of Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel and Rod Reis comic love letter to Blade Runner, Outland, and Aliens
  • HEROINES TP VOL 01 - Ted Naifeh's alternative take on the superhero genre. 
  • RAT QUEENS SPECIAL ORC DAVE ONE SHOT - Fan favourite - Orc Dave - gets his time to shine in this one shot. 
  • ROYAL CITY TP VOL 01 - Jeff Lemire's latest solo project for fans of his work on Essex County, Sweet Tooth and The Underwater Welder
  • SEX CRIMINALS TP VOL 04 FOURGY - Everybody's favourite sex-having, time-freezing, bank-robbing crew of lovable misfits are back.
  • WALKING DEAD TP VOL 28 - The long awaited next collection of Adlard and Kirkman's zombie drama. 

Until next time and the first Gosh! authority of October, the spookiest month of the year!

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