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Prior to his appearance at Safari Festival, cartoonist Charles Forsman will be here on Wednesday August 9th from 7.30-9pm to talk about his career, his work with Bergen Street Press, and the upcoming Channel 4/Netflix show adapting his book, The End of the F**king World. Also in attendance for a panel discussion on the making of the TEOTFW show will be show's writer Charlie Covell and director Jonathan Entwhistle! Follow the Facebook event for all the latest updates. 

The Safari Festival is the brainchild of Breakdown Press, intended as a showcase for new waves in contemporary comics and art. Charles is in town for the festival, and will be there along with a host of exceptional talent from 11am-6pm on Saturday the 12th August. You can find more details here.

Speaking of Safari Festival and Breakdown Press, Gosh! will be playing host to the pre-festival party and we will be launching not one, not two, but FOUR new titles on the evening. Liam Cobb, Antoine Cossé, Shaky Kane and Richard Short will be here to toast the launch of their respective new books on Friday, 11th August, 7-9pm!

To add to the evenings festivities we'll also be releasing our next two exclusive signed bookplate editions. First up is this beautiful black and white, moody piece by Antoine Cossé to go with his latest graphic novel Showtime.  

And with every copy of Shaky Kane's Good News Bible, get one of these technicolor marvels! Pre-orders for both of these editions are now live in our online store! You can even arrange in store collection this way.  


So come on down and have a drink to celebrate the release of these great new titles, and help see in Safari 2017. If you can't make it, but fancy getting a signed book, drop us an email to to arrange a reservation or mail order.  

Then at the end of the month it’s time once again for the Gosh! and Broken Frontier Drink & Draw! Hopefully everyone will be feeling rightly inspired post Safari Festival! We've gathered some great artists to help channel that creative spirit. Sabrina ScottWai Wai Pang and Zoe Taylor will be joining us on Tuesday August 29th for a few drinks and a whole load of drawing. 

Now lets take a little look ahead at some events we've only just announced. 

Katherina Manolessou will be here to launch her new Frances Lincoln picture book - Look For Ladybird in Plant City - on Friday the 1st of September between 7 and 9pm! The first in a series of search-and-find books by Katherina, Look For Ladybird in Plant City (or LFLIPC, as the cool kids like to say), is a beautifully illustrated barrel of fun. The intricately detailed double page spreads provide kids with hours of detective work as they try to track down Ladybird, and sight gags abound amidst the lush illustrative work, adding another layer of enjoyment.

Then on Thursday, September 7th from 7-9pm we're back with our latest Let’s Talk Intersectionality: Resistance in Comics. Our guest is Sofia Niazi, co-founder of OOMK zine and DIY Cultures Fair.

Dilraj Mann will be here to launch his long-awaited Nobrow graphic novel Dalston Monsterzz on Friday the 15th of September with a 7-9pm run time. 

And lastly the wonderful Alexis Deacon will be here on Friday September 29th from 7 til 9pm, to celebrate the release of his new Nobrow graphic novel (and sequel to one of our favourite books of last year) Geis: A Game Without Rules!

If you can't make it to any of our upcoming events but would like a signed book then just drop us an email to to arrange a reservation or a mail order.

Oh and don't forget our number has changed. You can now reach us on - 020 7437 0187 - for all of your enquirers


Tom King
Artist: Mitch Gerards
Publisher: DC

A brand new limited series from Mitch Gerards and Tom King, the creative team behind the critically acclaimed Vertigo series The Sheriff of Babylon. King has been making waves with his Hugo Award-nominated Vision series as well as taking over the helm on Batman from Scott Snyder. Gerards has been impressing us for years, first with his work on The Activity, then with his run on Marvel's Punisher. This unique new take on one of Jack Kirby's most beloved New Gods couldn't be in better hands, we are beyond excited for this book. Scott Free is the greatest escape artist that ever lived. He escaped Granny Goodness' gruesome orphanage and the dangers of Apokolips to travel across galaxies and set up a new life on Earth with his wife, the former female fury known as Big Barda. Using the stage alter ego of Mister Miracle, he has made a career for himself showing off his acrobatic escape techniques. But now he faces the ultimate challenge, can he master one last trick? Can he escape death?

Try it if you like: Vision / Young Animal / All Star Superman

Jordie Bellaire & Vanesa Del Rey
Publisher: Image

2017 has been a fantastic year for new horror series with The Belfry, Anno Dracula, Regression and Slasher all blowing us away. But having read issue one, Redlands might just be the best of the bunch. Jodie Bellaire best known for her Eisner Award winning colour artwork showcases just how talented of a writer she is. Bellaire's co-creator on Redlands is critically acclaimed artist Vanesa R. Del Rey, and they both want to welcome you to the sleepy, sunny town of Redlands, Florida. The police are failing to maintain control of their old fashioned town, and a coven of killer witches plan to take everything from them. If you liked Scott Snyder's writing on The Wake or Wytches or miss Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's Locke & Key then you should be picking this one up. 

Try it if you like: The Craft / Wytches / Locke & Key

Michael Dante Dimartino
Artist: Irene Koh
Publisher: Dark Horse

Written by series co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino and with consultation from the other co-creator, Bryan Konietzko, Turf War is the official continuation of much loved The Legend of Korra series! Illustrated by Irene Koh, who you may know from Secret Origins: Batgirl, Afrina and The Glass Coffin, the series retains is charming visual style. Relishing their new relationship, Korra and Asami leave the spirit world but find nothing in Republic City but political high jinks and human vs. spirit conflict. A pompous developer plans to turn the new spirit portal into an amusement park, potentially severing an already tumultuous connection with the spirits. What's more, the triads have realigned and are in a brutal all out brawl at the city's borders where hundreds of evacuees have relocated!

Try it if you like: Amulet / The Nameless City / Lumberjanes

Writer & Artist: 
Kim Dwinell
Publisher: Top Shelf

Kim Dwinell makes a confident and impressive impression with her debut graphic novel Surfside. Set in the titular coastal town of Surfside, things are starting to get weird. Lately, Samantha's best friend Jade has been exploding into fits of giggles whenever she sees a boy, and it's throwing a wrench into the laid back summer of surfing and hanging out that Sam had envisioned. But after swimming through a secret underwater cave, Sam starts to see things, see things she's never seen before, things like ghosts and pirates. This is a charming and fun addition to our constantly expanding young adult section. If you, or someone you know has already read all of Lumberjanes, gone cover to cover on Nimona or just can't wait for the next volume of Amulet then this should be added to your reading list. 

Try it if you like: This One Summer / Smile / Friends with Boys

Masamune Shirow & Iou Kuroda
Artist: Iou Kuroda
Publisher: Kodansha

A prequel to the massively popular cyberpunk franchise Appleseed from the creator of The Ghost in the Shell Shirow Masamune. Taking place in the 22nd century, New York City has become a war torn city ruled by warlords and a giant robot mayor, who despite his three piece suit is just as corrupt as the warlords. Whilst surviving in this urban war-zone Deunan and her cyborg lover Briareos stumble across two citizens of a now legendary utopia. It falls to them to guard what could be humanity's last, best chance to rebuild. 

Try it if you like: Pluto / 20th Century Boys / Ghost In The Shell

Si Spurrier
Artist: Daniel HDR
Publisher: Dynamite

Writer Si Spurrier of X-Men: Legacy, The Spire and most recently Godshaper fame teams up with and ex Superman and Cyborg artist Daniel HDR to bring the 1930's pulp icon into the modern day. Spurrier and HDR tell a tale full of deadly intrigue and gun-blazing action. For the better part of a century the Shadow's sinister laughter brought the chill of fear to evil doers - but in our modern times, the streets of Manhattan have gone largely silent. But he has not been forgotten by the people he's saved. Mary Jerez still remembers The Shadow so when a horribly burnt man arrives under her care as a resident at the hospital she can't shake the feeling that she knows who he is. Can it be that this mysterious man is actually the Shadow? With Mary's help, could evil doers again know what it means to fear The Shadows terrible justice?

Try it if you like: The Spire / Batman Shadow / Green Hornet

Christopher Priest & Ryan North
Artist: Phil Noto & Gustavo Duarte
Publisher: Marvel

Set in the early days of the Boltagon legacy before Black Bolt became king of his people. Christopher Priest's story see's a young and reckless Black Bolt and his mad brother Maximus leap head first into danger to save their current leader. Each issue of this mini series will also feature a two page backup starring the most loyal Inhuman, Lockjaw, as told by Unbeatable Squirrel Girl scribe Ryan North.

Try it if you like: Uncanny Avengers / Black Bolt / Pet Avengers

Writer & Artist:
Howard Chaykin
Publisher: DC

Jack Kirby's two wartime kid gangs share their first adventure together in this double sized tale written and illustrated by Howard Chaykin. When the Boy Commandos arrive in New York on the trail of a secret Axis agent, they're seen as turf invaders by the crime fighting Newsboys! The kids need to put aside their rivalry and join forces to protect the home front! This issue also includes the story Turn on the Heat written and illustrated by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby which originally ran in Star Spangled Comics #27.

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  • ALIEN VS PREDATOR LIFE AND DEATH TP - Sci-Fi writing legend Dan Abnett adds his own flavour to the Aliens VS Predator series.
  • BEHAVING MADLY HC -  Behaving Madly presents 200 pages of never reprinted material by some of Mad's biggest names - Bill Elder, Jack Davis, Joe Maneely, Jack Kirby, Joe Kubert, Russ Heath, Steve Ditko, Lee Elias, and many others.
  • GENERATIONS PHOENIX & JEAN GREY #1 - Teenage Jean Grey is confronted with a terrifying glimpse of her possible future as she meets the Phoenix force. 
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA TP VOL 01 -  Brilliant writer Steve Orlando along with a host of stellar artists bring us this revamped and dynamically different take on the JLA. 
  • KILL OR BE KILLED TP VOL 02 - Crime comics powerhouse duo Brubaker and Phillips' bestselling series goes from strength to strength with it's second volume.
  • ROCKET RACCOON GROUNDED TP - Gosh! fave Matthew Rosenberg penned Rocket adventure that sees the wise cracking Raccoon go toe to toe against Kraven The Hunter!
  • SUPER POWERS TP VOL 01 - A new all-ages tale of DC's trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, but how will the trio fair when they are pitted against Darkseid AND Apokolips!

Until next time, mes amis!

Andrew & Shaun