We're Hiring!

We’re hiring!

It’s with heavy hearts that we bid a fond farewell to Steve, our front counter mainstay for these past 7 years, who’s off to Ireland for new adventures. But on the positive side for one happy soul, that means we’ve got a rare full-time position opening up (after a little internal reshuffle) as Assistant to the Events Manager!

It’s a dynamic role with a varied, interesting workload, including basic design work and copy writing, as well as responding to the daily needs of working in a busy specialist retail environment. There will also be opportunities to work with the owners in developing and executing new initiatives and projects, and we’re always interested in exploring new ideas based on the successful applicant’s strengths and passions.

The role is a demanding one, requiring some level of design skill, a good head for logistics, a commitment to an excellent level of customer service, good comics knowledge, and the ability to think on your feet, applying initiative and common sense when necessary. Full training will be given in the systems in use within the shop, though a reasonable level of computer literacy is desirable, particularly in Adobe Creative Suite. 

The position is full-time and permanent, and it is expected that the successful applicant will be working full weekends for the forseeable future with two days off during the week.

With a 30+year track record in the industry, we pride ourselves on being a must-visit destination. Comics are our first and foremost passion, and we strive to bring the medium to devoted fans and curious newcomers alike.

We will be taking applications from now until 12pm, Friday 1st September. If you’re interested, please send us your CV and a cover letter to introduce yourself and explain a little about why you’d like to work with us.

All applications should be made via email to info@goshlondon.com.

Good luck!

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