The Gosh! Authority 16.08.17


Steve is leaving! Sad but true, folks. Our Steve is leaving for the Emerald Isle, so we've a rare full-time, permanent position available! So get some spit and polish on that CV, and follow THIS LINK for more details.

Last Wednesday we had the good fortune to have Charles Forsman and Jonathan Entwhistle here to talk about Chuck's career and their collaboration on the upcoming End of the Fucking World tv show. It was a fascinating talk, so big thanks to Chuck, Bergen Street Press and Safari Festival for making it happen!

And speaking of Safari, Friday night saw us hosting the festival pre-party, launching The Good News Bible by Shaky Kane, Showtime by Antoine Cossé, Klaus #3 by Richard Short and Conditioner by Liam Cobb. It was a great warm-up for the festival the next day, and more details on all those titles can be found in this week's highlights below!


: Shaky Kane
Publisher: Breakdown Press

Never-before collected, the one and only Shaky Kane's work from the pages of Deadline Magazine are at last compiled into a beautiful paperback edition, produced with the care that the Breakdown Press gang are known for. It's a hefty slice of British comics history that any self-respecting aficionado should own, and a fascinating insight into the creative development of one of the UK's most continually exciting talents. 

Shaky has done us an exclusive bookplate, limited to 200 copies, that can be ordered now through our online store.

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: Antoine Cossé
Publisher: Breakdown Press

The story of a world-famous magician known only as 'M' which blurs the lines between what is real and what is a trick. His complex narrative draws on recent lines of public intellectual enquiry into the power of collective memory, how myth and fable can be used to construct identity, and whether individual psychology can ever effect objective reality.

Antoine has done us a special limited edition bookplate for the book which can be ordered from our online store.

Try it if you like - Mutiny Bay / Picnoleptic Inertia / Satoshi Kon's Opus

: Richard Short
Publisher: Breakdown Press

Master of wry humour and gentle tragedy Richard Short brings us the third issue of Klaus Magazine, this time around a portmanteau of 4-panel strips combining into a feature-length narrative entitled It's A Lush Life, Klaus. As if that weren't enough on it's own, a collection of guest artists also contribute strips, including Anna Haifisch & Lando.

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: Liam Cobb
Publisher: Breakdown Press

The Risograph follow-up to his ELCAF award-winning book Shampoo, Cobb's latest book is a collection of short pieces exploring surreal intersections of architecture and the wild.

Try it if you like - Gardens of Glass / Katsuhiro Otomo's Memories / The Incal

ContributorsJon Chandler, Anya Davidson, Lando, Benjamin Marra, Sammy Harkham, Joey Holder, Alan Jefferson, Phillip Serfaty & others
Publisher: Breakdown Press

A tribute to classic sci-fi/fantasy anthologies such as 200AD and Heavy Metal, Berserker is the work of an international roster of talent that showcases just how far genre comics can go. 

Try it if you like - Heavy Metal / 2000AD / COPRA

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo
Publisher: DC

There is a huge amount of anticipation for Dark Nights: Metal and rightly so. Not only is it the first major DC Comics event since the start of the Rebirth era, but it also sees the reunion of the superstar Bat-team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Dark Days: The Forge and The Casting hinted at dark corners of reality in the DCU that have never been seen till now and as Dark Nights: Metal begins, the Dark Multiverse is revealed in all its devastating danger. 

Try it if you like - All Star Batman / Multiversity / Justice League

: Mimi Pond
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly

A sequel to former Simpsons scribe Pond's wonderful memoir Over Easy. Madge is  waitressing her way through a vividly brought to life 1970's Oakland, California, filled with curious characters. Comedic and compelling, Pond's masterful hand with characters really brings her cast of rogues, misfits and oddballs to life in what is looking to be one of our books of the year.

Try it if you like - Over Easy / Lynda Barry / Carol Lay

: Rich Tommaso
Publisher: Image

Tommaso was recently at the centre of a flurry of attention for his comments about the order levels on this comic, and the struggles he faced in his professional career. Which is all a bit of a shame, because for our money this looks like the best thing he's done yet. Adopting a beautiful, Tintinesque ligne claire style, Tommaso's world of anthropomorphic espionage looks like a lot of fun.

Try it if you like - Tintin / Usagi Yojimbo / James Bond

: John Hankiewicz
Publisher: Fantagraphics

From the Fantagraphics Underground imprint (direct market exclusive and extremely limited) comes the latest work from the Ohio-based Hankiewicz. A surreal stream of consciousness that loosely revolves around a young teacher's life but leads us on a fascinating, sometimes unsettling journey of imagery and transition. 

Try it if you like: Here / Twin Peaks / King of Flies


  • ANGEL CITY TP TOWN WITHOUT PITY - A hard-boiled 1930s noir with a twist, the only femme fatale you'll see here is the one investigating the murders.
  • DEAD INSIDE TP VOL 01 - BPRD scribe John Arcudi teams with artist Toni Fejzula for this dark crime thriller where the suspect is already behind bars.
  • GENIUS CARTEL #1 (OF 5) - Winner of Top Cow's Pilot Season, Genius returns for a brand new series with a brand new artist, the brilliant Rosi Kampe.
  • HERCULES WRATH OF THE HEAVENS #1 - Titan comics presents this sci-fi retelling of the legend of Hercules. 
  • I AM A HERO OMNIBUS TP VOL 04 - Kengo Hanazawa's zombie infested Shogakukan Manga Award winning series takes a dark turn.  
  • MAGE HERO DENIED #1 - Picking up where the zero issue left off, Kevin Matchstick continues his hero's journey.
  • SANDMAN SPECIAL #1 - Another Kirby centenary one-shot starring his 70s take on the Master of Nightmares.
  • SH*T MY PRESIDENT SAYS: THE ILLUSTRATED TWEETS OF DONALD TRUMP HC - Too Much Coffee Man's Shannon Wheeler turns his satirical eye to the social media stream of the USA's Commander in Chief Funny? Terrifying? You decide!
  • SIXPACK & DOGWELDER: HARD TRAVELIN HEROZ TP - Garth Ennis hits the highway with the Section 8 crew.
  • TEEN TITANS EARTH ONE TP VOL 02 - The continuation of Jeff Lemire's excellent take on DC's top teen team. 
  • ULTIMATES 2 #100 - It's a bumper-sized issue to celebrate the 100th issue of The Ultimates (if you were to hammer all the various series together).
  • YOUR NAME VOL 01 - The body-switching box office hit anime film gets a three volume manga adaptation.

See you next week!

Andrew & Shaun.