The Gosh! Authority 12.07.17


A couple of exciting upcoming events announced this week! First up, in association with the good folks of Bergen Street Press and Safari Festival, we've got Charles Forsman here for a panel discussion on the 9th of August! Charles will be discussing his career and work, and also chatting with writer Charlie Covell and director Jonathan Entwhistle about their adaptation of his graphic novel The End of the F***ing World (edited for your work filter's pleasure). Details here.

And then on the 8th September, we'll be hosting the one and only Tom Gauld for the release of his new strip compilation Baking With Kafka. There will be the usual drinks and chit chat, and we'll also be debuting our exclusive bookplate edition!

Our next Gosh / Broken Frontier Drink and Draw is next Tuesday, July 18th! We've got Sam Baldwin, Grace Helmer and Jayde Perkin along to lead the way, so meet here at 6.30pm before heading over to the Coach & Horses pub for an evening of drinks and draws!

Small Press Day occurred last Saturday amidst the general Soho craziness of the Pride parade. We had a terrific line-up of small press creators giving advice and inspiration to aspiring writers and artists, and the shop was buzzing all day long.

Then in the evening, Andy Oliver unveiled the Broken Frontier Small Press Yearbook 2017, featuring a great line-up of talent, including Rebecca Bagley, Kim Clements, Jey Levang, John Riordan and Ellice Weaver. The shop was jam-packed, and a festive time was had by all!


Palookaville 23 HC
Writer / Artist:
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly

The latest volume of Seth's award winning series, containing - after 20 years of serialization - the concluding chapter of Clyde Fans! The latest episode of his memoir Nothing Lasts makes up the rest of the hardcover volume, following the author through the last innocence of late childhood and into the fraught emotional minefields of high school, where years of secret crushes, social awkwardness and copious amounts of brooding await.

Try it if you like: Acme Novelty Library / Optic Nerve / Chester Brown

Pigs Might Fly SC
WriterNick Abadzis
ArtistJerel Dye
Publisher: First Second

Gosh fave Nick Abadzis is a happy new addition to our shelves this week, writing a brand new YA graphic novel about anthropomorphic aviators in a fantasy world. Our porcine pilots battle against evil warthog foes, who possess more advanced aircraft with which to wage war. But young inventor Lily Fatchops has in secret created an all-new kind of plane that might just be the key to her people's salvation in their battle against these sky-swine. Ably assisted by artist Jerel Dye, this looks like a whole lot of fun, and we're definitely on board. Nick has just launched his lovely new site. Head on over for a look at all of his stellar work, both as a writer and artist!

Try it if you like: Laika / Castle in the Sky / Porco Rosso

Mage Hero Denied #0
Matt Wagner
Publisher: Image

Originally published in 1984-1986 by Comico, Mage: The Hero Discovered was intended as the first book in a trilogy: a contemporary retelling of Arthurian myth through the lens of the superhero. The second book, The Hero Defined, was 11 years in the making (and rights wrangling), finally seeing the light of day in 1997 thanks to Image Comics. And now, 20 years later, Image is once again the home to the long-awaited final chapter of Matt Wagner's most epic yet personal work: The Hero Denied. This special "half issue" is a bridging story between books two and three, and if you've never delved into this world before it comes with our highest recommendation. And never fear: Image are also releasing the first two chapters in all new paperback editions in time for new readers to catch up!

Try it if you like: Hellblazer / Birthright / Hellboy

The Park Bench SC
: Chabouté
Publisher: Faber & Faber

Alone GN
Publisher: G13

Works by French artist Chabouté are like busses: you wait ages for one and then three come (almost) at once. In addition to the recent Dark Horse edition of Moby Dick, this week sees the release of two new titles. In The Park Bench, a community is encountered through the eponymous object. We see people come and go, their lives intersecting with an ordinary park bench for just a moment, revealing the range of extraordinary experiences that revolve around something so commonplace. Then, in Alone, a solitary figure who lives in an isolated lighthouse is forced into contact by an inquisitive deliveryman who wants to know more about this mysterious figure.

Try it if you like: Streak of Chalk / The System / Ruins

Calexit #1
Matt Pizzolo
ArtistAmancay Nahuelpan
Publisher: Black Mask

Always worth trying out new titles from Black Mask, especially when it involves the creative team behind the excellent Young Terrorists. In a completely improbable scenario, the USA elects a president who endorses facist viewpoints, ignores the rule of law, and runs roughshod over ethics and morality to consolidate his grip on power. In this ridiculous fantasy that could never possibly happen, the state of California secedes, unwilling to stand for this utterly delusional, fictional state of affairs. What unfolds is a take-no-prisoners, politically charged tale of a dis-United States of America that just might seem a little far fetched, unless you've turned on a television in the last 6 months or so.

Try it if you like: Donald Trump / Vladimir Putin / Kim Jong Un

Last Song #1
Holly Interlandi
ArtistSally Cantirino
Publisher: Black Mask

With Black Mask's eye for talent, we're excited to check this book from newcomers Interlandi and Cantirino out. The series of four oversized issues follows the trajectory of a band from the clubs of LA in the 80's to international stardom, and the often damaging effects of fame and fortune on its members.

Try it if you like: Demo / Phonogram / Local

Lead Poisoning Pencil Art of Geof Darrow HC
Geof Darrow
Publisher: Dark Horse

A collection of pencil work by the master of insane detail, from cover images to unseen work from his sketchbooks. Each image in this oversized hardcover comes with a commentary, giving the reader insight into Darrow's working process, and the genesis of some of his most famous works.

Try it if you like: Uhh...Geoff Darrow?



  • American Way: Those Above and Below #1 - The return of Academy Award winning writer John Ridley's alternate history superhero tale.
  • Art of Splatoon HC - A showcase of concept art from the gorgeous Nintendo paint-ball shooter.
  • Centipede #1 - The Atari video game, re-imagined as the kind of post-apocalyptic tale you used to create for yourself based on video game box art. Y'know - giant insects, battle for survival, etc.
  • Dark Days: The Casting #1 - The lead-in to DC's big summer event continues, following on from Dark Days: The Forge.
  • Groo Play of Gods #1 - Everybody's favourite comedic murderous barbarian is back, and still excellent, by the way!
  • Hulk TP 01 Deconstructed - The first collection of Mariko Tamaki's She-Hulk led series.
  • Immortal #1 - A new fantasy series drawn by Rat Queens artist Owen Gieni.
  • Kaiujumax Season 3 #1 - The new season of imprisoned monster madness!
  • Mage TP Book 01 The Hero Discovered - Collecting the first story arc of Matt Wagner's classic series.
  • Midnighter : The Complete Wildstorm Series TP - Collecting the complete Wildstorm solo series.
  • Romulus TP 01 - For fans of Lazarus, Velvet and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Romulus is a terrific thriller built around a world of conspiraciers and betryals. 
  • Shade The Changing Girl TP 01 - Collecting the first story arc of the brilliant Young Animal series by Cecil Castellucci and Marley Zarcone.
  • Spider-Men II #1 - Peter Parker and Miles Morales team up again to ask a question: who is the OTHER Miles Morales? Who? Who?? WHOOOO???
  • Tales of The Batman Gerry Conway HC - The latest creator focused Batman offering from DC. Gerry Conway takes the spotlight this time out with a whole heap of his Caped Crusader stories collected together, including the excellent first issue of Man-Bat! 
  • Tex Patagonia HC - Italy's most famous comic cowboy travels south to Argentina to help out a friend in need. As previewed in the FCBD sample!
  • Tinkers of The Wasteland #1 - A group of post-apocalyptic orphans (the titular Tinkers) race across a ravaged wasteland to find a fabled bunker, while a fierce drag queen hordes the new world's most treasured possession: chickens.


The wonderful folks at the Cartoon Museum have announced their summer comics workshops for kids, so if you're looking for holiday activities for the little ones, be sure to check them out!


Andrew & Shaun