The Gosh! Authority 02.08.17


Let's begin this week with some oh so exciting shop admin: due to a dull behind the scenes telecommunications shuffle, as of August 1st our phone number will be changing to 020 7437 0187. So make sure to update your contacts, add us to your speed dial, and please do use a flattering photo of us for your caller I.D. 

Prior to his appearance at Safari Festival, cartoonist Charles Forsman will be joining us in store on Wednesday, August 9th from 7.30-9pm to talk about his career, his work with Bergen Street Press, and the upcoming Channel 4/Netflix adaptation of his book, The End of the Fu**ing World. The shows writer, Charlie Covell and director Jonathan Entwhistle will also be in attendees to go in depth about the shows development. 

As mentioned last week we have a MASSIVE launch night ahead of us in August. In association with both Safari Festival and Breakdown Press, Gosh! will be launching not one, not two, but FOUR brand new titles from the London based publisher. Liam Cobb, Antoine Cossé, Shaky Kane and Richard Short will be here to toast the launch of their new books on Friday, 11th August, 7-9pm! You can grab all the details here or join the Facebook event page here. To add to the evenings festivities we'll also be releasing our next two exclusive signed bookplate editions. Pre-orders for both of which are live in our online store, alternatively to reserve a copy then send us a request to 

And in case you missed it, we've announced two brilliant Gosh Exclusive Bookplate Editions available now for pre-order!

First up, Extremity Vol 1 TP by Daniel Warren Johnson! Extremity has been one of our favourite new series of 2017, so we're thrilled that Daniel has been kind enough to do us a beautiful watercolour illustration for our plate.

Limited to 200 signed & numbered copies, the book is due for release on 6th September. You can pre-order now for pick up or collection on our online store (or drop us a line if you'd like it added to your standing order).

And Tillie Walden's eagerly awaited new book, Spinning, is due out from SelfMadeHero on 12th September, available from us with a beautiful, dynamic signed and numbered bookplate.

Tillie is one of the most exciting new talents working in comics today, and this new memoir about her time immersed in the world of figure skating is her most personal work yet. Pre-order online now for mail order or collection, or email for an s/o reservation. 


Writer/Artist: Jiro Taniguchi
Publisher: Fanfare/Ponent Mon

The latest offering from six-time Eisner Award nominee Jiro Taniguchi. Furari sees the influential manga artist return with an insightful and frankly delightful tale of life in a Japan long since forgotten. Inspired in part by Tadataka Ino, Taniguchi weaves this historical figure into his unnamed protagonist who strolls through the various districts of Edo, the ancient Tokyo. Taniguchi reveals this world to us in such vivid and full graphic detail that you can almost smell and hear it. As big fans of Taniguchi's The Walking Man it was inevitable that we would adore Furari. 

Try it if you like: Summit of the Gods / Showa / Satohsi Kon: Opus

Writer: Thibault Damour
Artist: Mathieu Burniat
Translator: Sarah-Louise Raillard
Publisher: Particular Books

A beautifully produced hardcover edition of Damour & Burniat's bestselling French graphic novel. The book follows the story of explorers Bob and Rick (his faithful canine companion) as they try to unravel the secrets of the quantum universe while skipping through time and space to converse with the likes of Planck, Einstein, Heisenberg and many more. Damour - a physicist by trade - breaks down what can be brain-twistingly difficult concepts into clear, introductory beats, ably assisted by Burniat's lush illustration. A must-read for anyone wanting to gain a clear layman's understanding of basic quantum concepts, presented with a good dollop of humour to ease the way.

Try it if you like: The Cartoon History of the Universe / Feynman / Logicomix

Writer/Artist: Kate Evans
Publisher: Verso

Before it was broken down, the refugee camp at Calais, dubbed "The Jungle" was one of the most egregious examples of the treatment of the refugees fleeing into Europe in the wake of increased conflicts in the Middle East, particularly in Syria. A squalid sprawl of tents, makeshift shacks and shipping containers, the camp became a kind of open-air prison for its inhabitants, most of whom were waiting for any chance they could get to make their way to the UK. Evans, creator of the acclaimed Rosa Luxemburg biography Red Rosa, went to Calais, sketchbook in hand, to record the stories of the Jungle's inhabitants. She wanted to document the day-to-day lives of its inhabitants, and also tell their stories as more than just numbers, or some kind of looming menace, but as human beings with their own vocations, hopes and dreams. This book is the result, and it's an important, must read work to combat the politicised scapegoating and vilification that these people - fleeing from war and terror to make a better life for themselves and their families - have become subject to.

Try it if you like: World War III Illustrated / Red Rosa / Persepolis


WriterKyle Starks
Publisher: Oni Press

An uncommonly fun-sounding adaptation of a tabletop game (largely because of the involvement of Sexcastle creator Starks), drawing from the game's eclectic cast of characters to bring us the story of Sparky, the faithful zombie-killing dog. As his human companions scavenge for supplies, Sparky must hold off the ravening hordes of the undead in a story that has been described as The Walking Dead meets Air Bud. 

 Try it if you like: Air Bud / The Walking Dead / Dogs

WriterJay Faerber
ArtistSumeyye Kesgin & Ron Riley
Publisher: Image

Given recent headlines about unearthed (and fake as it turns out) photos of Amelia Earhart showing she apparently survived her final trans-Pacific flight, this series is a timely arrival. Because everyone knows that Amelia Earhart, trailblazing aviator, was actually sucked through an inter-dimensional portal into a world of flying monsters and alien civilisations. Thrill as Amelia tries (and presumably fails - spoilers) to find her way back to our world while navigating the dangers of her new one, and falls in with a band of freedom fighters attempting to overthrow an evil warlord.

Try it if you like: Saga / Reborn / Amelia Earhart

WriterEric Powell & Brendon Small
ArtistSteve Mannion & Jason Moore
Publisher: Albatross Funnybooks

Goon creator Powell and Metalocalypse creator Small (along with artists Mannion & Moore) create a companion piece to Small's 2012 cosmic metal album Galaktikon. It's an over the top space adventure as Triton, our intergalactic hero, struggles to come to terms with a messy divorce while presumably contending with (checking the tracklist) the Prophecy of the Lazerwitch. The Arena War of the Immortal Masters, Truth Orb and the Kill Pool and of course, Deathwaltz. But don't quote me on that.

Try it if you like: Space Riders / Prophet / Godland

Writer/ArtistNatasha Alterici
Publisher: Vault

After some spotty distribution on the single issues we're very happy to at last have a collection of Alterici's acclaimed viking tale on the shelves! Aydis is an outcast from her people, a warrior and self-proclaimed heathen, who rescues the Valkyrie Brynhild and is drawn into a world of monsters and myths. But more than just a gender swap of a familiar tale, Aydis' story is also that of a lesbian woman in a time of oppression and intolerance, who carves her own path across a desolate wilderness. Brilliant politically charged dark fantasy.

Try it if you like: Bitch Planet / Mezolith / Vinland Saga

WriterBill Willingham
ArtistMark Dos Santos
Publisher: Devils Due / 1First Comics

A new creator-owned fantasy series from Fables creator Willingham! Lark is a runaway living rough on the streets of LA, when suddenly she's transported to an alien world of swords, dragons and magic, where everyone wants her dead. The series looks to have a playful, light tone, assisted by Dos Santos' clean, Disney-influenced art. While it's initial run will be a 7 issue limited series, Willingham seems committed to doing more with that cast of characters, so worth giving it a crack!

Try it if you like: Fables / Ladycastle / Tellos

Writer: Greg Pak
ArtistTakeshi Miyazawa
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Pak (who seems to everywhere at the moment!) and Miyazawa reunite for some mecha-fun in this new sci-fi series. Once a year giant robots descend to Earth and bond with the young pilots of the elite Sky Corps Academy, in order to join in battle against the evil alien invaders called the Sharg. But this time a robot goes slightly off-course and picks academy janitor Stanford Yu. How will the young, untrained Yu fare when they come face to face with the enemy? Pick up the book!

Try it if you like: Neon Genesis Evangelion / The Last Starfighter / Pacific Rim

WriterTim Daniel
ArtistMichael Kennedy
Publisher: Vault

Another promising-looking entry from Vault Comics. In the not-too distant future, "automated confinement" becomes the punishment of choice for serious criminals: their consciousness transferred into labour robots for the term of their sentence. Champion fighter Kinju Dayal is one such prisoner, convicted of murder and duly sentenced. But her consciousnesses is hijacked by an organised crime boss, and diverted to a robot which is unshackled from it restraints. Now, against all plans for her, Kinju seeks freedom, fleeing from ruthless Marshal Rueben Reveles and his posse of enhanced deputies.  

Try it if you like: Appleseed / Lazarus / Last Man


  • ADVENTURE TIME REGULAR SHOW #1 - It's a crossover for the ages in this mash-up of two of our favorite Cartoon Network shows!
  • ALL TIME COMICS BLIND JUSTICE #1 - Josh Bayer's outrageous Fantagraphics superhero universe continues, with Rich Buckler and Al Milgrom on art duties!
  • CINEGEEK HC - An illustarted encyclopedia of fun little trivia tidbits about popular films.
  • CLOUD STORIES GN - The first new collection of comics by Red Eye, Black Eye author K. Thor Jensen in ten years. Slapstick comedy, creeping horror and otherworldly fantasy all drawn in a staggering array of visual styles. 
  • GARY GIANNI MONSTERMEN & OTHER SCARY STORIES TP - A gorgeous and frankly bizzare horror series finally collected in its entirety and featuring work from Robert E. Howard and William Hope Hodgson.
  • GENERATIONS BANNER HULK & TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #1 - Banner and Cho finally meet face to face as Greg Pak and Matteo Buffagni find out who's the strangest Hulk of all. 
  • GHOST STATION ZERO #1 (OF 4) - The latest action spy comic in the Codename Baboushka series from Atomic Blonde creator Antony Johnston.
  • GOD COUNTRY TP - Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw deliver a knockout punch of a one-off story about talking swords, cosmic gods, age, dementia and the ultimate value of family.
  • LOBSTER JOHNSON MANGEKYO ONE SHOT - Crimson Lotus VS Lobster Johnson is this pulp one shot!
  • LOVE & ROCKETS MAGAZINE #3 - You couldn't set your watch by it's release but it's always the best of times when we get new Love and Rockets !
  • NEW GODS SPECIAL #1 - The Walter Simonson back up is worth the price of admission alone. 
  • REBORN HC - A lovely hardcover collection of Mark Millar & Greg Capullo's fantasy saga.
  • PAPER GIRLS TP VOL 03 - The other smash hit comic series from Saga writer BKV lands with it's long awaited third trade. 
  • SLAM TP VOL 01 - A heartwarming and breaking young adult tale of Roller Derby Girls. It's Whip It meets Giant Days. 
  • UNFOLLOW TP VOL 03 - One of the best Vertigo series in years wraps up with this it's final volume. A HBO show waiting to happen. Read it now and get ahead of the curve. 

Until next time.

Andrew & Shaun.