The Gosh! Authority 26.07.17


We have a HUGE launch night ahead of us, in association with Safari Festival and Breakdown Press. We'll be launching not one, not two, but FOUR new titles at our Safari Festival Pre-Party! Liam Cobb, Antoine Cossé, Shaky Kane and Richard Short will be here to toast the launch of their new books on Friday, 11th August, 7-9pm! Grab full details here and join the Facebook event page here

To add to the evenings festivities we'll also be releasing our next two exclusive signed bookplate editions. First up is this beautiful black and white, moody piece by Antoine Cossé to go with his latest graphic novel Showtime.  

And with every copy of Shaky Kane's  Good News Bible, get one of these technicolor marvels!

Pre-orders for both of these editions are live in our online store, alternatively if you'd just like to reserve a copy then drop us a line to 

A massive thank you to everyone who joined us for our latest drink and draw, our monthly meet up in partnership with both our friends at Broken Frontier and Cass Art. It was as always an absolute delight, thanks in no small part to our lovely and talented guest artists - Sam BaldwinGrace Helmer and Jayde Perkin! Watch this space for the August line up announcement.

So much exciting news coming out of San Diego this week but this is going to be nearly impossible to top for us: Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill are - even as we speak - working on the fourth and final volume of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! This last volume will run as a 6-issue mini-series with Issue #1 currently slated for a June 2018 release. If you've had a standing order with us for League in the past, rest assured that we still have those details on file. If you haven't ordered League before, or fear you may have cancelled in a moment of crazed abandon, just drop us a line to and we'll get you all sorted! We took an in-depth look at what's to come from this epic concluding volume (i.e. reprinted the press release) right here.

The annual London Illustration Fair returns at the end of the year and they have an open call out for artists from a wide range of fields. They are looking for illustrators, graphic designers and creative crafts people who would like to exhibit and sell their work at the three day event. They are also looking for workshop proposals. So if you have an idea for an engaging and inspiring activity that you would like to share with their visitors then get in touch. Deadline for all applications is September 18th. Head on over to their website to find out more. 

This autumn, SelfMadeHero are going to be publishing an anthology of comics about the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, and yours could be one of them. A full rundown of how to submit your comic for consideration can be found on SelfMade's site

Phew...on to the comics!


WriterFabien Nury
ArtistThierry Robin
Publisher: Titan

Nice to see this translated in advance of Armando Iannucci's cinematic adaptation. It really is tailor-made for his sensibilities, walking a fine line of satire and tragedy as one of the twentieth century's most noted dictators passes, leaving behind a power vacuum that quickly fills with a rogues gallery of characters engaged in a struggle to claim the premiership. Political manoeuvring and (often literal) backstabbing ensues.

Try it if you like: Weapons of Mass Diplomacy / The Thick of It / Yes, Prime Minister

Writer / Artist:
Becky Cloonan
Publisher: Image

Back in print at last! Originally self-published as three stand-alone mini-comics, then collected into a beautiful, extremely limited, hardcover edition, Becky Cloonan's dark fantasy stories are an outstanding showcase of her skills as both a writer and an artist. Wolves, The Mire & Demeter, three tales of gothic fantasy at its best, are all collected together, now coloured by Lee Loughridge, with a selection of sketches and illustrations added in for an extra bonus.

And remember that limited hardcover? Well, it was so limited that we actually have a handful of our exclusive bookplates that Becky did for us left in stock! We'll be adding these into copies of the paperback while stocks last, so get in quick!

And don't forget: we still have a handful of exclusive By Chance or Providence prints available for order through our online store!

Try it if you like: Beautiful Illustrations / Game of Thrones / Folklore

Kaare Andrews
Artist: Troy Nixey
Publisher: Dark Horse

Originally serialised in the pages of Dark Horse Presents, Black Sinister is the kind of twisted superhero tale that we might expect from Andrews and Nixey. Black Sinister is the alter-ego of billionaire Emerson Black, a crime-fighting figure who stalks the night streets of Coal City meting out his own brand of street justice. So far, so Bat, but hold the phone: far from being the benevolent protector of city streets, Black Sinister is a deranged terror. Murderers and jaywalkers alike, the slightest infraction is enough to draw his violent version of justice, aided and abetted by his mad butler Danby. So when the mayor of Coal City hatches a scheme to rid the town of it's crazed anti-hero once and for all, let's just say that Black Sinister won't go quietly into the night.

Try it if you like: Black Hammer / Doom Patrol / Bratpack

Jonathan Coulton & Matt Fraction
Artist: Albert Monteys
Publisher: Image

Online superstar Jonathan Coulton (who among other things did the wonderful singing recaps at the start of every episode of the overlooked gem Brain Dead) teams up with Matt Fraction and Albert Monteys to produce a graphic novel accompaniment to his new album (also entitled Solid State). It's a comedic journey to the end of mankind is a world where we got everything we ever wanted, and doomed ourselves along the way. And maybe that's not such a bad thing after all.

Try it if you like: Manhattan Projects / Sex Criminals / Universe!

Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca
Artist: Jim Rugg
Publisher: Image

What have we done to be blessed with two Street Angel books in such quick succession? The toughest girl alive joins the deadliest street gang around - the Bleeders - allowing us to bask in the ensuing mayhem. But not only does Jesse have to wrestle with finding a new dysfunctional family, turns out that one of the gang is actually an informer! Is it worth your time and money? ALL Street Angel is worth your time and money!

Try it if you like: Deadly Class / 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank / I Kill Giants


Stan Sakai
Publisher: IDW

Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai writes and draws a great-looking, fun one-shot this week. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are teleported to a feudal Japan filled with talking animals: the world of Usagi Yojimbo. The samurai rabbit embarks on a quest to save Japan but when the deadly Jei blocks his path, a Turtle team-up is the only chance for survival. These TMNT/Usagi team-ups have always been a blast, and this looks like no exception.

Try it if you like: Is it too obvious if we just say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Usagi Yojimbo here? 

Gabe Soria
Artist: Paul Reinwand
Publisher: Z2

A multi-media production consisting of a new graphic novel by Soria and Reinwand with an original soundtrack from Dan Auerbach (of the Black Keys fame) and Robert Finley.  Murder Ballads (and no sadly this has nothing to do with the Nick Cave album of the same name) explores a diverse range of themes - music, race and obsession - all through the lens of a couple on the outs. Nate Theodore, a broke and deadbeat owner of a failed record label, is on a cross-country drive in the dead of winter with his wife Mary. They are fleeing the wreckage of their business and heading towards the destruction of their marriage, and over the course of the book we watch the deterioration and subsequent reinvention of a man on the very brink of self destruction. Sounds like the feelgood hit of the summer!

Try it if you like: Phonogram / The Forevers / A Band Called Death

Matthew Daley & Arlene Daley 
Artist: Wook Jin Clark
Publisher: Boom!

The latest all ages offering from Boom! studios kicks off this week. Having worked with kids in education for 25 years, writing duo Matthew and Arlene Daley are putting all that experience to use as they bring a vibrant cast of young adventurers to life. Set against the backdrop of school life, this light action book focuses on a science fair project gone wrong that leads to a candy monster on the loose. Loads of fun, it's never been a better time to be a young comics fan. 

Try it if you like: Lumberjanes / Giant Days / Cartoon Network


  • BPRD DEVIL YOU KNOW #1 - A fresh direction for the book post-Hell on Earth, with Gosh! fave Laurence Campbell on art duties. And with Varvara on the terrific Duncan Fegredo cover, you know it's got to be good!
  • FLASH REBIRTH DLX HC BOOK 01 - Super-duper hardcover edition of the first twelve issues worth of Rebirth stories.
  • FROSTBITE TP - Collecting the shamefully overlooked Vertigo sci-fi series. Well worth checking out.
  • GUARDIANS OF GALAXY TELLTALE SERIES #1 - A prelude to the Telltale Games episodic adventure game, written by Fred Van Lente.
  • HARVEY PEKAR CLEVELAND HC - A new edition of Pekar's definitive portrait of his home town, a mix of autobiography and history that stands with the man's best work.
  • KIRBY KING OF COMICS SC - A new expanded softcover edition of Mark Evanier's biography of the man and his work, released for Kirby's centenary year.
  • NOVA RESURRECTION TP - Collecting the first seven issues of the sadly cancelled most recent Nova series. An overlooked gem.
  • REED CRANDALL ILLUSTRATOR OF COMICS HC - A history of the great Gold & Silver Age artist.

Andrew & Shaun.