The Gosh! Authority 14.06.17


If you missed out on picking up the new Bulletproof Coffin The Thousand Yard Stare one shot last week, don't despair! We have plenty of copies left, which is just as well, as David Hine and Shaky Kane will be signing here this Saturday June 17th, from 1-2pm! And don't forget, we'll have an extremely limited run reproduction of the 'Hypno Vampires From The Stars' ashcan from the comic available on the day. You can get a copy free with Bulletproof Coffin TP Vol 01, or buy a copy on its own for £5 while stocks last! Click here for more details.

We also announced a few other exciting upcoming events:

Metaphrog will be joining us for a special edition of Process to discuss their career and process, as well as their new book The Little Mermaid;

We'll be celebrating Small Press Day again this year with an afternoon of small press workshops featuring a massive roster of guests;

and finally, to cap off Small Press Day, we've got the launch party for the Broken Frontier Small Press Yearbook 2017, with EVEN MORE special guests!


A lovely looking exhibition has started at the House of Illustration. Anime Architecture: Backgrounds of Japan showcases the beautiful background art featured in some classic anime features, including Patlabor The Movie, the film adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis and Ghost in the Shell 1 & 2. It's on until the 10th September, so don't miss out!


Winnebago Graveyard #1
: Steve Niles
Artist: Alison Sampson
Publisher: Image

It feels like Steve Niles has been keeping a fairly low profile in the comics world of late, so it's nice to see him back on a new book from Image, especially given that it's a collaboration with Gosh fave Alison Sampson! In what feels like a fond callback to 70's cinema, Winnebago Graveyard follows a family who break down in a small US town. A town which harbours dark, Satanic secrets. Each issue of the 4 issue mini series also includes back matter essays looking behind the scenes on the book, and essays on occult topics illustrated by a brilliant line-up of artists. And don't forget, we'll have Alison here on Saturday 24th June from 1-2pm signing copies of the book, so come along!

Try it if you like: Providence / Severed / Race The Devil

Dark Days The Forge #1
: Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV
Artists: Jim Lee, Andy Kubert & John Romita Jr
Publisher: DC

It's the kick-off to DC's big summer ev--WAIT! DON'T WALK AWAY! As events go, this looks like it'll be a good bit of fun, with a great line-up of artists, solid writers and an interesting concept spinning out of hints dropped through Snyder & Tynion's Batman respective bat-title runs. It's a generational, multiversal saga as dark secrets are uncovered which may threaten existence and it looks like Batman is to blame! Also, FOIL STAMPED COVER! Who said the 90's were all bad, eh?

Try it if you like: Justice League by Grant Morrison / Batman by Scott Snyder / Cosmic Odyssey

Mad About Trump TP
Writer / Artist
: Usual Gang of Idiots
Publisher: DC

While you're almost certainly familiar with Mad, what you might not realise is that over the past few decades the magazine has lost none of its satirical teeth. It's unflinching eye can be brilliantly scathing, and rarely moreso than when dealing with America's Commander-in-Chief. Long before he conned his way into the White House, Mad was already skewering Donald Trump: from his days as a celebrity businessman, through his time on the Apprentice, and of course in his current job. This collection gathers together some of the Usual Gang of Idiots' best takes on Trump, because laughter is the only way of staying sane in this nutso world we've found ourselves in. 

Try it if you like: Anything to help stave of the apocalyptic dread of it all.

Normandy Gold #1
Writers: Alison Gaylin & Megan Abbot
Artist: Steve Scott
Publisher: Titan

A hard-boiled 70's thriller where hard-case Sheriff Normandy Gold uncovers a conspiracy around the death of her younger sister. A conspiracy that starts in a seedy underworld of prostitution and leads right to the steps of the White House. I mean...ridiculous, right? Who could ever believe that politicians would get caught up in sleazy, criminal behaviour! Anyway, this is the latest in Titan's excellent Hard Case Crime series, and as such will almost certainly be a good pick for all you crime fans out there.

Try it if you like: Modesty Blaise / Coldest City (AKA Atomic Blonde) / Queen & Country

Jimmy's Bastards #1
: Garth Ennis
Artist: Russell Braun
Publisher: Aftershock

Those who were fans of The Boys will be on comfortable ground here. Ennis' merciless skewering of superhero tropes is transposed to the world of the superspy, with sometime Boys collaborator Braun on board for good measure. It sounds like he's got some fun ideas in here, and one of Ennis' great talents is his ability to mesh broad satire with genuinely affecting character work. Worth a look at least!

Try it if you like: The Boys / James Bond / The Secret Service

Kill The Minotaur #1
Chris Pasetto, Christian Cantamessa
ArtistLukas Ketner
Publisher: Image

A fresh take on the ancient myth of Theseus and his battle with the Minotaur, the bull-headed executioner of King Minos of Crete. It's always quite nice to get fairly straight adaptations of stories like these from fresh, modern voices. The core of the myth is intact, while a good deal of flesh is added to the bones of the central characters. Looks like a great series for anyone pining between issues of Age of Bronze, if nothing else!

Try it if you like: Age of Bronze / 300 / Olympians

Catalyst Prime: Accell #1
: Joe Casey
Artist: Robert Campanella
Publisher: Lion Forge

The newest entry in Lion Forge's Catalyst Prime superhero universe perks our ears up for being written by Joe Casey, who is always worth giving an issue or two on just to see what he's up to. Daniel DosSantos is a young man who is given super-sonic speed powers after being exposed to an extraterrestrial object, and then decides to turn to a life of crime-fighting. But he quickly finds that a public crime-fighting life has its consequences not only for himself, but also the people around him. The Catalyst Prime universe is notable for it's efforts to represent a diverse, interesting cross-section of society, and we're interested in seeing where they go with it.

Try it if you like: Impulse / Invincible / Mile Morales Spider-Man

Legion Of Super-Heroes Bugs Bunny Special #1
WritersSam Humphries, Juan Ortiz
ArtistsScott Hanna, Juan Ortiz
Publisher: DC

Martian Manhunter Marvin The Martian Special #1
Steve Orlando, Frank J. Barbiere, Jim Fanning
ArtistsJerome K. Moore, John Loter
Publisher: DC

The cartoon crossovers are back, this time bringing the world of Looney Tunes in a head-on collision with the DC superheroes. First up, the Legion try to summon a past version of Superboy into their time, and wind up with a certain wascally wabbit instead. Then, in what really should put to bed all of these kinds of crossovers as it simply couldn't get any better (apart from possibly the upcoming Jonah Hex / Yosemite Sam one shot), Martian Manhunter takes on Marvin the Martian in a battle of the Martians! You know you have to check that sucker out...

Try it if you likeSuperman vs Muhammad Ali / Archie vs The Punisher, that kind of thing.

Defenders #1
Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: David Marquez
Publisher: Marvel

With the new Netflix series on the horizon, Bendis and Marquez kick off a new Defenders title with a distinctly familiar looking team. Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones join together to face down an enemy from their past who is attempting to unite the criminal underworld.

Try it if you like Netflix versions of: Daredevil / Luke Cage / Jessica Jones / Iron Fist (did anyone really like Iron Fist?)


  • Adventures of Superhero Girl HC - A new expanded collection of Faith Erin Hicks' brilliant web series.
  • Amazing Spider-Man Renew Vows Volume 1 Brawl In The Family TP - Collecting the alternative universe, happy families version of Spider-Man, where he and wife MJ fight crime with their daughter Annie.
  • Batwoman By Greg Rucka And J.H. Williams III TP - Collecting the complete Rucka / Williams III run from Detective Comics #854-863.
  • Bitch Planet Triple Feature #1 - A new one shot featuring 3 stories by Cheryl Lynn Eaton, Andrew Aydin, Conley Lyons, Maria Frohlich & Joanna Estep.
  • Black Panther World Of Wakanda Volume 1 TP - A collection of tales starring Black Panther's supporting cast, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates.
  • Briggs Land Lone Wolves #1 - Continuing Brian Wood's survivalist drama.  
  • Hawkman By Geoff Johns Volume 1 TP - Pretty much what it says!
  • Harvey Hits #1 - Resurrecting the classic Harvey character anthology, with all new material starring Casper the Friendly Ghost, Richie Rich, Wendy the Good Witch and more!
  • The Airship Adventures of Little Nemo - A wonderfully affordable collection of all of Little Nemo's airship adventures, 69 strips in total!
  • Mother Panic Volume 1 A Work In Progress TP - The first collection of the excellent Young Animal series by Jody Houser and Tommy Lee Edwards.
  • Motor Crush Volume 1 TP - The first collection of the new sci-fi action series by Batgirl faves Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher and Babs Tarr.
  • Pop Gun War TP Vol 02 Chain Letter - Collecting the second arc of Farel Dalrymple's signature series, previously serialised in Island.
  • Rai The History Of The Valiant Universe #1 - Continuing a series of homages to classic Valiant issues, Rai uncovers the ancient history of the Valiant universe in tribute to the original Rai #0.
  • Secret Empire United #1 - The mutant resistance against Captain America's fascist state fights back!
  • Strange Attractors TP - Collecting Charles Soule & Greg Scott's sci-fi thriller.
  • Teen Titans Volume 1 Damian Knows Best TP - The first Teen Titans Rebirth collection!
  • Triggerman TP - Walter Hill, Matz and Jef join the Titan Hard Case Crime line-up with this story of a revenge-seeking hit man on a rampage in Chicago.

That's it for this week! See you in the funny pages!

Andrew & Shaun.