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The Pride parade hits Soho this Saturday, and so does Small Press Day! It's the annual celebration of all those out there working to tell their own stories on their own terms with a combination of raw talent, elbow grease and boody-minded determination. We've got a comics lab running through the afternoon, where a dazzling array of self-publishers will be setting up at our signing table in a series of one hour, themed sessions. Pick a genre that suits YOUR story, and come on down to work alongside these grizzled (in the nicest way) veterans! Attending artists will also be creating a collaborative zine on the day with the guests of our friends at Orbital Comics, who are also taking part in the celebrations. Check out their events schedule for the day here! Check here for details on our line-up.

And then get yourself out amongst it for the always amazing Pride parade!

And don't forget: we're offering a 10% discount to anyone with a Pride in London chunky wristband, available at the Pride in London pop-up shop (just up the street at the corner of Berwick and Broadwick), online, or next door to us on Peter St at Wah Nails.

For the evening, why not get the party started from 7-9pm (this is Soho on the evening of the Pride parade, after all) by swinging by to toast the launch of the new Broken Frontier Small Press Yearbook, a celebration of up and coming talent championed by our friends at Broken Frontier. Guests include Rebecca Bagley, Kim Clements, Jey Levang, Danny Noble, John Riordan and Ellice Weaver, plus many more. It's sure to be a good knees-up!  Check here for more details.



We had the lovely John Chalmers and Sandra Marrs, of creative entity Metaphrog fame, here for a very special edition of Process last Wednesday to discuss their new title The Little Mermaid, as well as a look back over their career and an examination of their working process. It was a fascinating glimpse into the professional creative life, with all its struggles and triumphs. John and Sandra are an inspirational pair, and it was a real treat to have them!


Nocturnals: The Sinister Path GN
Writer/Artist:  Daniel Brereton
Publisher: Big Wow Art

Fans of 90's horror-adventure series that aren't Hellboy, rejoice: the Nocturnals are back! Self-published by the grace of Kickstarter, Dan Brereton's family of paranormal investigators return in an all-new, 64-page story as Doc Horror, his daughter Evening, and six-gun-toting revenant The Gunwitch investigate the haunted house of the recently deceased Judge Hemlock. A very welcome return, and hopefully a sign of more to come!

Try it if you like: Hellboy / Sixth Gun / Harrow County

Songy of Paradise HC
Writer/Artist: Gary Panter
Publisher: Fantagraphics

Few voices in comics are as unique and influential as Gary Panter, one of the great independent cartoonists. His latest work looks like no exception, drawing on the grand tradition of underground iconoclasm: the last temptation of Christ, with a hillbilly standing in for the Son of God. It's all wrapped in the usual deluxe, beautifully designed hardcover dress that Fantagraphics have been doing on Panter's books.

Try it if you like: Justin Green / S. Clay Wilson / Art Spiegelman

Fog Over Tolbiac Bridge HC
Writers: Léo Malet & Jacques Tardi
Artist: Jacques Tardi
Publisher: Fantagraphics

The first of four graphic novels featuring one master adapting another. Tardi adapts the work of legendary French crime writer Malet, taking on his beloved Nestor Burma novels. Burma, a former anarchist, is now private detective working in 1950's Paris. When one of his old friends turns up dead, Burma sets out to avenge him, uncovering a conspiracy that stretches back into the the dark secrets of the past. Sounds good, but to be honest "previously untranslated Tardi" is all the reason you need!

Try it if you like: Parker / Coldest City / Sandman Mystery Theatre

Ripple HC
Dave Cooper
Publisher: Fantagraphics

Back in print in a lovely new hardcover format, Dave Cooper's tale of art, sex & obsession is as uneasy as ever. Martin's concepts of beauty and sexuality are overturned when he falls for his nude model, who herself undergoes a personal transformation over the course of the book. Definitely one to read, but perhaps not on the train or in the work lunchroom, if you take our meaning. Particularly exciting to see, given that Cooper has recently announced his return to comics with a new graphic novel in 2018!

Try it if you like: Robert Crumb / Hair Shirt / Paying For It

Crawl Space HC
Writer/Artist: Jesse Jacobs
Publisher: Koyama Press

Conformity and escape lie at the heart of this new trippy tale by Jacobs, as a young woman discover a new world of spiritual beauty inside her washing machine. At first perfect and pristine, when she shares her world with a friend word inevitably spreads and unwelcome forces begin to intrude and reshape it in awful, familiar ways. Jesse Jacobs is one of the most exciting modern cartoonists about, so it's always noteworthy when we see a new release from him.

Try it if you like: Michael Deforge / Gary Panter / Jim Woodring

Vague Tales HC
Writer/Artist: Eric Haven
Publisher: Fantagraphics

While we've seen Eric Haven's work in the pages of The Believer, Kramer's Ergot and others, this is his debut graphic novel, showcasing the surreal, humourous worlds of imagination he inhabits. While experiencing a succession of bewildering parallel universes, a solitary figure has telepathic encounters with a demonic aviatrix, a wandering crystalline being, a flaming sword-wielding warrior, and a mysterious sorceress, all within the confines of his own apartment. A unique vision from a man that - fun fact - worked as a producer on 3 seasons of Mythbusters!

Try it if you like: Last Look / Dungeon Quest / King of the Flies

Unholy Grail #1
Cullen Bunn
ArtistMirko Colak
Publisher: Aftershock

Cullen Bunn is something of a horror comics cottage industry at this point, not that we're going to complain. Hot on the heels of the excellent debut issue of Unsound comes his take on the Arthurian mythos: a twisted, Lovecraftian affair that finds Arthur in the grip of evil, otherworldly powers, unleashing a reign of blood and terror on England. Sounds like there's a glimmer of hope in there in the form of other familiar characters, but let's face it, we're mainly here for the dreadful spectre of creeping, bloody terror. And swordfights.

Try if it you like: Berserk / Wolfskin / Providence

Cloudia & Rex #1
Ulises Farinas & Erick Freitas
Artist: Daniel Irizarri
Publisher: Magnetic

The writing team behind Motro and the most recent US Judge Dredd series debut an all new fantasy series with sometime Prophet artist Irizarri. After the death of their father, two girls are taken on a road trip by their grieving mother. After a supernatural incident that wrecks their car, each of the girls is given god-like powers. They soon discover they have been possessed by gods who are fleeing an all-consuming entity, and that they must lead the other gods to salvation from their hiding places. Sounds like an interesting trip, and looks lovely to boot. Well worth trying!

Try it if you like: Paper Girls / Afar / Unwritten

Not Drunk Enough GN 01
Tessa Stone
Publisher: Oni Press

Tessa Stone's popular webcomic, having Kickstarter-ed itself into print form, makes it's debut from Oni Press. The publisher of Scott Pilgrim certainly makes for a natural home for this fun, savvy comic. Repairman Logan finds himself trapped at night in a building with three other unfortunate souls as they battle against monstrous invaders from another dimension.

Try it if you like: Scott Pilgrim / Buffy / Wayward

Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us HC
Ananth Hirsh & Yuko Ota
ArtistYuko Ota
Publisher: Oni Press

A lovely hardcover omnibus of the autobiographical installments of Hirsh & Ota's Johnny Wander webcomics. The strip - also the home of the Lucky Penny storyline, among other more fantastical flights - began its life as small, slice-of-life tales. Funny, touching and relatable, Hirsh and Ota make for a great creative team, and over the course of the book we follow them through the ups and downs of their career and home life.

Try it if you like: Facts of Life / Octopus Pie / French Milk

Sacred Creatures #1
Pablo Raimondi & Klaus Janson
Artist: Pablo Raimondi
Publisher: Image

Legendary artist Janson teams up with writer/artist Raimondi for a tale of supernatural conspiracies, dark secrets at the beginnings of history, living myths and families, both human and otherwise. Enjoyable looking stuff, and the first issue has a whopping 66 pages of story!

Try it if you like: Kings Road / Unwritten / Rowan's Ruin


A New Low SC - Collecting Johnny Ryan's strips from Vice magazine.
Archie Crossover Collection TP - Bringing together Archie's celebrity guest-stars, including the Ramones, Lady Gaga and George Takei.
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again #1 - AGAIN.
Empress TP Vol 01 - Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen's sci-fi saga gets a softcover edition.
Giant Days: Not on the Test HC Edition Vol 01 - An oversized, deluxe hardcover edition of onbe of our favourites!
Glister TP - Dark Horse collect Andi Watson's delightful all-ages comic, previously serialised in the UK by Walker Books.
Green Hornet 66 Meets the Spirit #1 - Fred Van Lente writes a team up between two pulpy greats.
Gumby #1 - He's back, with all his buddies. Included in the creative line-up are Ray Fawkes and Kyle Baker!
Lady Mechanika: The Clockwork Assassin #1 - Everyone's favourite steampunk adventuress is back.
Loose Ends TP - Collecting the steamy Jason Latour / Chris Brunner crime series.
Monstress TP Vol 02 - The long-awaited second volume of the fantasy series is here!
Rick & Morty Pocket Like You Stole It #1 - Season three has been announced, so celebrate with this new spin-off mini-series with art by our old pal Marc Ellerby!
Tokyo Ghost Deluxe HC Edition - A plush hardcover collection of the complete Tokyo Ghost series, with plenty of extras to ease the way!
Wicked & Divine #29 - A new story arc jumping off the Vol 05 TP starts here!
X-O Manowar TP 01 - Collecting the first arc of the most recent relaunch of Valiant's flagship character.

PanelxPanel is a brand new digital magazine celebrating comics with in-depth, thoughtful analysis, interviews, process pieces and even orignal short comic content. It’s edited by the host of the brilliant comic craft show Strip Panel Naked, Hass Otsmane-Elhaou, and features a rotating set of writers ranging from critics to professionals, fans and comic stores.

Each issue is split into two. The first half focusing on a particular comic and featuring a series of essays, interviews, process pieces and an exclusive Strip Panel Naked column all focused around that issue. This inaugural issue spotlights Black Mask’s excellent new mini-series Beautiful Canvas which landed in store last week (and which we still have a handful left).

The second half features regular articles, with creator-on-creator interviews, craft essays, a short comic, and a series of comic recommendations from a range of comic-related voices. The first issue features Rob Williams (Suicide Squad, Unfollow), Ollie Masters (Sons of Anarchy), and Aditya Bidikar (Black Cloud, Motor Crush) as well as a host of other writers and artists.

If you have even a passing interest in how comics get made this is a must read. 

Andrew & Shaun.

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