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A quick note for those who have pre-ordered our Doom Patrol TP Vol 01 Bookplate Edition signed by Gerard Way and Nick Derington: we've had a slight delay getting the signed plates back, but they should be with us any time now. As soon as they arrive, they will be dispatched post-haste. In the meantime, if you pick a copy up in store, hold on to your receipt and you can exchange it for a plate once they arrive!

And if you haven't pre-ordered yet, what are you waiting for? It's one of the best books of the past year!


Bulletproof Coffin Thousand Yard Stare One Shot
WriterDavid Hine
ArtistShaky Kane
Publisher: Image

The masters of dayglo surrealism are back with an all-new Bulletproof Coffin one shot: The 1,000 Yard Stare! In a brain-twisting meta-textual narrative, artist Shaky Kane is hired by Image Nation to produce a comic without his usual burnt out hack of a collaborator, the writer David Hine. It all leads to a blood-spattered confrontation on the convention hall floor! Don't miss our upcoming signing with Shaky and David on June 17th!

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Cowboys and Insects/Doom Patrol/All Time Comics

The Adventures of John Blake: Mystery of The Ghost Ship HC
Writer: Philip Pullman
Artist: Fred Fordman
Publisher: David Fickling Books

From the pages of The Phoenix comes the first comics work by bestselling author Philip Pullman, in collaboration with artist Fred Fordham. John Blake lives aboard a ghostly ship which has come unstuck in time, which picks up a young girl named Serena in our present day, only to become lost in time once again with her aboard. Meanwhile the ship is pursued by the sinister Dahlberg Corporation for its own nefarious purposes.


We've got a special bookplate for this signed by Philip and Fred! It's been delayed slightly, but we'll be getting all orders out as soon as we have it in hand. In the meantime, if you want to buy a copy in-store now, hold on to your receipt and redeem it for a plate once they arrive!

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Tintin/Alex Rider/Pirates of Pangaea

Ravina The Witch? HC
Writer/Artist: Junko Mizuno
Publisher: Titan

There's no artist quite like Junko Mizuno, and she always has a special place in our heart for her twisted take on kawaii culture. Heck, we liked her so much we had her do one of our special anniversary prints! When down and out young woman Ravina is given a special wand by a mysterious woman, she turns into a witch! Or is she? With talking animals, giant birds and all other manner of phantasmagoria, Mizuno delivers a dark fairy tale that is - as ever - uniquely her own. 

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Dark Crystal/Labyrinth/Hilda

Babyteeth #1
WriterDonny Cates
ArtistGarry Brown
Publisher: Aftershock

Superhot writer Cates (God Country / Redneck) switches gears for a bit of good old fashioned satanic panic. As if a teenage pregnancy weren't difficult enough, it seems that young Sadie Ritter is birthing the antichrist into the world. Told in flashback from a seemingly apocalyptic future, the series is looking to be a classic slow-burn tale of deviltry. Cates is pretty unstoppable right now, so we're looking forward to seeing this develop!

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Rosemary's Baby/Spread/God Country

Michael SC
Writer/Artist: Stephen Maurice Graham
Publisher: Spaceface Books

Stephen Maurice Graham's strip is collected in a lovely edition by Spaceface Books. Michael is the quintessential manchild, lost in a fantasy world of juvenilia, barely able to connect with real life. Comedic and tragic all at once, his tale is told in beautiful style by Graham, who brings to mind the work of Dan Clowes, Ivan Brunetti and Joe Matt.

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Wilson/Megg and Mogg/Universe!

Nothing Lasts Forever TP
Writer / Artist:
Sina Grace
Publisher: Image

Editor / writer / artist Sina Grace returns to his occasional series of memoirs. This volume covers one tumultuous year of heartbreak, writer's block, career highs, emotional lows, and the emergence of a mystery illness. Grace has a searing honesty in his work that recalls some of the great autobiographical comics artists, and is sometimes overlooked perhaps due to his usual publishing home (Image) not necessarily being where people look for this material. But rest assured, if you're a fan of unflinching honest reality in your comics, Sina Grace is well worth your attention.

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Li'l Depressed Boy/American Splendor/The Infinite Wait

Iceman #1
WriterSina Grace
ArtistAlessandro Vitti
Publisher: Marvel

And speaking of Sina Grace, he also brings his personal touch to a new Iceman solo series. Faced with a younger time-displaced version of himself who seems to be more together than he's ever been, Bobby Drake decides it's time to take control of his life. Be it deciding on what kind of legacy he wants to leave behind, or learning to live comfortably with his sexuality, Bobby is going to be the very best Iceman he can be.

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X-Men/Jean Grey/Wolverine and The X-Men

Jazz Maynard #1
ArtistRoger Ibanez Ugena
Publisher: Magnetic Press

A taut thriller for the Taken/John Wick set. Trumpeter Jazz Maynard (presumably not his given name...) is more than he appears to be: you might say he's a man with a very particular set of skills. Well, other than playing the trumpet, I guess. So when his daughter is kidnapped by European sex traffickers - uhh - I mean when his sister is kidnapped by New York sex traffickers, he puts down the trumpet and takes up the tools of his slightly more hands-on trade.

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Criminal/White Suits/Casanova

Unsound #1
WriterCullen Bunn
ArtistJack Cole
Publisher: Boom! Studios

A new horror series from the ever-reliable Cullen Bunn, with some seriously lovely art by Jack Cole - equal parts Simon Gane and Joann Sfar. When nurse Ashli is caught up in a riot at her new place of employment - Wiermont Psychiatric Hospital - she flees to the subterranean bowels of the hospital where she uncovers a dark history of occult experimentation. Seriously, this looks like a cracker. Check out the preview here.

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Shutter Island/Harrow County/House of Penance


  • All Time Comics Atlas #1 - Ben Marra returns to the twisted Fantagraphics superhero universe!
  • Circuit Breaker TP 01 - Kevin McCarthy & Kyle Baker's story of robots amok gets a collection.
  • Dark Knight III #9 - The end is finally here!
  • Divided States of Hysteria #1 - A new satirical series from Howard Chaykin, where the US plunges into a second civil war after a dirty bomb destrys New York City.
  • Instrumental GN - A trumpet player makes a deal for greatness in the shape of a trumpet that brings about terrible misfortune when it's played.
  • Life & Times of Martha Washington in the 21st Century TP - Back in print at last! Frank Miller & Dave Gibbon's seminal graphic novel featuring one of comics' greatest female protagonists.
  • Magnus #1 - A new take on the robot hunter, with our heroine Magnus battling rogue AIs.
  • Mighty Mouse #1 - A new take on the classic cartoon character.
  • Providence Limited Edition HC Act 2 - Collecting issues 5-8 of the Alan Moore / Jacen Burrows horror masterwork.
  • Rivers of London Detective Stories #1 - A new 4 issue miniseries in the world of Ben Aaronovitch's supernatural detective stories. Each issue tells a stand alone casefile recounted by Detective Peter Grant.
  • Secret Empire Brave New World #1 - Giant Man, Gwenpool and The Invaders choose their sides in the new Hydra world order!
  • Star Wars Darth Vader #1 - An all-new ongoing series with new writer Charles Soule and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli.
  • Wonder Woman Steve Trevor #1 - Diana's hunky sidekick gets some time in the spotlight.
  • Wonder Woman The Art And Making Of The Film HC - Take a peak behind the scenes of this summers biggest superhero movie. 

- Shaun & Andrew

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