The Gosh! Authority 21.06.17


Did you pick up the excellent Winnebago Graveyard #1 last week? The new horror mini by Alison Sampson and Steve Niles is off to a cracking start, and we're very happy to have Alison here signing copies this Saturday, the 24th June from 2-3pm! We've still got copies on the shelf, so if you missed out, we've got you covered. Come on down!

Speaking of smashing Saturday signings, this one just gone we had none other than UK legends David Hine and Shaky Kane here to sign their new one-shot Bulletproof Coffin The Thousand Yard Stare! It was a buzzing affair, and we shot through the special limited ashcans produced for the event. Don't despair, though, we still have signed copies of the trades, and a handful of signed one shots! Drop us a line if you'd like one.

Bit of housekeeping for you DC fans: the UK is facing shipping delays on the following titles due to some kind of SNAFU, presumably not involving them lying in the middle of the road. Hopefully.
- Aquaman #25
- Superman #25
- Harley Quinn #22
They should be shipping next week.

On with the show!


Lobo / Road Runner Special #1
Bill Morrison
Artist: Kelley Jones
Publisher: DC

Looks like we've found the winner in the DC/Looney Tunes crossovers. Written by Bongo Comics co-founder Bill Morrison and drawn by the one and only Kelley Jones, this has quality craziness written all over it. Wile E Coyote travels into deep space to enlist the aid of The Main Man himself in taking out his archenemy, the Roadrunner. Wall-to-wall mayhem ensues. To be honest, not that far a stretch from the Lobo specials of old!

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Shirtless Bear-Fighter #1
Jody LeHeup, Sebastian Girner
ArtistNil Vendrell
Publisher: Image

Hate bears? Hate shirts? Have we got the book for you! In the grand tradition of silly titles that are alone worth the price of entry, Shirtless Bear-Fighter follows its eponymous hero (yes, that's his name) in his battle against the rampaging super-bears that are mysteriously attacking major cities. But there's more than meets the eye here: what is the connection of these bears to the ones that raised Shirtless only to cruelly betray him, and who is the shadowy figure that might just be manipulating our hero?

Try it if you like: Chew / Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark / Bears (animal & human)

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #1
: Chip Zdarksy
ArtistAdam Kubert
Publisher: Marvel

Few writers could excite us so much about taking on Peter Parker as Chip Zdarsky. Besides being a sterling artist in his own right who understands how to dynamically tell a story (deftly visualised here by Kubert), his brilliant comic chops make him a perfect choice for the wise-cracking webslinger. It's a back-to-basics resurrection of the original Spider-Man spin-off title, a perfect jumping-on point for anyone intimidated by the weight of continuity in the main Spidey title. 

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The Rocketeer: High Flying Adventures HC
: Various
Artists: Various
Publisher: IDW

A beautiful, oversized hardcover collection of the Rocketeer Adventures series, which featured an astounding roster of talent on 24 original tales. Just check out this line-up, whether you're a Rocketeer fan or not! We've got (deep breath) John Cassaday, Michael Allred, Kurt Busiek, Mark Waid, Darwyn Cooke, Lowell Francis, Ryan Sook, Joe R. Lansdale, Jonathan Ross, Dave Gibbons, Joe Pruett, John Arcudi, Marc Guggenheim, Peter David, Stan Sakai, Tom Taylor, Paul Dini, Walter Simonson, David Lapham, Kyle Baker, Matt Wagner, Louise Simonson, David Mandel, John Byrne and Alex Ross! Phew!

Try it if you like: The Shadow / Raiders of the Lost Ark / The Spirit

Uncomfortably Happy SC
Writer/Artist: Yeon-Sik Hong
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly

An autobiographical account of Yeon-Sik Hong's move with his wife from the bustling metropolis of Seoul to a remote mountainside home. All the joys and challenges of adjustment to a more rural life are beautifully rendered as the couple connect with nature and its challenges, while also dealing with the stresses of their sudden isolation.

Try it if you like: Pyongyang / The Walking Man / Far Out Isn't Far Enough

Billie Holiday HC
Carlos Sampayo
ArtistJose Muñoz
Publisher: NBM

Back in print at long last, Muñoz & Sampayo's masterful look at the life of the legendary Jazz singer. A fictional framework sets the book up, with a reporter digging into the life of Billie Holiday in order to discover the real woman underneath the accumulated sordid sensationalism of her life. A beautiful classic of a book that you should absolutely treat yourself to in this new deluxe hardcover edition.

Try it if you like: Johnny Cash I See a Darkness / Kiki de Montparnasse / Josephine Baker

Crosswind #1
: Gail Simone
Artist: Cat Staggs
Publisher: Image

The long-awaited Image debut from fan-favourite Gail Simone and artist Cat Staggs! It's a body-swapping tale of hitman and housewife, as Chicago killer Cason Ray Bennett and Seattle mum (mom?) Juniper Elanore Blue find themselves quite literally in each other's shoes. Sounds like a fun recipe for action and comedy, which the ever-adaptable Simone is definitely up to the task on, in collaboration with DC comics stalwart Staggs.

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Weapons of Mutant Destruction #1
: Greg Pak
Artist: Mahmud Asrar
Publisher: Marvel

One of those pleasingly small mini-events that only crosses through a couple of titles, WMD kicks off here and then runs through the pages of Weapon X and Totally Awesome Hulk (both written by Pak). Given Greg's track record with Hulk events, we're more than happy to give this a crack, particularly partnered with Asrar. Basically, the Weapon X project is back in full swing, and their first targets are their old subjects and the super-genius/totally awesome Hulk, Amadeus Cho.

Try it if you like: Mutants with claws / Green people with lots of muscles / Shadowy genetic-manipulating military operations


  • Apple and and Adventure HC - A young girl and her triceratops journey through an ABC adventure in this new kids book from Archaia.
  • Avengers Unleashed TP Vol 01 Kang War - Collecting the first 6 issues of the latest Avengers series by Mark Waid and Mike del Mundo.
  • Batman #24 & 25 - At last! First printings of #24 make their long, winding way to the UK just in time for #25 to also hit the shelves!
  • Bloodborne Official Artworks SC - The twisted, gothic horror of Bloodborne gets a lovely art book from the folks at Udon.
  • Lumberjanes 2017 Special Faire & Square - A one-shot written by Holly Black of the Spiderwick Chronicles fame!
  • New Superman TP Vol 01 - Collecting the first arc of Gene Yang's Chinese Superman saga.
  • Occupy Avengers TP Vol 01 - Collecting the first arc of the recent Hawkeye-centric series.
  • Red Range HC - A new deluxe colour hardcover edition of the Joe Lansdale / Sam Glanzman classic.
  • Secret Empire Underground #1 - One of the resistance teams heads to the Savage Land and comes nose-to-snout with Sauron!
  • Space Riders HC Vol 01 - A spiffy new hardcover edition of the mind-bending space saga!
  • Star-Lord TP Grounded - Collecting the recent Zdarsky-written Star-Lord series.
  • Star Wars Doctor Aphra TP Vol 01 - Collecting the first story arc of everyone's favourite Kieron Gillen-written double-dealing archaeologist.
  • Toybox Time Machine HC - A make-believe catalogue of adverts for toys that never were. A total love letter to the comics ads of yore!
  • Ultimates 2 TP Vol 01 - The continuation of Al Ewing's cosmic Avengers series. 
  • Wonder Woman / Tasmanian Devil Special #1 - The Amazonian princess takes on the jabbering whirlwind. Who will win? WHO WILL WIN???

Andrew & Shaun.