The Gosh! Authority 31.05.17


We hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend but sadly it does mean we are once again struck by it's dreaded curse - a Wednesday delivery! We will work our socks off to get everything out as quickly as possible and will keep our social media feeds updated as we go, but we suspect it'll be post lunch time that the shelves are filled with all of this weeks new delights.

Please do send an email through if you want anything extra stashed aside for you to avoid missing out. 

Our latest bookplate edition has just gone live for pre-order and it is really rather special. Gosh! wanted to celebrate the launch of The Adventures of John Blake, the first comics work from best selling author Philip Pullman (writer of the His Dark Materials trilogy). The Gosh! exclusive bookplate will be signed by not only Philip Pullman but also his collaborator and series artist Fred Fordham, whose design, which you can see above, is just gorgeous. The book goes on general sale June 1st but pre-order is the only way to guarantee a copy with our limited plate. 

Last Wednesday night saw a special edition of Process take place, where Broken Frontier Editor-In-Chief Andy Oliver interviewed Unbound comics editor Lizzie Kaye along with Unbound creators Ram V and Own Michael Johnson. It was a truly fascinating look into the workings of one of the most thrilling up and coming publishers. The waves they are making in the comics scene have us excited and the calibre of creators they are working with is second to none. 

Friday evening was our launch night for Hannah Berry's latest book Livestock! It's a superb, satirical skewering of the intersection between politics and celebrity, and comes highly recommended. Hannah was kind enough to leave us with not only some signed copies but also some of her self produced bookplates she made especially for the occasion.

A huge thank you as always to not only all of the fantastic guests and creators who joined us across the week but also to everyone who came along and made both nights so much fun. 


Writer: Gerard Way
Artist: Nick Derington
Publisher: DC/Young Animal

The spirit of Grant Morrison's groundbreaking Doom Patrol is breathed back into life in this debut collection of the Gerard Way written relaunch. The first title from Way's own imprint at DC, the excellently named Young Animal, is a whole new beast, unlike anything we've seen from Way before. We have loved his previous work, The Umbrella Academy (with artist Garbiel Bá) which blew us away with it's confident, off kilter take on the superhero genre. Here Way could have easily gone down a similar route, but alongside artist Nick Derington the pair double down and give us something much more daring. Simultaneously being and not being Morrison's Doom Patrol, this is abstract and unexpected. The series nods at the Doom Patrol's roots and everything that has come before it, it all seems to matter, yet Way and Derington manage to throw the characters into a situation so unfamiliar to them as to give every new reader an in as well, we are along for the ride with the characters as they unravel the strange mystery that has befallen them all. One of the most interesting takes on the genre since Michel Fiffe launched Copra! 

The pre-order for our exclusive signed (by both Way and Derington) edition is still available as we await the arrival of the plates back with us. The pre-orders allow for both mail order and in store collection, so what are you waiting for?  

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Umbrella Academy/Copra/Bulletproof Coffin

Writer/Artist: Jillian Tamaki
Publisher: Drawn and Quarterly

A woman post-breakup becomes obsessed with the mirror Facebook of herself seeing a life that could be hers. Another woman, besieged by bed bugs, studies her relationship and the effects her recently- ended secret affair has on it. An anonymous music file surfaces on the internet and a cult springs up in its wake. A group of city animals briefly open their minds to us; A woman finds her clothes growing baggy, her shoes looser, as she shrinks the world around her recedes. Jillian Tamaki brings her combined characteristic realism and humour to her first collection of short stories. Boundless explores the lives of women and how the expectations of others influence their real and virtual selves. Mixing objective reality, speculative fiction, out-and-out fantasy, and a matter-of-fact feminism, Tamaki shows herself to be a short story talent equal to her peers Adrian Tomine and Eleanor Davis. As Tamaki experiments with art-styles, we see hyper-realist detailing duelling with thick chunky blocks of ink, each delicately setting the mood for her characters inner turmoil.

Oh and did we mention we have a signed bookplate for this as well? 'Cus we do! Grab it in store or online. 

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This One Summer/Killing & Dying/Black Hole

Writer/Artist: Simon Hanselmann
Publisher: Fantagraphics

Creator Simon Hanselmann’s previous two collections in the Megg and Mogg series - Megahex and Megg and Mogg In Amsterdam - have both been New York times bestsellers, and One More Year looks set to continue this trend with new and old fans alike clamouring for the next instalment. Unequivocally cemented as one of his generation’s defining cartoonists, Hanselmann manages to imbue his characters with more pathos, flaws and emotion than seems plausible or fair for a ragtag rabble of friends made up of a witch, a cat, an owl and a werewolf. On the surface appearing as little more than a drugged out, crass, slacker roommate comedy the Megg and Mogg books do so much more. They are depressing and hilarious insights into the complicated lives of bored, flawed and horrid people. If you can handle a read where the moral substance of the lead characters is questionable and their personalities are a little too real then Megg and Mogg will never fail to surprise and delight, but be prepared for it to more often than not truly horrify you as well. 

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Prison Pit/American Blood/Ant Colony

Writer/Artist: Chloé Cruchaudet
Publisher: Knockabout

A lot of people have been eagerly awaiting this English translation of the seminal French work ever since it was first published for Chloe Cruchaudet’s Mauvais Genre. A searing indictment of the First World War,  Deserter’s Masquerade is the heartbreaking tale of Louise and her transvestite husband who are torn apart in twenties era Paris. Exploring the complex ideas of war desertion, gender confusion and the ongoing trauma of war, Cruchaudet's work doesn't shy away from the darkness of the time, whilst moments of humour and tenderness do shine through and show the hope of love and acceptance this is a harrowing, haunting and powerful read. One we won't soon forget. 

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Red Rosa/The Arab of The Future/Burma Chronicles

Writer/Artist: Hannah Berry
Publisher: Jonathan Cape

Livestock is a razor-sharp satire on our relationship with the media from critically acclaimed graphic novelist Hannah Berry. In the fight for the public’s attention, why let public interest get in the way hey? This is a worrying prescient work, cutting so close to reality and looking just beyond to a future dystonia we seem closer and closer to each day. Berry's gorgeous artwork has an almost mesmerising quality to it, her characters have weight and texture to them that make them feel almost flesh and blood. We really like this.

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Black Mirror/Celebrity Culture/Brass Eye

Writer/Artist: Charles Forsman
Publisher: Bergen Street Press

A 1970's period exploitation action flick in comic form from the creator behind the nihilistic TEOTFW! Count us in! The first volume of Revenger was so darn good we had to do a bookplate for it. Now with this second volume Forsman has somehow managed to up his game and we are kicking ourselves that we didn't do another plate this time out. Luckily Revenger is so good you'll want it anyway! This is no nonsense, hard hitting, grimy, action mania. If you like Copra you'll love this! 

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American Blood/Copra/Prince of Cats

Writer/Artist: Dustin Weaver
Publisher: Image

A brand new anthology series from writer/artist Dustin Weaver. This debut issue features three mind bending stories. In Mushroom Bodies, Greg struggles with not knowing what’s real and fears becoming complacent in a world of human insects. In the first instalment of Sagittarius A*, war hero Linus Rad is on a mission to the centre of the galaxy to learn the dark secrets of his dead father’s scientific experiments and lastly the first chapter of Amnia Cycle in which a young Jet-Wing pilot, goes AWOL in the war against the Nuriel in order to help Amnia, a mysterious alien with no memory of where she came from. Anthologies can be hit and miss but we really like Dustin Weavers style and get a somewhat Prophet vibe from this which we miss now it's all wrapped up. So if you're in need of some slightly odd sci-fi or something to fill that Prophet shaped void then look no further.

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Writer: David Foenkinos & Eric Corbeyran
Artist: Horne
Publisher: IDW

Lennon The New York Years adapts David Foenkinos’ legendary novel to graphic album form. With visuals from the adored French artist Horne. The book is beautifully realised with truly striking black and white illustrations that help to bring back to life the defining moments and experiences that shaped one of pop music’s and popular culture’s most influential voices. Going back to 1975 when arguably the most famous rock star in the world moved to New York City to raise his young family, in the process setting career, adoring fans, and creative contemporaries aside. During this reflective time, he met with a psychoanalyst, worked to spread peace around the globe, celebrated his wife, and went about the daily business of being John Lennon. Then, just five years later, he was killed. A fascinating insight into a modern pop culture legend. Reading this, the whole time knowing where Lennon's story tragically ends puts a whole new spin on the years of his life leading up to it's untimely end. Not just for Beatles fans, anyone with an interest in the idea of celebrity and or modern history will get something worthwhile from this. 

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The Fifth Beatle/Vincent/Sound & Vision

Writer:  James Robinson
Artist: Carlos Pacheco
Publisher: Marvel

James Robinson is already writing one of the most enjoyably over the top action comics on the shelves right now in the form of Nick Fury. We are loving the psychedelic, Spy-Fi action he is cooking up with the incredible ACO on that book. It's bold, beautiful and straight up some of the most fun we've had with a monthly book in a very long time. So we have high hopes of Robinson's new Cable series this week, over twenty years on from the last time he took on the character! Pitting the titular mutant with the task of saving all of known time, Robinson and Pacheco have the set up to maybe, just maybe one up Nick Fury in the over the top fun stakes and we are okay with that. Could be the book that puts the biggest, dumbest grin on our faces this week. We can't wait! 

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Weapon X/X-Men Blue/Generation X

Writer: Derek Landy
Artist: Joshua Cassara
Publisher: Marvel

Perhaps the first crucial tie in for Marvel's massive and so far bloody excellent summer event Secret Empire.

(MINOR Secret Empire SPOILERS ahead.)

Spilling out from the events ending issue two this story takes place in between issue's three and four. With Hydra having made their move, Black Widow is forced to enlist some of the youngest heroes left fighting to her dangerous cause. Miles Morales, Ironheart, Wasp, Amadeus Cho, Falcon and Viv Vision join the former assassin for a dark ops mission that, if successful would change the world and them forever, as they attempt to take out Hydracap for good. 

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Secret Empire/Black Widow/Champions


  • AVENGERS FOUR TP - Mark Waid and Barry Kitson's miniseries is a classic feeling Avengers tale with modern sensibilities. It's like discovering a long lost Avengers story from your childhood. 
  • BITCH PLANET TP VOL 02 PRESIDENT BITCH - Kelly Sue DeConnick and co's much loved sci-fi prison drama proving that it's worth the wait with this incredible second volume.   
  • DEADPOOL THE DUCK TP - It's a silly title. It's a super silly concept. But it is oh so much fun. Sitting right at the heart of the Howard The Duck/Deadpool venn diagram like the delicious filling for a pie. (okay maybe that metaphor did get away from me. - Shaun.)
  • HAWKEYE TP VOL 01 KATE BISHOP - Yep forget old man Clint Barton Hawkeye. This is fun lovin', go gettin', crime fightin' Kate Bishop Hawkeye! Dig Ms Marvel? Can't get enough of Squirrel Girl? Then give Miss Bishop a chance.
  • HEROINES #1  - From the creator of the fan favourite YA series Courtney Crumrin comes a new take on the capes and tights superhero genre.  
  • INFAMOUS IRON MAN TP VOL 01 INFAMOUS - You can't get away from the fact that Bendis is still one of the best superhero writers in town, and with him teaming up with long time partner in crime Alex Maleev, Infamous Iron Man couldn't be anything other than just fantastic.  
  • JOE GOLEM OCCULT DETECTIVE OUTER DARK #1 - Joe Golem continues Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden run of must read folklore infused crime books and Patric Reynolds stunning visuals are a damn fine treat for your eyes. Missing Hellboy? You may have just found your replacement. 
  • LAST CONTRACT TP - Artist Lisandro Estherren is making waves with his sell out Image smash-hit series Redneck. But it was with this collaboration with writer Ed Brisson (who we love! Have you read Sheltered? It's so good!) where he first impressed us.    
  • LAZARUS TP VOL 05 - This collection of the critically acclaimed series by Michael Lark and Greg Rucka goes from slow burn sci-fi thriller to all out action book in one smooth move. It's bloody, hard hitting and heart breaking. We continue to be wowed by Lazarus!
  • MISTER X ARCHIVES TP -  Well this made us feel old. Hitting shelves over thirty years ago, Mister X is just as inspiring and compelling now as it was then with it's fusion of Film Noir, Art Deco, and German Expressionism. 
  • TEEN TITANS LAZARUS CONTRACT SPECIAL #1 - DC's mini event - The Lazarus Contract - comes to an end this week with a bumper sized Teen Titans annual. 

Shaun & Andrew.