The Gosh! Authority 24.05.17


The events calendar continues on it's merry way this Friday evening as Hannah Berry joins us from 7-9pm to celebrate the release of her new book, Livestock! It's a superb satirical skewering of the intersection between politics and celebrity, and comes highly recommended! Not only that, but Hannah has printed off a bookplate especially for the occasion, so don't miss out! More details here.

Can't wait for Friday? How about joining us on Tuesday night from 6-7pm for a signing with Korinna Mei for her new self-published title LDN 2050? After which Korinna is one of our very special guests (along with Woodrow Phoenix & Hamish Steele) for the ever-popular Drink'n'Draw (in association with our pals at Broken Frontier).

More information about our signing with Korinne here, and the Drink'n'Draw here.

Not enough? Oh, okay, then on Wednesday night come along for a very special edition of Process, where Andy Oliver from Broken Frontier will be interviewing Unbound comics editor Lizzie Kaye, and Unbound creators Ram V and Joshua Mowll. It''ll be a fascinating look into the workings of one of the most exciting ventures in publishing and their branching out into comics. More details here.

Last Monday we had writer/artist Søren Mosdal in to sign copies of Erik the Red, published by Centrala Books. He was lovely guy, and signed and sketched for attendees, and we've still got a handful of signed copies left. Drop us a line if you're interested!

The on Friday we had in the whole gang behind the brilliant new Nobrow title A Castle in England. Jamie Rhodes, William Exley, Isabel Greenberg, Isaac Lenkiewicz, Becky Palmer and Briony May Smith all made it along to toast the new book. We've still got a small number of signed copies available, so if you're interested drop us a line.

And finally, preorders are rolling in for the upcoming Doom  Patrol Vol 1 Bookplate Edition, signed by Gerard Way and Nick Derington, so make sure you get an order in early so as not to miss out!


Your Black Friend GN
: Ben Passmore
Publisher: Adhouse

Starting life as a mini-comic, Your Black Friend is Ben Passmore's open letter about racism in America and its many forms, from the malicious, overt kind to the far more pervasive, thoughtless manifestations that black Americans face every day from their white friends. It's thought-provoking reading, leavened by Passmore's lightly comedic touch, and although his focus is on the American experience it's certainly a set of observations relatable to those here in the UK.

Try it if you like: Dear White People / Black History In Its Own Words / Prince of Cats

On the Camino HC
Writer/Artist: Jason
Publisher: Fantagraphics

To celebrate his 50th birthday, Norwegian cartoonist Jason decided to walk the 500 mile pilgrimage route of The Camino de Santiago in northwestern Spain. Along the way he chronicled his experiences in his unique style, all the odd encounters, setbacks and triumphs, which are now gathered together in this new hardcover edition. I mean, it's new Jason: what other information do you need to convince you!

Try it if you like: Jerusalem (Delisle) / Lost Cat / Baggywrinkles

Everything Is Flammable GN
Writer/ArtistGabrielle Bell
Publisher: Uncivilized

A welcome return for Gabrielle Bell, and an extremely personal one at that. After her mother's house is destroyed in a fire, Gabrielle returns to her childhood hometown in Northern California, and helps her mother to rebuild. Filled with reflections on her off-the-grid upbringing, her occasionally fraught relationship with her complicated mother and her own struggles with anxiety and financial hardship, this book is Bell on peak form.

Try it if you like: Are You My Mother / Museum of Mistakes / Tomboy

Viewpoint HC
Writer/ Artist
Lorenzo Ceccotti
Publisher: Magnetic Press

A artbook showcasing the work of Lorenzo Ceccotti, AKA LRNZ, the artist behind Golem and a celebrated concept designer and animation director. Drawing on the work of the likes of Terada, Moebius, Otomo, Bilal, Darrow, Madureira, Steranko & Sienkiewicz, Ceccotti has created his own distinct mélange of a style, fusing Eastern and Western sensibilities.

Try it if you like: Akira / The Incal / The Monkey King

Victor Lavalle's Destroyer #1
WriterVictor Lavalle
ArtistDietrich Smith
Publisher: Boom

A descendent of Frankenstein in modern day America turns to her ancestor's research in order to bring back her son, who has been killed in a police shooting. But her plans soon bring her and her reanimated child into conflict with the original monster, who is still at large in the world. An interesting looking book, with a good mix of sci fi adventure, melodrama and political nous.

Try it if you like: The Woods / BPRD / Mile Morales Spider-Man

Saucer State #1 (OF 6)
WriterPaul Cornell
ArtistRyan Kelly
Publisher: IDW

The return of Saucer Country! When the much-loved Vertigo series was cancelled back in 2013, Cornell promised that the story would eventually be completed somehow, somewhere, be it in comics or some other medium. Well, thanks to IDW, comics it is! Saucer State is a six issue mini series that completes the conspiracy-driven sci-fi thriller, as now-President Arcadia Alvarado uses her new position to uncover the truth of her abduction. The story allows for new readers to jump on, but if you want to go back to the start, IDW will also soon be republishing the entire 14 issue run of Saucer Country in one chunky TP.

Try it if you like: BPRD / American Vampire / Black Monday Murders

Rapture #1
Matt Kindt
Publisher: Valiant

Valiant is criminally overlooked. Few publishers are producing as solid a line of superhero comics as these guys, with great line-up of writers and artists consistently putting out terrific work. Little mini-events like this are a perfect example, with the ever-reliable Kindt and Spanish artist CAFU bringing Shadowman back into the fold (with assistance from Ninjak, or course). Check it out!

Try it if you like: Voodoo / Ninja / Fantasy-infused superheroics


  • Books of Magic TP Book 01 - The long-out-of-print follow-up to the classic Neil Gaiman series returns in all new editions! By John Ney Rieber & Peter Gross.
  • DC Universe By Mike Mignola HC - Collecting Mignola's early work from scattered issues of various DC titles. As much as we love Mignola's signature gothic style now, we've got a soft spot for this heavily Kirby-inspired stuff!
  • Doctor Strange and Sorcerers Supreme TP - One of the best Doctor Strange tales since The Oath, with beautiful Javier Rodriguez art.
  • Dying and The Dead Special Edition TP - Collecting the first three over-sized issues in one neat package the same day the fourth issue lands.
  • Hellblazer TP 16 The Wild Card - The first chunk of the Mike Carey written run and featuring art from the late, great Steve Dillon.  
  • I Am Groot #1 - Baby Groot gets separated from the Guardians and has to find his way home in this new solo series.
  • James Bond Service One Shot - Kieron Gillen writes a taut political thriller starring the British superspy. If anyone can update a relic like Bond in a convincing fashion, it's Gillen.
  • Moonshine TP 01 - Reuniting the Eisner award winning team behind 100 Bullets (Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso) for a Prohibition era crime tale, with a dark supernatural undercurrent. Hint: it's werewolf bootleggers. 
  • Please Destroy My Enemies GN - A collection of Michael Sweater's sweetly irreverent, anarchic online comics.
  • Violent Love TP  - A pulp infused crime romance story that oozes with style.
  • Weavers TP - Multiversity comics said it best when they called Weavers "...a love letter to gangster films filtered through a touch of Eldritch noir...". Hint: it's demonic spider-possessed gangsters. 

Oh! One last bit of news. We've worked with Islington Libraries and London Super Comic Con to put together a list of 100 must-read graphic novels! Islington Libraries are tweeting one title every day, and will be launching the collections later this year. Go follow them over here, or follow the #100comics hashtag.

See you next week!

Andrew & Shaun.