The Gosh! Authority 17.05.17


Thanks for all your patience last week while we got the new website up and running! If you haven’t had a look around yet, please do. We’ve largely got the webstore repopulated with all our exclusive bookplates editions, prints and signed books, and you can also now see all of our upcoming events on one handy, date-ordered page.

Speaking of events, don’t miss out on a humdinger this Friday night: we’re throwing a party to celebrate the launch of A Castle in England, the new title from Nobrow. Written by Jamie Rhodes, with an amazing roster of UK art talent - Isaac Lenkiewicz, Briony May Smith, William Exley, Becky Palmer and Isabel Greenberg - A Castle in England is a collection of short stories from the history of Scotney Castle in Kent. Should be good one, so don’t miss out! Details here.

Then next week, as well as our monthly Drink & Draw in association with Broken Frontier, we’ve got a launch for a terrific new indie title: LDN 2050 #1, by Korinna Mei Veropoulou. Details here.

Two big bookplates offered for preorder got announced this week. Hold on to your hats, because these are pretty special!

Doom Patrol Cover.png

First up, we announced the Doom Patrol TP Vol 1 Bookplate Edition, featuring a brand new image produced by Nick Derington printed at A6 to our usual high standards and signed by Gerard Way and Nick Derington!

These are strictly limited to 300 copies, and we don't expect them to last long, so get a preorder in on the website, or let us know if you'd like one added to your order ASAP!

Then as if that wasn't exciting enough, we've also announced preorders on the Boundless GN Bookplate Edition, the latest book from the incredible Jillian Tamaki!

These are limited to 200 numbered copies, signed by Jillian. Get your preorders in through our online store, or email for an in-store reservation!


A Castle in England
Writer: James Rhodes
Artists: Isaac Lenkiewicz, Briony May Smith, William Exley, Becky Palmer and Isabel Greenberg
Publisher: Nobrow

Produced in association with the National Trust, A Castle in England is a graphic history of Scotney Castle in Kent, mixing fictional narrative and factual history. NT writer in residence Jamie Rhodes has collaborated on five short stories with a brilliant line-up of artists: Isaac Lenkiewicz, Briony May Smith, William Exley, Becky Palmer and Isabel Greenberg. It's all packaged in a lovely hardcover edition, produced to the usual high Nobrow standard. The book looks lovely, one of our most anticipated of the year so far.

Try it if you like: Encyclopedia of Early Earth /  Los Tejanos and Lost Cause / Berlin

Fante Bukowski Two
: Noah Van Sciver
Publisher: Fantagraphics

Noah Van Sciver's talentless writer is back, continuing his misanthropic adventures in the literary world. Lost in a world of self-deluding pretension, Fante is always looking for the one idea that will give him the riches and respect he so obviously (in his eyes) deserves. The first volume (still available) was great, filled with wry, uncomfortable humour, and this doesn't look to stray too far from that well.

Try it if you like: Wilson / Jimmy Corrigan / George Sprott

Deadpool Bad Blood OGN HC
Writer: Rob Liefeld, Chris Sims & Chad Bowers
Artist: Rob Liefeld
Publisher: Marvel

Now we’re talking! Liefeld on Deadpool! Now, you may think we’re being a bit facetious here - the smirking, ironic graphic novel peddlers ripping into the easiest target of the 90’s - but you couldn’t be more wrong. Fact is, for all the flaws of Liefeld as an artist (and we’re not blind), his work has an undeniable, fascinating energy to it. Okay, so the hidden feet, inconsistent costumes, floating figures, gritted teeth and bizarre anatomy also have a certain entertainment value (and give us bad over boring any day), but there’s genuine artistic vision going on. Look at it this way: if you want an indication of Liefeld’s actual talent, compare him to his imitators. Also, have a search for that video of him inking Hawk & Dove while he’s driving. Magic.

Oh, also...Deadpool!

Try it if you like: Lines / Gritted Teeth / Totally Rad Stuff From The 90's, Bro

Generation X #1
Writer: Christina Strain
Artist: Amilcar Pinna
Publisher: Marvel

Continuing the mostly triumphant return of the X-Men to their rightful profile within the MU, the premiere X-teen team (that isn't the New Mutants) returns! The Xavier School is back with a full roster of students, but of course not every mutant is suited to spandexed evil-bashing. Generation X follows the outcasts and oddballs of the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach as they follow the lead of their new mentor: Jubilee!

Try it if you like: X-Men Gold / X-Men Blue / X-Men Puce*
* Not a real title.

Grrl Scouts Magic Socks #1
Writer/Artist: Jim Mahfood
Publisher: Image

After more than a decade off the shelves, Jim Mahfood's Grrl Scouts are back! The ass-kicking team of Gwen, Daphne, and Rita continue their exploits in Freak City, all done in Mahfood's signature style. Not only that, but there's a whole heap of extras in the issue: a behind-the-scenes comic; pin-ups and bonus art; a sketchbook section; and even a soundtrack for the issue!

Try it if you like: Paper Girls / Tank Girl / Bitch Planet

Luke Cage #1
: David Walker
Artist: Nelson Blake
Publisher: Marvel

Walker, writer on the excellent, prematurely cancelled Nighthawk series, turns his eye to Luke Cage. After the man who gave him his powers is killed in mysterious circumstances, Luke heads down to New Orleans to get to the bottom of things. But in a strange town filled with new enemies, he gets into a bit more trouble than he bargained for.

Try it if you like: Nighthawk / Luke Cage (the Netflix one) / Power Man & Iron Fist


  • 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #4 - Boss and Rosenberg’s whip smart action romp is back on shelves after a little break.

  • Flash #22 (The Button Final Part) - The last instalment of DC’s really rather fun Watchmen infused event.

  • Free County A Tale Of The Children’s Crusade TP - One of the best pieces of urban fantasy writing helmed by one of the genre’s best writers - Neil Giaman.  

  • Hero A Go Go SC - An exploration of the poppy over the top comics culture of the 1960’s

  • Motor Girl TP 01 - The first collection in Terry Moore’s new comedy adventure series!

  • New Humanz #1 - Time travelling, cybernetic action as a time-displaced CIA agent works for a crime syndicate to restore her daughter's humanity.

  • Sovereigns #1 - Picking up where the zero issue left off, Magnus, Doctor Spektor and Solar attempt to track down the missing Turok.

  • Star Wars Prequel Trilogy GN HC - Revisit Vader’s origin sans Hayden Christensen and with bonus lovely art!

  • Supergirl TP 01 (Rebirth) - The Rebirth collections are coming at us thick and fast now, but Steve Orlando’s Supergirl is definitely one to keep up with.

  • The Golem’s Mighty Swing SC -  Drawn and Quarterly bring a new edition of the classic tale of a barnstorming Jewish baseball team during the great depression. Penned and illustrated by founder of the Center for Cartoon Studies, James Sturm.

  • Wicked + Divine 455 AD One Shot - The latest W+D flashback one-shot, this time set in the Roman Empire! Illustrated by Andre Araujo, it'll be a while before this (and the other time jumping one-shots) will be collected. 

Same(ish) time next week?
Shaun & Andrew.