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This Wednesday we've got the final edition of Reads, our monthly graphic novel reading group. This time around the group will be looking at some classic Carl Barks in Donald Duck: The Golden Helmet. All are welcome, so come on down for a 7pm start! We've got plenty of copies of the book if you want to pick a copy up beforehand (probably advisable!) Not only that, but they'll also be doing their annual Christmas Quiz! More details here!



Christmas rapidly approaches and people in need of great comic gift ideas look no further than our Best of 2017 lists. Split into two, one Adult, and one Kids, these are our favourite reads of 2017 and all come highly recommended. Both lists cover a wide variety so you'll be able to find the perfect gift for any right-minded comics lover. All the titles listed are marked in store with our blue Best of 2017 sticker and are available to order via our online store.

Speaking of Christmas we will have altered hours over the festive period. So feast your peepers on our holiday season opening times. 

December 18th-23rd: 10.30am - 8pm
December 24th: 10.30am - 3pm
December 25th & 26th: CLOSED / MERRY CHRISTMAS
December 27th-30th: 10.30am - 7pm
December 31st: 10.30am - 3pm
January 2nd onward: Hours back to the usual 10.30am-7pm


We had the good folks of Avery Hill in last Friday to celebrate the release of Alex Potts' new book It's Cold In the River at Night and generally have a bit of a Christmas knees-up. A fun time was had by all and while Alex didn't have time to sign copies on the night, he'll be popping by sometime soon to do so!



Writer: Kieron Gillen
ArtistKris Anka, Chynna Clugston Flores, Carla Speed McNeil, Rachael Stott, Emma Vieceli & Matt Wilson
Publisher: Image

A festive gathering of guest artists come together under this wonderful woolly jumper cover for the WicDiv Christmas Special. Gillen spins tales of the godly good times, before everything started going wrong. From the publicity blurb it looks like a bunch of shorts mostly featuring your favourite gods getting it on, which I'm sure isn't going to be an issue for the ardent W&D fan! A Christmas cracker, indeed...

Try it if you like: The Wicked + The Divine / Complex Interpersonal Relationships / Supernatural Hanky Panky


Fabien Vehlmann
Artist: Kerascoet
Publisher: NBM

The authors of modern classics Miss Don't Touch Me and Beautiful Darkness return with a tale of discovery and darkness. Searching for her missing brother, Charlotte brings together an expeditionary group to follow in his footsteps into the bowels of the Earth. His mission: to prove the existence of Hell. It's another dark ride for the creative team, and Kerascoet's lush yet cartoonish art once again makes for an unsettling juxtaposition to the subject matter.


We're such big fans of their work, we're very proud to be able to offer an exclusive Gosh Bookplate Edition, limited to just 100 copies! This beautiful bookplate is now available in-store or online through our webstore.

Try it if you like: Beautiful Darkness / Providence / Harrow County


Rachael Smith
Publisher: Self Published

Rachael Smith's autobiographical account of her struggles with anxiety and depression has been been expanded and issued in a great new edition, thanks to a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that more than doubled her original goal. Originally started as a means of getting to grips with her uncooperative brain, Smith discovered an extremely receptive audience who could relate their own experience to hers. Juggling humour, hardship and practical advice, the new edition contains 100 pages of new content (on top of the 40 pages in the original edition). As a bonus, all of our copies are signed!

Try it if you like - Hyperbole and a Half / It's All Absolutely Fine / Sarah's Scribbles


 M.L. Miller
Artist: James Whynot
Publisher: Black Mask

Another exciting new release from the folks at Black Mask, this time a psychedelic nerve-shredding horror. A pair of siblings fall in with a cabal of grave robbers who use fresh corpses to create a hallucinatory drug, becoming users themselves as they attempt to reconnect to the spirit of their recently deceased father. As they lose themselves in the grim world of corpses and addiction, the questions starts to present itself: will they be the next victims? Whynot's art on this book looks like something else, with vivid colours and heavy inks on his innovative layouts.

Try it if you like - Space Riders / Orc Stain / Bad Company


Matt Sheean & Malachi Ward
Artist: Matt Sheean & Malachi Ward
Publisher: Adhouse

Another slice of mind-bending sci-fi from Sheean and Ward as agents of an advanced civilization clash with a pacifist cult over control of prehistoric human society. Sheean and Ward's Ancestor was a highlight from Brandon Graham's Island anthology, so we're excited to see this collection of their old mini-series, also including new art from Brandon Graham, Jed McGowan, and Farel Dalrymple.

Try it if you like - Ancestor / Prophet / Black Science


Warren Craghead
Publisher: Retrofit/Big Planet

Craghead has produced a daily caricature of Donald Trump since his acceptance of the Republican nomination. Trump's own quotes counterpointed by Craghead's fascinatingly ugly drawings, creating a darkly satirical narrative that in this collection charts the first six months, until the day of his inauguration. The book also comes with further commentary on each cartoon, giving insight into Craghead's thinking and process.

Try if you like - Ronald Searle / Ralph Steadman / Al Hirschfeld


Carlos Valderrama
Artist: Miguel Valderrama
Publisher: Dark Horse

Humanity has been driven underground by a race of gigantic monsters. Society has broken down into ruthless tribalism, where people scrabble for whatever advantage they can get to survive. In this world two teenage boys long to rise above their current station and will exploit whatever resources they can to do so, including 50-foot tall monsters that might be just a bit more than they can handle.

Try it if you like - Godzilla / Pacific Rim / Akira


JUDAS #1 (OF 4) 
Jeff Loveness  
Artist: Jakub Rebelka
Publisher: Boom

The journey of Judas Iscariot, that most maligned of apostles, is retold through a lens that asks the question: who really suffered the most for mankind? Cast as a tragic figure who's role is predetermined in a story that casts him as the villain, Judas is a revisionist Biblical tale in the tradition of The Goddamned or Aronofsky's Noah.

Try it if you like - The Goddamned / Noah / The Last Temptation of Christ


Paul Allor
Artist: Chris Evenhuis
Publisher: Aftershock

Up and coming writer Allor teams with Wynonna Earp artist Evenhuis for the story of Leonardo da Vinci, his assistant Isabel and their 9-foot tall mechanical robot bodyguard. Ahh, the Renaissance! da Vinci and Isabel find themselves entangled in political conflicts of the time, as the genius' inventions are intended to be brought to bear as machines of war, unless his able assistant can help it.

Try it if you like - Five Fists of Science / Girl Genius / Grandville


  • AMAZING SPIDER-MAN VENOM INC ALPHA #1 - Kicking off a new crossover that runs through Amazing Spider-Man & Venom. If you've got either title on your s/o, we've got you covered!
  • ASTRO CITY ORDINARY HEROES HC - The latest hardcover collection of Kurt Busiek's long-running, too-easily overlooked superhero series.
  • ASTRO CITY REFLECTIONS TP - The latest softcover collection of Kurt Busiek's long-running, too-easily overlooked superhero series.
  • BITCH PLANET TRIPLE FEATURE TP VOL 01 - Collecting the first lot of one-shot character-focused stories from the world of the hit series by guest creators.
  • DEFENDERS TP VOL 01 - Enjoy one of Bendis' final Marvel gigs for the time being as he reshapes the Defenders in the image of the Netflix universe.
  • DESCENDER DLX ED HC VOL 01 - A super-duper deluxe hardcover collecting issue #1-16, plus all kinds of behind-the-scenes treats!
  • MISFIT CITY TP VOL 01 - The Goonies meets The Lumberjanes in this excellent throwback YA mystery series.
  • ROCKET TP VOL 01 BLUE RIVER SCORE - Al Ewing's superbly silly Rocket Racoon series gets a collection.
  • THERES NOTHING THERE TP VOL 01 - The first collection of the fun horror series by Patrick Kindlon and Maria Llovet.

See you next week, all!

Andrew & Shaun


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