The Gosh! Authority 04.01.18

Happy New Year, all!

sale 2018.png

The January Sale is upon us! Yes, from the 2nd - 31st January we'll be running our usual price-busting extravaganza, with 1000's of reduced graphic novels and childrens books going on sale throughout the month on our sale table, as well as a whopping 50% off all of our back issues. Stupid bargains to be had, people!

So remember how we did things last week, what with us running a bit of a skeleton staff and being manically busy? Well, same story this week, so we'll be doing another abbreviated number. As before, I'll pop a link on each title to take you to Previewsworld for more information. Normal service will be resumed next week!


  • KOSHCHEI THE DEATHLESS #1 (OF 6) - The immortal killer employed by Baba Yaga in the pages of Darkness Falls relates the story of his long and tragic life in this great looking spin-off by Mike Mignola and terrific Kiwi artist Ben Stenbeck.
  • EXIT STAGE LEFT THE SNAGGLEPUSS CHRONICLES #1 - One of the most anticipated of DC's Hanna-Barbera reimaginings featuring a Tennessee Williams-channeling Snagglepuss caught up in McCarthy-ite hysteria, written by Mark Russell, author of the recent acclaimed Flinstones series, with art by Mike Feehan.
  • BATMAN AND THE SIGNAL #1 (OF 3) - Scott Snyder and Tom Patrick write this limited series featuring the newest member of the Bat-family, with lovely Cully Hamner art.
  • RISE OF BLACK PANTHER #1 (OF 6) LEG - Chronicling a young T'Challa's rise to power during the twilight of his father's rule, written by Te-Nahisi Coates and Evan Narcisse, with art by Paul Renaud.
  • ROGUE & GAMBIT #1 (OF 5) LEG Oh my lord, sugah! It's everyone's favourite mutant exes, and you can cut the heavily accented tension with a KNIFE! 
    "I know what you're t'inkin', ma petite. Dat Gambit...still de suave one, no?"*
    "Yo, X-Men -- hit the bricks, ya'll come a'runnin' -- we got us a job t'do! An' some heads t'bust!"*

* Actual Gambit & Rogue quotes, though not in this issue thankfully.

  • SECRET WEAPONS #0 - A prequel to the recently collected Valiant mini-series by Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer with a rare artistic appearance by underrated 90's artist Adam Pollina. Seriously, the Secret Weapons trade comes highly recommended, but perhaps pick this issue up to get a taster.
  • NEMO HC - Jules Verne's famous submarine captain in the spotlight in a lovely hardcover edition, with striking art by German artist Bruno.
  • CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SORCERY TP - A collection of the classic 70's Archie horror comic series, featuring Larry Hama, Dan DeCarlo, Gray Morrow, Dick Giordano, Stan Goldberg and more!
  • GENERATION GONE TP VOL 01 - A collection of the first chapter in Ales Kot & André Lima Araújo's revisionist superhero tale. Weird science abounds!