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December is upon us and Christmas is just around the corner! For our last launch party of the year, we have a very special knees-up planned in association with the good folks of Avery Hill. The Avery Hill Christmas Party is happening right here on Friday the 8th December, 7-9pm, and will also double as a launch party for the much-anticipated new book by Alex Potts: It's Cold In the River at Night. Mark it in your calendars and check here for more details.


Speaking of events, we had the lovely duo of Benjamin Read and Chris Wildgoose in last Thursday signing copies of their excellent Porcelain trilogy. The gents gamely signed and sketched for attendees and then worked their way through a massive pile of stock for us! It's a perfect chance to pick up signed copies of the entire trilogy, and there are even some sketched copies lurking among them. Drop us a line if you'd like a copy of any or all of the volumes set aside (but if you want a sketched one you'll need to come in and look for yourself!)


If you're looking for gift inspiration, we'd be remiss not to give another little plug to our Best of 2017 lists, one Adult and one Kids. They're our favourite reads of 2017, so consider them all highly recommended, and there's plenty of variety there for you find the right gift for any right-minded comics lover (or indeed any non-comics reader who needs a bit of corrective guidance...). All the titles listed are marked in store with our Best of 2017 sticker, and are available to order via our online store.


With Christmas coming, it's time to once again take a misty-eyed trip down Altered Shop Hours Lane. So feast your soul on a shop hours list for the ages!

December 18th-23rd: 10.30am - 8pm
December 24th: 10.30am - 3pm
December 25th & 26th: CLOSED / MERRY CHRISTMAS
December 27th-30th: 10.30am - 7pm
December 31st: 10.30am - 3pm
January 2nd onward: Hours back to the usual 10.30am-7pm

And in a last bit of admin news, a handful of Marvel books are delayed shipping to the UK this week. The following will hopefully now ship next week:




Writer / Artist:
Cyril Pedrosa
Publisher: Fanfare

The long-awaited translation of Pedrosa's award-winning chronicle of a comics artist seeking to escape the stale state of his adult life by retreating back to the place of his childhood. Trapped in a creative and emotional isolation of his own making, Simon's misguided attempt to rediscover inspiration through a place leads him to find the answers he needed in a different, non-geographical place entirely. Pedrosa, the author of now out of print classic Three Shadows, is an absolute genius, and this might just be the pinnacle of his work so far (so much so that we might just need to squeeze it on our best of the year list). His beautiful linework and colours are matched by his sure hand as a writer, bringing living, breathing characters off the page and creating a completely authentic sense of place.

Try it if you like: Three Shadows / The Nao of Brown / Daytripper


Writer / Artist: 
Ken Reid
Publisher: Rebellion

SCRUNGE! From the pages of the classic kids weeklies Jet and Buster comes a collection of Ken Reid's Faceache strips, beloved by the likes of Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill, Pat Mills and John Wagner. Reid has, up to this point, been something of an overlooked genius to modern comics readers. Thankfully Rebellion's purchase of the IPC archive and their subsequent Treasury of British Comics reprint line have given us this lovely hardcover edition, featuring an introduction by Moore. So settle back for one of the best British gag comics ever made, as Ricky Rubberneck gets in and out of mischief with his amazing "bendable bonce"!

Try it if you like: Dennis the Menace / Desperate Dan / Buster


Ram V
Artist: Dev Pramanik
Publisher: Image

The continually impressive Ram V makes his Image Comics debut with this new sci-fi series set centuries after a cataclysm known only as The Midnight Event. Into this world of wastelands, megacities and killer cyborgs steps Jack Kryznan, a mysterious traveller whose past is slowly revealed to himself and the reader, and who might hold the key to the future of Paradiso City. Ram has a great eye for artistic talent, and Pramanik doesn't disappoint, bringing a style reminiscient of Sean Murphy and Daniel Warren Johnson.

Try it if you like: Extremity / Tokyo Ghost / Blade Runner


Writer / Artist:
Alex Potts
Publisher: Avery Hill

The first graphic novel by local creator Alex Potts, whose small press output has always impressed with its expression of life's quiet moments. It's an ambitious shift in narrative to a fiction about a couple whose relationship begins to crack when they move to an isolated corner of Western Europe. In an attempt to ease the pressure on their relationship, Carl apprentices to a local practitioner of a dying coffin-building art. But the job and his employer are both very different to what he bargained for, and a quest for meaning doesn't always come to the conclusion you went looking for (or wanted).                

Try it if you like: Ethel & Ernest / Uncomfortably Happily / Driving Short Distances


Writer / Artist:
Julie Maroh
Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press

An ambitious work by Blue is the Warmest Colour author Maroh, exploring relationships in their many different stages and flavours by way of 21 vignettes set in Montreal. Through these small fictional slices we see the universality of excitement, love and pain in homosexual, heterosexual, monogamist, polygamist, transsexual, bisexual, and alternative realationships. After a rather disappointing follow-up in Skandalon, Maroh really hits her form again with this unique GN.

Try it if you like: Love is Love / Blue is the Warmest Colour / Strangers in Paradise


Sarah Vaughn
Artist: Leila Del Duca
Publisher: Image

Vaughn, co-writer on Alex & Ada and Eternal Empire, teams up with Shutter artist Del Duca for this new YA fantasy series. Lady “Poppy” Pyppenia, daughter of the king, is guarded by Cyrenic, the so-called Sleepless Knight, but when a new king is crowned, the world of palace intrigue presents new dangers for the pair. An old school romantic fantasy adventure updated with a fresh, current sensibility.

Try it if you like: Ladycastle / Another Castle / Castle Waiting


Greg Rucka, Tom King, Dennis O'Neil, Jeff Lemire, Max Landis, Christopher Priest, Shea Fontana, Joshua Williamson
Artist: Steve Epting, Rafael Albuquerque, Bilquis Evely, Otto Schimdt, Neil Googe, Francis Manapul
Publisher: DC

The Christmas-themed DC anthology returns, and this time with an uncommonly strong creative team. Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Sgt. Rock, the Teen Titans and Swamp Thing all get the holiday-themed treatment, and you even get an all-new Denny O'Neill Batman story for being good!

Try if if you like: CHRISTMAS!



  • ART OF DESTINY 2 HC - Whether you love it or are indifferent, you can't argue with the beautiful production design on the hit shooter, presented here in a nice hardcover.
  • BABYTEETH TP VOL 01 - The first arc of Donny Cates and Garry Brown's Antichrist thriller.
  • BARBARELLA #1 - The original psychedelic space heroine is back in all new adventures penned by the ever-reliable Carey with striking visuals by Turkish artist Yarar.
  • BLACK BOLT TP VOL 01 HARD TIME - The first arc of Saladin Ahmed & Christian Ward's absolutely gorgeous tale of the Inhuman king.
  • CABLE TP VOL 01 CONQUEST - Collecting the surprisingly good first arc of James Robinson & Carlos Pacheco's current run.
  • CHIMICHANGA SORROW OF WORLDS WORST FACE #1 - The return of Eric Powell's bearded girl, with art by Stephanie Buscema.
  • DARK JUDGES: THE FALL OF DEADWORLD BOOK 01 HC - The origin of Deadworld, home of Judge Death and his dark brethern, is told at last by Kek-W and David Kendall.
  • KLAUS AND THE CRISIS IN XMASVILLE #1 - Grant Morrison revisits his young Santa fantasy series for a seasonal one-shot.
  • MIGHTY CRUSADERS #1 - The premier Archie superteam returns, by Ian Flynn and Kelsey Shannon.
  • MONSTROUS COLL STEVE NILES & BERNIE WRIGHTSON TP - A collection of the Niles and Wrightson collaborations, presented in moody black & white.
  • NIGHT BUSINESS HC - Ben Marra's ultraviolent ode to the 80's DTV golden years is collected into a sturdy hardcover.
  • SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER TP - Collecting the first arc of the flapjack-eating, bear-punching, no-shirt-wearing hero's title.
  • WATCHMEN THE ANNOTATED EDITION HC - Watchmen gets the annotated treatment, similar to the Sandman Annotated series: black and white reprints with annotations in the generous margins. We suspect this might be a little more dense, though!
  • WHITEOUT COMPENDIUM GN - A long overdue collection of Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber's excellent Whiteout duology. Forget the middling film, Whiteout and Whiteout: Melt are terrific crime thrillers. 

And that's that! See you next week, troops!

Andrew & Shaun.


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