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This is it, folks! When next we meet we'll all be in that strange netherworld of the interval between Christmas and New Year. Some of you will be at home, some away, and some - like us - enjoying the feeling of travelling into work on a tube system that's about 60% less overburdened. But of course it's not all plain sailing, with changes in opening hours and delayed deliveries. So let's talk Christmas turkey:


First up, a reminder of our holiday hours, which start from Monday the 18th and are laid out above. That's an extra hour to get here in the week leading up to Christmas, and shorter hours on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. The delivery days following the holidays will be delayed to Thursday 28th December and Thursday the 4th January, with shipments arriving at some point that day to go out on the shelf. Full details can be found here.



Ed Piskor
Publisher: Marvel

Well, this is the most excited we've been about an X-book in quite some time. Piskor, creator of the celebrated Hip Hop Family Tree, is taking the history of the X-Men and retelling it at around a decade per issue, tying it all together into one big story. Sounds like an absolutely insane undertaking, but the time to discover how he's going to manage it is here! An absolute must for X-Men fans past and present, and a great way of introducing yourself to them if you've never understood why they used to be the top-selling franchise in comics. 

Try it if you like - X-Men / Marvels / JSA The Golden Age


: Various
Publisher: Abrams

Another excellent Star Wars art of book featuring concept work from Episode XIII. The previous books focusing on The Force Awakens and Rogue One were an astounding look into the pre-production on the films, filled with concept art, costume designs and storyboards from the ridiculously talented art team (many of whom are UK based). Beautifully designed and clearly laid out, the book is an absolute pleasure. Beware of spoilers if you haven't watched the film!

Try if you like - A Galaxy Far Far Away


Creator & Editor
: Zainab Akhtar
Publisher: Self-published

Akhtar is one of the leading new voices in comics criticism, as well as being one of the founders of Shortbox, a small press subscription box highlighting exciting, upcoming talent. That experience all comes together in her Critical Chips collections, anthologies of essays and comics by a great line-up of diverse voices from all corners of the comics industry. Familiar voices such as Joe McCulloch, JA Micheline, Brandon Graham, Annie Mok, ex-Gosher Hannah Chapman and Zainab herself share the pages with new writers and artists to create a truly exciting package of work.

Try it if you like - The Comics Journal / Shortbox / Comic Books Are Burning In Hell podcast


Mike Mignola
ArtistAdam Hughes
Publisher: Dark Horse

Time to spend a little time with the true spirit of Christmas: KRAMPUS! Yes, the Alpine terrorizer of naughty children - the dark flipside to St Nick - comes face to face with everyone's favourite demonic paranormal investigator in this one-shot written by Mignola and featuring beautiful art by the ever-reliable Hughes. Sounds like a perfect treat for a lazy Christmas afternoon. Get yourself a mulled wine and a mince pie, settle into your most comfy chair, and soak it in.

Try it if you like - Hellboy / Christmas / Naughty Children Being Kidnapped By A Demonic Goat-Man


WriterTini Howard
ArtistGilbert Hernandez
Publisher: Black Crown/IDW

The second book from Shelly Bond's Black Crown imprint hits, featuring art from none other than legendary Love & Rockets artist Gilbert Hernandez (AKA the one who does the crazy stuff). Dominic Price is a fairly average college-age kid. Just wants to make out with his boyfriend, play video games and slack off wherever possible. But after his mother doesn't pay his tuition fees due to other commitments, Dominic has to spend the semester getting into the family business: high-octane bounty-hunting! Looks suitably nutty.

Try it if you like - Kill Bill / Rick & Morty / American Blood


Matthew Rosenberg
ArtistTravel Foreman
Publisher: Marvel

To be honest, we generally Also of Note these Legacy one-shots and minis, but this one has such a good pedigree that we just need to make a little more noise about it. Matthew Rosenberg is one of the most exciting writers on the scene right now, with his 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank being a highlight from this last year (the book of which just came out a little too late to make our best of list). Teaming him with an artist as dynamic and exciting as Travel Foreman makes this mini-series about Black Widow's ex-boyfriends trying to solve the mystery of who is killing her old enemies one to watch.

Try it if you like - The Winter Soldier / Kingpin /4 Kids Walk Into A Bank


Chip Zdarsky
ArtistJim Cheung
Publisher: Marvel

Now we're talking. We've all missed Marvel's First Family, but even if we can't get them all back together yet, two out four ain't bad. The Human Torch and The Thing team up for this all-new ongoing written by Chip Zdarsky, with the initial story arc beautifully drawn by Jim Cheung. SEE the return of Ben Grimm's classic team-up title! WATCH as he and Johnny Storm try to solve the mystery of the Richards' family's disappearance! GASP at the machinations of Doctor Doom! This should be a blast. I'm calling it: THE RETURN OF THE FANTASTIC FOUR STARTS HERE!

Try it if you like - Fantastic Four / Marvel Two-In-One / Spectacular Spider-Man


  • BATMAN ARKHAM JOKERS DAUGHTER TP - A collection of appearances of the titular character.
  • BLACK HAMMER TP VOL 02 THE EVENT - The second collection of Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston's brilliant revisionist superhero story.
  • DARK NIGHTS METAL #4 (OF 6) - Any week with an issue of Metal is a good week. Merry Christmas, indeed!      
  • DEEP TP - Collecting Tom Taylor's all-ages marine adventure series, as seen in animated form on Netflix.
  • EMPOWERED & SISTAH SPOOKYS HIGH SCHOOL HELL #1 - A new spin-off series from Adam Warren's superhero parody, written by Warren and drawn by Carla Speed McNeil.
  • LOVE & ROCKETS: ANGELS AND MAGPIES - The latest collection of Jaime Hernandez material, including The Love Bunglers, one of Jaime's best ever works (and that's saying something).
  • JOE GOLEM OCCULT DETECTIVE FLESH & BLOOD #1 - A new series featuring Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden's supernatural gumshoe. 
  • SECRET WEAPONS TP VOL 01 - Collecting the first arc of the terrific Valiant mini-series by Eric Heisserer, the Academy Award-nominated screenwriter of Arrival.
  • SO IM A SPIDER SO WHAT GN VOL 01 - A high school girl is magically transformed into a small spider living in a fantasy dungeon in this new comedy manga series.
  • TERRIFIED TEACHER AT GHOUL SCHOOL GN VOL 01 - A scaredy cat teacher takes up a position in a school for monsters in the new comedy manga.
  • WONDER WOMAN THE TRUE AMAZON TP - A paperback edition of Jill Thompson's excellent stand alone graphic novel telling tales of Diana's early years.

And that's your lot! See you next week for news on our upcoming JANUARY SALE! Until then, have yourselves a very Merry Christmas!

Andrew & Shaun. 


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