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2017 rapidly approaches its end and the scythe drops on another year, so that can mean only one thing. It's time for the Gosh staff's favourite books of 2017! We've split our lists into two handy categories for your convenience: Adult and Kids. Keep your eyes peeled for our blue best of 2017 stickers next time your in store or grab them from our online store


It’s our last Drink & Draw of the year. As always co-hosted with our friends at Broken Frontier! We have guest artists Shane Melisse,  Matthew Pettit and Lucia Soto joining us Tuesday, 21st November. As normal the fun kicks off here at Gosh! from 6.30pm with an opportunity to buy work from the featured artists at a discounted price before heading to the Coach & Horses from 7pm for all the drinking and drawing to begin. You can follow the event on Facebook for up to the minute details. 


Counter culture hero Gilbert Shelton will be with here this coming Saturday (the 25th) form 1-2pm signing his work to celebrate the release of his new Knockabout book, Fifty Freakin' Years of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers which will be on ourselves from the 23rd. 


Then on Monday 27 November from 7-9pm we'll be hosting Richy K. Chandler's Super Happy Launch party! So come along and help Richy celebrate not one, but two new books: When are You Going to Get a Proper Job? published by Singing Dragon and You Make Your Parents Super Happy from Jessica Kingsley Publishers. As ever with one of Richy's events, there's plenty to look forward to on the night! Richy will be in conversation with Eisner-winning author & artist Sarah Lightman, plus there will be live music, drinks and tasty treats!

As per usual if you can't make it along to any of these events but would like to get something signed, drop us an email to to arrange a reservation or a mail order.


You may recall that a little over a month ago Chip Zdarsky was interviewed live in store by none other than Kieron Gillen. Now whilst we squeezed in everyone we could on the night, some people missed out on a spectacular chat between two great creators, well fear not because you can now listen to the whole thing in audio form, edited and hosted by our dear Steve on his Hold Fast podcast network.



WriterGeoff Johns
ArtistGary Frank
Publisher: DC

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's big event 12-issue maxi-series kicks off here, and to say this thing is a tentpole for DC is something of an understatement. After drip-fed hints since the beginning of DC's Rebirth initiative, the characters from Watchmen are being folded into the DC Universe. It's not a day we ever thought we'd see coming, but whatever your feelings on the ins and outs of doing it, with this creative team it should certainly be a very enjoyable tale in its own right. Johns and Frank are no Moore & Gibbons, but they're still a pretty formidable collaborative pair!

Try it if you like - Watchmen / Batman Earth One / Beyond Watchmen


Steve Niles
Artist: Alison Sampson
Publisher: Image

A throwback to the kind of 70's horror aesthetic that brought us tales such as The Hills Have Eyes and Race With the Devil: a kind of existential fear that urban America has about its hinterlands. Not to mention a healthy dose of Satanism, which periodically raises its head in the neuroses of suburbanite Christian America. Veteran horror writer Niles (the man who really reintroduced horror as a viable genre in the American comics market) teams with UK artist Sampson for a story that is drenched in an atmosphere of dread and darkness, as cast by Alison's mastery of inks. A family finds themselves fighting for survival when their winnebago breaks down in a small Californian town whose population happen to be devout Satanists. We were so taken with it, we got ourselves an exclusive bookplate!


Alison has done us an original portrait of Cassie, signed by her. If you'd like a copy let us know, or order from the webstore.

Try it if you like - 30 Days of Night / Severed / Race With the Devil


Writer/ArtistPaul Hornschemeier
Publisher: Fantagraphics

One of the most criminally underappreciated talents to emerge from the early 2000's comics scene, whose Mother Come Home is an overlooked classic. We're very excited to see him resurrect his much-missed anthology series with this new #1. It's an eclectic mix of illustration, comic strip, serialisation of his new graphic novel and even the first chapter of his first prose novel. Treat yourself to new work from this unique voice.

Try it if you like - Acme Novelty Library / Palookaville / Kramers Ergot


Writer/Artist: Marcelo D'Salete
Publisher: Fantagraphics

The history of slavery in Brazil is rarely examined, but D'Salete's powerful graphic novel takes an unflinching look at that period in the country's history. The book is a collection of tales told from the point of view of the slaves themselves, specifically those who rebel against their enslavers. Utilising a bold graphic style, D'Salete transports us to a world that he infuses with a magical realism to bring us more than literal retellings. A strong book that has won major prizes in its native Brazil.

Try it if you like - Nat Turner / Kindred / Black History In Its Own Words


Spain Rodriguez
EditorPatrick Rosenkranz
Publisher: Fantagraphics

Similar to their S Clay Wilson series, Street Fighting Men begins a chronicle of the life and career of legendary underground cartoonist Spain Rodriguez, or simply by the singular Spain. This first volume collects 170 pages of his most famous character, radical leftist superhero, Trashman. We're also treated to his chronicle of riding with the Road Vultures Motorcycle Club and his 1969 series about cop corruption, Manning. An essential collection of work from one of the most important voices to come from the 60's.

Try it if you like - The Mythology of S Clay Wilson / The Complete Crumb / God Nose



Ryan O'Sullivan
ArtistPlaid Klaus
Publisher: Image

Trippy sci-fi comedy from one of the current crop of hot UK writers, with art by Turncoat artist Klaus. The last two humans on earth are on a mission to reach Euphoria, a hippy paradise for fellow devotees of froot, their drug of choice. The result is an irreverent, off-the-wall road trip across the galaxy that's equal parts Star Wars and Cheech and Chong. Klaus really brings it with the art, striking a tone that recalls the best work of John McRea,

Try it if you like - Chew / Hitman / Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers


WriterTim Seeley
ArtistStephen Molnar
Publisher: DC Vertigo

A new Vertigo series from Revival creator Seeley which takes its lead from the infamous Slender Man stabbing case. After 11-year old Melba is convicted of the attempted murder of her best friend, she is committed to a mental institution, the only clue for a reason being the name "Polly Peachpit", a spider-woman who Melba believes told her to do it. Seven years later, she is visited by agents of the FBI who wish to enlist her for a very special mission: hunting Interdimensional Mental Parasites (IMPs), of which her not-so-imaginary friend was one. Her partner? None other than Polly Peachpit herself, who is still very much alive and well, unseen by any but Melba herself. Looks like a fun procedural horror.

Try it if you like - Revival / X-Files / Wytches


Writer/Artist: Tara O'Connor
Publisher: Top Shelf

An autobiographical account of O'Connor's journey to Ireland, the home of her ancestors and still very much alive with her family history, a history that she wants to explore further. But the going is tough, and digressions present themselves along the way, such as a cartoonist named John that she met on Twitter. Roots is an engaging, likeable romantic comedy about a young woman finding herself, all set against the beautiful backdrop of the Irish countryside.

Try it if you like - Blankets / Giant Days / True Story Swear to God


WriterAndrew Constant
ArtistBrad Walker
Publisher: DC

Everyone's favourite rhyming demon is back, as Etrigan and Jason Blood are both transformed by a supernatural event in Death Valley, and the Demon is unleashed onto the world once more. Constant and Walker are going to a decidedly Vertigo feel with this new series, amping up the horror element in a series intended to play to fans of the classic Kirby character and newcomers alike. 

Try it if you like - The Demon / Swamp Thing / Tomb of Dracula


Noel Simsolo
Publisher: Titan

Set in Paris in the 20's, criminal mastermind Doctor Radar plays a deadly game with an amateur detective who is investigating a series of horrific deaths. A part of Titan's Statix imprint, reprinting European works, this has wonderfully atmospheric art, recalling both American pulps and the German cinematic impressionists

Try it if you like - Doctor Mabuse / The Shadow / The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec


  • ALL NEW GUARDIANS OF GALAXY TP VOL 01 - A new era of adventure begins as Gerry Duggan and Aaron Kuder take the reins on Marvel's cosmic caper comic. 
  • BETTY AND VERONICA VIXENS #1 - It's Betty and Veronica meets Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! as B&V lead Riverdale motorcycle gang The Vixens in another Archie reinvention.
  • CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN BY JACK KIRBY TP - DC collects these classic adventure comics from one of the very best in the biz, Jack Kirby.
  • ETERNAL EMPIRE TP VOL 01 - Reuniting the creative team behind the criminally underrated Alex + Ada, Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna bring us a new high concept sci-fi/fantasy series from Image. 
  • GREGORY SUICIDE HC - A sci-fi morality tale of the implications of cloning, wrapped up in an action-adventure plot. 
  • JAMES BOND SOLSTICE ONE SHOT - 007 accepts an unofficial mission in this stand alone super-spy tale from Ibrahim Moustafa.
  • LUKE CAGE TP VOL 01 SINS OF THE FATHER - Hot on the heels of the hit Netflix show, this is Marvel's latest take on bulletproof man Luke Cage. 
  • MAXWELLS DEMONS #1 (OF 5) - Follow 10-year old supergenius Maxwell as he hops across dimensions by way of his makeshift multi-dimensional closet portal.
  • NICK FURY TP DEEP COVER CAPERS - James Robinson and artist Aco's spy-fi take on Nick Fury JR is a sheer delight of a read. An overlooked gem.
  • SILVER SABLE WILD PACK #36 - The Symkarian mercenary is back in this Legacy one-shot.
  • SUPERMAN AMERICAN ALIEN TP - Screenwriter Max Landis teams up with a murderer's row of artists to tell the life of Superman in a top-notch mini-series.
  • VILLAIN #1 (OF 5) - New crime series written by Neal Adams, where a super villain goes straight for the sake of love, and has to fight his old criminal empire.

See you next week, compadres!

Andrew & Shaun. 

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