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Just announced this week, on Thursday 30th November, 6-7pm, we'll be playing host to the creative team of Benjamin Read and Chris Wildgoose, creators of the wonderful Porcelain trilogy. With the final volume having just been released, it's the perfect time to jump in and grab all three books of this excellent, dark fairytale. More details here.


This past Friday we had a very special edition of our Drink and Draw in association with - as usual - Broken Frontier and - as is not so usual - the fine folks of SelfMadeHero and Institut français. Legendary French author Edmond Baudoin sat down with attendees to sketch away along the themes of "dance", "music" and "silence". We're all out of signed copies, but Baudoin's fine biography of Salvador Dali is still available in-store!


After a brief lapse in availability, I'm happy to report that our Shaolin Cowboy: Who'll Stop the Reign bookplate edition is back in stock! Pick it up in-store or order online now!


Speaking of great bookplates (this one not quite out yet), we're now taking preorders for our Satania HC Bookplate Edition! The latest book from the authors of Beautiful Darkness (one of our all-time favourites) and Miss Don't Touch Me, it's one of our most anticipated releases of the year! Pre-order now from our online store


Speaking of bookplates, although it's not one of ours, the one and only Chuck Palahniuk has provided us with signed bookplates for his new Legacy short story collection that came out last week! Similar to his colouring-in story collection Bait, black and white illustrations sit alongside all new stories by Palahniuk. Limited stocks of this available!



Writer: Loo Hui Phang
Artist: Frederick Peeters
Publisher: SelfMadeHero

A complex, layered western brought to life by writer and filmmaker Phang and acclaimed writer and artist Peeters. A photographer on the run west from a scandal in New York falls in with a private surveyor and his young assistant in the heart of Comanche territory. Meanwhile a mysterious scarred man stalks their trail, his motives and target unclear. A fairly straightforward western setup unfolds into questions of identity, sexuality, spirituality and colonialism, all beautifully illustrated by Peeters. A real talking point of a book, packaged in a handsome hardcover.

Try it if you like: Blueberry / Aama / Son of the Gun


Jamie Hewlett
Publisher: Taschen

A massive retrospective of Tank Girl and Gorillaz artist Hewlett, covering work from his earliest days through to works from his Saatchi gallery show in 2015. The focus is squarely on the art, and there's no shortage of actual comics work either, as sketches, designs and paintings fill the 424 pages of the book from front to back, including the work he did with Damon Albarn on the Monkey: Journey to the West Opera (and subsequent animated sequence for the Beijing Olympics). The production quality is as high as you might expect of a Taschen title, and if you're looking for an impressive Christmas gift for a fan, this would be a pretty good place to start!

Try it if you like: Tank Girl / Gorillaz / Hewligan's Haircut! 


Writer / Artist:
Publisher: Emet Comics

Praise be to Kickstarter, the premier romance comics anthology of the 21st Century is back! Sally Jane Thompson, Owen White, Cecil Castellucci and Sarah Winifred Searle all contribute new stories of interracial and LGBTQ romance, wrapped in a typically beautiful Kevin Wada cover. Representative and diverse, we've loved this series since its digital-only origins, so we're very excited to have another physical edition of it to push into people's hands!   

Try it if you like: My Brother's Husband / No Straight Lines / Skim


Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson
Artist: Christopher Mitten
Publisher: Dark Horse

It's the first adventure of Professor Bruttenholm, taking on none other than the man who will soon bring Hellboy to our earth: Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin! It's another uncovered chapter of the Mignolaverse as the creative team behind The Rise of the Black Flame take on the Mad Monk himself. Assumed to have perished at the hands of noblemen in 1916, Bruttenholm discovers that the Russian sorcerer is alive and well at the heart of Hitler's inner circle. It's a new Mignolaverse mini: what more recommendation do you need?

Try it if you like: Hellboy / Baltimore / Witchfinder

couv-1 (1).png

Writer / Artist
Paul Kirchner
Publisher: Tanibus

Criminally overlooked artist Kirchner gets a career retrospective collecting works from 1974 through to 2014. A mainstay of counter culture magazines in the 70's, Kirchner's most famous creation of the time was for marijuana mag High Times. The Dope Rider was a pot smoking skeleton cowboy whose adventures veered somewhere between Sergio Leone and Salvador Dali. Also included are his covers from the pornographic tabloid Screw, and numerous short pieces from other publications of the time, all topped off with a brand new essay from Kirchner about his process and influences.

Try it if you like: The Bus / Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers / Maakies


Writer / Artist: 
Cynthia Von Buhler    
Publisher: Titan

The latest release from Titan's Hard Case Crime imprint looks like a blast, created by polymath artist (seriously, everything from comics to performance art to children's books) Von Buhler. Unappreciated at her father's detective agency, the fabulous, rabbit-loving Minky Woodcock straps on her gumshoes in order to uncover a magical mystery involving the world-famous escape artist, Harry Houdini. 

Try it if you like: The Prestige / LA Confidential / The Big Sleep


Nathan Carson
Artist: Sam Ford
Publisher: Floating World

An adaptation of a classic tale by Algernon Blackwood, one of the originators of the modern horror story. Adapted in intricate black and white detail by Carson and Ford, Blackwood's classic story of unusual happenings on the Danube river is a classic of weird fiction, and was H.P. Lovecraft's favourite short story. Two women encounter strange horrors in the Hungarian wilderness while travelling downriver.

Try it if you like: At The Mountains of Madness / Ghost Stories of an Antiquary / The House on the Borderlands


Justine Prado
ArtistJenn St-Onge
Publisher: Emet Comics

Originally serialised as a webcomic, then Kickstarted into this new collection. Molly Sanchez-Talebi is an unemployed art school grad who hesitantly starts catsitting to pay the bills while trying to break out of her artistic rut. The comic follows her misadventures as she learns that maybe these (sometimes) friendly felines are just what she needs to get her life on track.

Try it if you like: Sarah's Scribbles / Chi's Sweet Home / Fluffy


James Asmus, Joe Keatinge, Christopher Sebela, Joshua Williamson
ArtistJoe Infurnari

An interesting collaboration between some of top Skybound writers, working with artist Joe Infurnari to creative a cohesive narrative about three characters in different locations who are among the first to experience the horrors of an unexplained massive evolutionary leap in humankind. The body horror dial is turned up to 10 as our protagonists race against time to try and find the answer to the sudden horrific mutations around them. 

Try it if you like: Spread / Extremity / Manifest Destiny


Miles Gunter
Artist: Kelsey Shannon
Publisher: Image

An action-horror series that makes no bones about it's environmentalist message. When an oceanic vampire is woken from her sleep by an environmental catastrophe that threatens her food supply. Rising to the surface, she looks to eliminate the problem at the source: the fossil fuel industry! Sounds...uhh...a little unsubtle? But then, sometimes a bit of blunt force narrative is just what the doctor ordered.

Try it if you like: Red Thorn / Great Pacific / Swamp Thing


Tim Seeley
Artist: Priscilla Petraites
Publisher: Aftershock

A new title from Revival creator Seeley, set in a dystopic future following a superhuman disaster that wipes Jerusalem off the map. At it's core Brilliant Trash is a cyberpunk superhero story that draws inspiration from William Gibson, Robocop and our current love affair with social media. People may be unfamiliar with Priscilla Petraites' art as this is her first US publication, but she's doing really beautiful work on this book, crafting characters and locations that feel real and lived in. If you like the clean line work of artists such as Jon Davis Hunt, Jamie McKelvie or Nick Dragotta you're going to want to check this out. 

Try it if you like: Freak Angels / Civil War / Wildstorm


  • BATMAN WHO LAUGHS #1 (METAL) - Batman's the new Joker in this gorgeous Riley Rossmo illustrated Metal one-shot. 
  • BATWOMAN TP VOL 01 (REBIRTH) - Batwoman takes on a crime syndicate selling a deadly new bio-agent: Monster Weapon. 
  • BUTCHER BAKER RIGHTEOUS MAKER TP - Joe Casey's criminally underrated surreal and psychedelic take on the superhero genre gets a new softcover edition.
  • CABLE HELLFIRE HUNT TP - Casey's work also features in this bumper collection of 90's era Cable goodness, including some mind-blowing Ladronn artwork.
  • CLOUDIA AND REX TP - A lushly illustrated supernatural fantasy tale of a family trying to come to terms with the death of their father.
  • DREADFUL BEAUTY ART OF PROVIDENCE TP - Celebrating the Providence work of longtime Alan Moore collaborator, artist Jacen Burrows.
  • DYLAN DOG MATER DOLOROSA GN - Do we have any Dylan Dog? You bet we do, with this new lavishly drawn story published to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Nightmare Investigator!
  • JENNY FINN #1 (OF 4) - A freshly coloured edition of the classic Mignola / Nixey collaboration.
  • JOURNEY STAR WARS LAST JEDI CAPTAIN PHASMA TP - As the excitement ramps up for December's Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi, journey back to the final moments of Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens to learn the fate of Captain Phasma.
  • LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN ORIGINS TP - The full 9-issue miniseries written and pencilled by Last Unicorn creator Renae De Liz. Highly recommended. 
  • REGRESSION TP VOL 01 - Cullen Bunn's one of our favourite horror writers, and Regression, with artist Danny Luckert, was a delightfully dark highlight this year. 
  • ZEGAS GN - Fantagraphics collect cult-favourite creator Michel Fiffe's  primal drama about survival, sex, and mortality.

Cheerio! Pip pip!

Andrew and Shaun. 


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