The Gosh! Authority 11.10.17



Two great events in the next week in association with the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival, taking place in Kendall from the 13-15th October.

We're very excited to be playing host to Jillian Tamaki this week, who will discuss her new book Boundless with the one and only Paul Gravett, along with with her career and process. Jillian and Paul will be here in conversation on Wednesday, 11th October from 7.30-9pm. More details here.


Then next Monday, the 16th October, we'll have Chip Zdarsky in the place with both a signing from 6-7pm, then - after a short closure to set up - a talk from 7.30-9pm with guest interviewer Kieron Gillen! More details here.

Thanks again to the good folks of LICAF, who have made these events possible. If you get the chance, do get yourself along, as it's one of the UK's best.


We also just announced a couple more great events in the near future. First up, Steven Weissman - author of Barack Hussein Obama, Looking For America's Dog and the indie classic Yikes - will be here in conversation with our Tom on Monday, 23rd October from 7.30-9pm. More details here.


And then John Kenn Mortensen, creator of Sticky Monsters, will be here signing as a special post-Halloween treat on Friday, 3rd November, from 6-7pm. Details here. Not only that, but we'll also be releasing a brand new Gosh exclusive A3 print to celebrate the occasion: Mortensen's Monsters!


They're limited to an edition of just 50, so pre-order your copy from the webstore now!


Last Thursday the whole Bog Eyed Books crew was in the house for the official publisher launch! We had Gary Northfield, Nicky Evans, Wilbur Dawbarn, Alexander Matthews and Jim Medway here, acompanied by drinks, cupcakes and goggle-eyed glasses. It was a buzzing, fun night, and we've got copies of the three Bog Eyed Books launch titles (Derek the Sheep, Useleus & Sgt. Chip Charlton & Mr Woofles) signed in-store now!


Then on Friday we had legendary British comics artist John Stokes in to speak with Broken Frontier's Andy Oliver about his work and career. Most specifically talk was about classic Buster strip Marney the Fox, now collected by Rebellion as a part of their Treasury of British Comics line. John was a lovely guest and, incredibly, actually gave a page of original art (from his recent Great Expectations adaptation) to each attendee! We still have signed copies of Marney the Fox available in-store.

SALE (1).png

And don't forget, our half price sale on all of our back issues is still on! You've only got until this Sunday, the 15th, to get in here and take advantage. Plenty of great deals still to be had!

On to the new releases!



Donny Cates
Artist: Ian Bederman
Publisher: Image Comics

Collected from the pages of Heavy Metal, written by rising star Donny Cates, with art by professional tattoo artist Ian Bederman, reprinted in an oversized, deluxe edition. Following the quest of Cyberzerker, wielder of the Atomahawk, to find his imprisoned god and set him free. It's a cosmic saga of crazy action tat Morrison described as "A screaming black hole feedback squall of death metal Kirby-kozmik energy spinning straight towards your prefrontal cortex." So...y'know...get on it!

Try it if you like: Godland / The Myth of 8-Opus / The Fourth World


Robert Brooks, Matt Burns, Micky Neilson, Andrew Robinson, James Waugh
Artist: Bengal, Jeffrey Chamba Cruz, Espen Grundetjern, Joe Ng
Publisher: Dark Horse

The incredibly popular co-op shooter comes to comics with this hardcover collection of the first twelve issues of the digital-only series. Each issue delves into the backstory of one of the colourful cast of characters in the game, delivered by a talented line-up of veteran comics creators and Blizzard concept artists. With its distinctive visual style and engaging cast, this should be much better than it has any right to be.

Try it if you like: Street Fighter / Headlopper / 2000AD


Writer / Artist: 
Publisher: Lion Forge

A remarkable looking memoir about the author's experiences attached to Kurdish forces on the front line of the fight against ISIS. In particular, it's his time spent with the all-female Kurdish volunteer forces that make up the Yekeineyen Parastina Jin, or Women's Defense Units, that makes the greatest impression. Theirs is a struggle on multiple fronts: with the forces of ISIS; with the fight for Kurdish independence; and with the fight to reshape the patriarchal nature of Kurdish society.

Try it if you like: The Photographer / Safe Area Gorazde / Footnotes in Gaza


Peter Milligan
Artist: Alberto Fouche
Publisher: Titan Comics

It's the return of the classic British sci-fi hero, facing off against an all-new enemy. The Mekon is imprisoned deep within the moon, and Dare is getting restless in his early retirement. So when a gigantic alien ship appears in our solar system and destroys one of Saturn's moons, he's itching to get back into action. 

Try it if you like: I mean, Dan Dare, right?


RAGMAN #1 (OF 6)
Ray Fawkes
Artist: Inaki Miranda
Publisher: DC

Acclaimed writer Fawkes teams with acclaimed artist Miranda to take a crack at one of those characters that always feels like they're begging for a really good take. Maybe this will be it? Well, for starters, forget everything you know, as this is a reboot, reinventing the origin story for modern times. After a failed mission to raid a tomb in the Israeli Desert, war veteran Rory Harper is plagued by the death of his partners. As Rory battles his guilt back in Gotham City, he discovers that what was in that tomb has followed him home, and it's about to change his life.

Try it if you like: Hellboy / Spawn / Ghost Rider


Nilah Magruder
Publisher: Insight

This looks like an absolute cracker. A young deaf girl journeys across a post-apocalyptic landscape with the ashes of her mother, while in the background an epic struggle between good and evil is taking place. But that's none of her concern, she just wants to get to the mountain range her mother wanted her ashes scattered on, then get on with her life, preferably away from anyone else. Along the way she meets all manner of obstacles, natural and human alike, in an adventure that won the inaugural Dwayne McDuffie Award For Diversity.

Try it if you like: Nimona / Porcelain / Amulet


Writer / Artist: 
Flavia Bondi
Publisher: Lion Forge

This looks like an interesting, nuanced read. A young gay man, out of money and low on prospects, leaves a cosmopolitan life in Milan to return to his small hometown. But his sexuality, so comfortable and easy in Milan, is a source of intolerance and hostility at home, the main reason he left there in the first place. He avoids return to estranged father, and moves in with his grandmother, and what unfolds is a story about family, acceptance and self-discovery in all its complicated, compromised reality.

Try it if you like: Fun Home / Stuck Rubber Baby / Skim


Gordon Rennie
Artist: Duke Mighten
Publisher: Titan Comics

The classic Simon & Kirby hero returns! Fighting American and Speed-Boy find themselves stranded in the present, pursued by the bad guys from their past while also encountering modern villains steeped in a culture the duo don't really understand. Should be fun, and it's really nice to see some Duke Mighten art again. Been a long time!

Try it if you like: Captain America / Tom Strong / The Shield


Justin Jordan & Nikki Ryan
Artist: Morgan Beem
Publisher: Image Comics

A new steampunk adventure series co-created by Luther Strode, Spread and Dead Body Road writer Jordan. The world is run by a family of spies, thieves and assassins, their covert machinations keeping the wheels of the world in motion. But those wheels come off when their youngest member, Jessa Wynn, inadvertently starts a civil war. Looks interesting, and Beem's art looks amazing. Check out an interview and some preview art here

Try it if you like: Dishonoured (the game) / Thieves World / Spread


Rodney Barnes
Artist: Joshua Cassara
Publisher: Marvel

Forget that Captain America malarky, Sam Wilson is back in his Falcon duds, written by the man behind the Boondocks animated series, no less! While training his new partner The Patriot, Sam finds himself toe-to-toe with Blackheart, the demon prince.

Try it if you like: Sam Wilson: Captain America / Black Panther / The Boondocks



  • BATMAN FLASH THE BUTTON DELUXE ED HC - Collecting the recent Batman / Flash crossover where Batman asks the question: "Hey, what's with this blood-spattered smiley button?"
  • BLACK CLOUD TP VOL 01 NO EXIT - Collecting the first arc of the recent mind-bending Image series.
  • DEMON BY JACK KIRBY TP - A collection back where it began, the first 16 issues of Etrigan!
  • HELLBOY IN HELL LIBRARY EDITION HC - An oversized hardcover collection of the full run of Hellbioy in Hell, with bonus sketchbook pages!
  • MARVEL HORROR MAGAZINE COLLECTION TP - A best-of compliation from the black & white horror magazines of the 70's, including MARVEL PREVIEW #3, #7-8, #12 and #16; HAUNT OF HORROR (1974) #1-2; MONSTERS UNLEASHED (1973) #3-9; and BIZARRE ADVENTURES #25 and #33.


  • MICHAEL CHABON ESCAPISTS TP -  A new edition of Brian K Vaughan & co's brilliant spin-off from Michael Chabon's Adventure of Kavalier and Clay. A must-read, if you never have. 
  • MYSTERY SOCIETY DEFINITIVE ED TP - Speaking of Saga creators, Fiona Staples' collaboration with Steve Niles is reprinted in a complete edition with a brand new cover by Staples.
  • RIVERDALE TP VOL 01 - Collecting the one shot and first four issues of the comic set in the world of the TV show.
  • SEVEN TO ETERNITY TP VOL 02 - At last! The second volume of the Rick Remender / Jerome Opena dark pulp fantasy series.
  • STAR WARS SCREAMING CITADEL TP - Collecting the recent crossover in its entirety.
  • STUMPTOWN GN VOL 01 - The first volume of Greg Rucka's Portland-based detective series in softcover at last!
  • SUPER SONS TP VOL 01 WHEN I GROW UP - Collecting the first arc of the Superboy / Robin Rebirth series. Good fun, as are most things featuring Damian Wayne.
  • WALKING DEAD HC VOL 14 - The latest deluxe hardcover collection of the ever-popular zombie saga.
  • WILDSTORM MICHAEL CRAY #1 - Spinning out of the pages of Warren Ellis' Authority reboot, former IO operative Michael Cray works with Trelane, undertaking missions in exchange for the resources he needs to take on his old employers.
  • WORMWOOD GOES TO WASHINGTON #1 (OF 3) - The return of Wormwood, Gentleman Corpse!
  • ZERO GIRL TP - A complete collection of Sam Kieth's classic tale of teen angst.

And that's that! See you next week!

Andrew & Shaun