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Okay now it’s rapid-fire Halloween event time! We have three massive events planned for Saturday October the 28th!


We'll have Tor Freeman, Richard Graham, Daisy Hirst, Gary Northfield, Viviane Schwarz and Dan White here for a spooky kids workshop on Saturday 28th October from 11am-1pm. As per our ever-popular Free Comic Book Day drawing table, kids aged 6-12 are welcome to pull up a chair and draw along with professional comic and picture book artists. No ticket or booking is required, just come on down. We'll have art supplies at the table courtesy of our friends at CassArt. Oh and what's more, we'll even have some FREE comics for the kids!


Then from 1-2pm the first rate comic duo of Paul Grist and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell will be signing for us. Both will be celebrating the launches of their respective Mike Mignola penned graphic novels - The Visitor: How and Why He Stayed and Mr Higgins Comes Home! 


Last but not least, Halloween at Gosh keeps the scares going into the afternoon with a scream-a-riffic signing of the much-anticipated Scream and Misty One-Shot! Horrible Hannah Berry, Sinister Simon Coleby, Fearsome Frazer Irving, Gruesome Grainne McEntee, Barbaric Ben Willsher and Angry Alec Worley will all be here from 4-5pm to put their ghoulish scrawl on your copies of the magazine! Keep informed of any updates via the Facebook event page here.

If you can't make it on the day but would like something signed, drop us a line to to arrange a reservation or mail order.


Last Monday Kieron Gillen interviewed Chip Zdarsky live in store and it was as you’d imagine a delight! We had an energetic and game crowd and it was a lot of fun. Thank you to both gents for being such good sports and signing for everyone in attendance (and yes we might still have some signed Sex Criminals and Wic Div collections.) The conversation may have also been captured on a recording device which Steve (we just can’t get rid of him. ) is currently editing up into a podcast-friendly size. We will be shouting about it on here and Twitter in the near future when it goes live, so um keep your ears peeled for that one!

Now onto this week's batch of new comic delights!  



: Geof Darrow
Publisher: Dark Horse

Have you ever thought to yourself "I love comics, but what I really want is more comics where a barely-speaking martial artist/cowboy fights a giant pig while being pursued by a mind-controlling crab and his flunkies, including dogs who have giant knives instead of forelegs." Well, we've all been there, pilgrim, and at last the comic of our dreams has arrived! The bonkers world of Geof Darrow's Shaolin Cowboy returns, and honestly it's the best it's ever been. Because, y'see, while the main story of this tome is a deceptively simple series of running combats, every page is packed with incidental detail, a whole world of stories begging you to fill in the details, from satire to tragedy to outright surrealism. Always renowned for his insane levels of detail, Darrow has really outdone himself this time as his titular hero battles through a downtown hellscape that will take you multiple readings to really soak in. So sit back with a comic that you can really luxuriate in, all bundled up in one of Dark Horse's reasonably priced, yet beautifully produced hardcovers.

Shaolin Cowboy black A6 crops.png

And hell, if you are going to pick this book up, then you'd be a fool not to get a copy with our Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate! We're super-psyched to have been able to work with Geof to produce this bookplate, strictly limited to 200 copies. Baby Trump mauled by cats? Yes please! Available in-store this week, and available for pre-order from our webstore right now!

Try it if you like - Crabs / Pigs / Knife-dogs


Writer/Artist: Connor Willumsen
Publisher: Koyama Press

Montreal-based creator Connor Willumsen is back with Anti-Gone his newest work from Koyama Press. Pure joy and melancholy weave into one in this experimental travelogue. Spyda and Lynxa are a couple who explore the wide open seas and devastated metropolises of a dystopian future all from the comfort of their boathouse. There’s a constant darkness just out of sight in Willumsen’s visuals which are hypnotic and gut wrenchingly tactile throughout. Readers who enjoy the work of cartoonists such as Dash Shaw and Olivier Schrauwen will feast on Willumsen’s dazzlingly dreamlike work here.

Try it if you like - Gardens of Glass / Kramers Ergot / Showtime


: Nidhi Chanani
Publisher: First Second

A young adult graphic novel with a lead and setting unlike anything else on the shelves. Nidhi Chanani’s debut in the medium is alive with ideas and character, it engages with and explores culture, heritage, and self-discovery. For Pri, her mother's homeland of India can only exist in her mind's eye, until she finds a mysterious pashmina tucked away in a forgotten suitcase. When wrapped in it, she is transported to a place more vivid and colourful than any guidebook or Bollywood film. But a shadow lurks in the background that pulls Pri farther than she ever dared she’d travel in this land. For any fans of Amulet desperately waiting for that next volume look no further than Pashmina for your next fix.

Try it if you like - Ether / Anya’s Ghost / Ms Marvel


: Peter Milligan, Rob Davis, David Barnett, Tini Howard, Jamie Coe & others
Artist: Tess Fowler, Martin Simmonds, Philip Bond, Jamie Coe & others
Publisher: IDW

A quarterly comics magazine from Shelly Bond’s new IDW imprint Black Crown. Something akin to Image+, Island or PanelxPanel, the Black Crown quarterly is packed to bursting with brand new short comics work, exclusive previews, creator interviews and behind the panel secrets from BC titles Kid Lobotomy, Assassinistas and Punk's Not Dead. Shelly’s two decades of work for Vertigo is a testament to her eye for quality and groundbreaking comics work. Black Crown is the next big step for her and we are beyond excited.

For anyone late to the party we still have a small stack of their launch title from Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler, Kid Lobotomy in stock.

Try it if you like - Vertigo / Young Animal / Image+


: Donny Cates
Artist: Lisandro Estherren
Publisher: Image

The latest offering from 2017’s hottest writer Donny Cates. The Bowmans are Vampires who have quietly run the local barbecue joint in their small town for years, living off cows’ blood. Their peaceful coexistence ends as generations of hate, fear, and bad blood bubble to the surface—making it impossible to separate man from monster! Redneck is a family drama of a different kind, bold, bloody and brilliant.

Try it if you like - American Vampire / Southern Bastards / God Country


: Joe Hill, Stephen King, Richard Matheson & Chris Ryall
Artist: Raffa Garres & Nelson Daniel
Publisher: IDW

Acclaimed novelist and Eisner award winning comics writer Joe Hill collaborates with his father, Stephen King, for the first time on a tale that takes on Richard Matheson's classic short story, Duel. Suspenseful and taught with dread, Road Rage has touches of horror and gore with heaps of high octane action that makes for a damn entertaining read and an absolute page turner.

Try it if you like - Stephen King / Locke and Key / Ghost Fleet


: Keith Giffen, Brian Keene & Weston Ochse
Artist:  Rags Morales, Bilquis Evely, Howard Porter, Scott Kolins & Dale Eaglesham
Publisher: DC

A brand new creepy one shot set in the DC Universe, and what do ya know just in time for Halloween! Featuring a twisted take on Superman’s origin as Martha Kent fights for her life against a creature from a spacecraft that lands in front of her farmhouse. A young woman is possessed by the spirit of a murderous Amazon warrior in a less than wonderful Wonder Woman tale and the last surviving member of the Justice League faces down a horror beyond imagining.

Try it if you like - Elseworlds / Justice League Dark / Night of The Monster Men


: Max Landis
Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli & Cliff Rathburn
Publisher: Image

Green Valley is a genre breaking Sci-fi/fantasy/action/comedy from Max Landis, Eisner nominated comics writer and the scribe behind cult classic flicks Chronicle and American Ultra. Teaming here with ex-Amazing Spider-Man artist Giuseppe Camuncoli to great effect. This lovely hardcover collects all nine issues from the series. Bending and twisting genre tropes in a fun way Green Valley is full of knights, starships and time traveling Americans. Cover to cover fun.  

Try it if you like - Chrononauts / Lake of Fire / Superman American Alien


: Walter Simonson
Publisher: IDW

Legendary creator Walter Simonson best known for his career defining work on Marvel’s Thor, returns to Norse mythology with his own spin on an epic Norse tale. Ragnarök is the Twilight of the Gods and the destruction of the Nine Worlds, now three hundred years later the age of vengeance is born. See the God of Thunder like never before.

Try it if you like - The Goddamned / Beowulf / Head Lopper


  • ART OF OVERWATCH HC - Blizzard Entertainment reveals the creative process behind one of the most popular FPS games of all time! Filled with never before seen art this book is sure to please any Overwatch fan!
  • BATMAN NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN TP - The Bat family take on a host of monsters in this super enjoyable crossover.
  • BATMAN THE MERCILESS #1 (METAL) - A take on Wonder Woman unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the latest Metal one shot.
  • DISNEY CHRISTMAS COMICS HC - It nearly is the season, so this collection of all 28 Disney holiday stories is the perfect Christmas present for Disney fans of all ages.
  • FLASH #33 METAL - The Dark Multiverse’s answer to The Flash, Red Death, goes toe to toe with Barry Allen in a race for the very fate of the DC universe!
  • INJUSTICE 2 HC VOL 01 - Writer Tom Taylor continues to deliver what is arguably the greatest Elseworlds tale of all time in the sequel to the smash hit original Injustice run!
  • JUGHEAD THE HUNGER #1 - Following on from the hit one-shot, an all-new ongoing. Jughead is a werewolf and Betty Cooper: Werewolf Hunter is hot on his trail.
  • NIGHT FORCE BY WOLFMAN & COLAN COMPLETE SERIES HC - The creative team behind Tomb of Dracula’s full fourteen issue original Night Force run collected for the first time ever.
  • NOW #1 - Fantagraphics' new, ongoing comics anthology of short stories by a mix of established and up and coming talent. Set to release three times per year the series features all new, done-in-one stories for comics fans of all stripes.
  • SECRET EMPIRE HC - Nick Spencer’s controversial Cap-as-a-Hydra-agent story in one bumper hardcover.
  • SUPER TOKYOLAND TP -  Benjamin Reiss’ striking detail and easy charm in Super Tokyoland make for a perfect hybrid of European and Japanese comics, forming a rich exploration of immigrant life.
  • WEAPONS OF MUTANT DESTRUCTION TP - Greg Pak’s delightfully silly mini Wolverine/Hulk crossover event all under one cover for the first time.
  • WILDSTORM A CELEBRATION OF 25 YEARS HC - Twenty-five years?!? Now we feel old! But whether you were there at the start or Warren Ellis has brought you into the fold with his new series this is rammed with some of the best contemporary comics creators - Warren Ellis, Mark Millar, Geoff Johns, Ed Brubaker, Grant Morrison, Dan Abnett Bryan Hitch, Dustin Nguyen Frank Quitely and Sean Phillips.



: Ram V.
Artist: Dev Pramanik & Dearbhla Kelly
Publisher: Image

Writer Ram V. blew us away with his confident short story collection Black Mumba at the end of last year. Now he’s back with his his latest project Paradiso. We’ve been lucky enough to read an advance copy and it is staggeringly good. It’s lofty sci-fi of the highest art with jaw droppingly gorgeous art from Dev Pramanik & Dearbhla Kelly.

The synopsis reads thus: The Midnight Event forever changed the world. Now, centuries later, Jack Kryznan arrives on the outskirts of Paradiso City, haunted by fragments of childhood memories and in possession of a mysterious device—one with the power to change the destiny of this living breathing metropolis: the people who dwell within, and the guardians who strive for and against it.

Paradiso hits stores December 6th and you have until the start of November to pre-order and guarantee a copy on the day of release.

Andrew & Shaun.


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