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Things are settling down on the events front for the year but never fear, we've still got a great line-up of events to play out before we knuckle down for the Christmas period! Next Monday, when we have Steven Weissman - author of Barack Hussein Obama, Looking For America's Dog and the indie classic Yikes - here in conversation with our Tom on Monday, 23rd October from 7.30-9pm. More details here.


Our first Reads book club without our dear Steve at the helm is this Wednesday (the 18th!) Now headed up by long standing member and all round lovely man Oliver O'Keefe this is the perfect opportunity to join the lively and passionate group. They will be talking about Tom Gauld's seminal work Goliath and you have a wee bit of time to squeeze in a read if you haven't already (and you really should it is wonderful!) Hit up the Facebook event page if you have any questions or need any further details.  


Jillian Tamaki was an absolute delight last Wednesday for our process talk and signing. Interviewed live in front of a standing room only crowd by the one and only Paul Gravett (keep an eye out for his new book Mangasia: the Definitive Guide to Asian Comics which we look at in a little more detail below.) Jillian dazzled and delighted fans with an insightful and fascinating look behind the scenes at her approach to storytelling, then managed to amaze a little more when she took to signing and sketching. She was kind enough to leave little drawing in all of of remaining books for anyone who didn't manage to make it on the night. 


Quick heads-up on a Kickstarter that we feel is worth a bit of support. My Comic Shop Country is an intended documentary from Anthony Desiato, the man behind the excellent My Comic Shop History podcast. If you've never come across the podcast before, it's a must-listen for anyone with an interest in comics retail. The first season is an in-depth retrospective on the rise and fall of Alternate Realities, a New York comic shop that closed its doors in 2015. A second season followed, a more general exploration of collecting culture, before refocusing for the current third season where Anthony tours across the US interviewing comic shop proprietors. As he does so, he filming footage that he hopes to turn into a feature documentary, and is in the last few days of his Kickstarter, still short of his goal. So if you are interested, or even if you just like the podcast, maybe flick him a few dollars to help push it over the line!



Writer / Artist:
Chris Ware
Publisher: Rizzoli

What would expect a Chris Ware memoir to be like? If you answered "A massive tome filled with photos, original art scans, insert reproductions of old comics, insanely intricate design work, musings on comics process and humourously self-deprecating remembrances", then you'd be right on the money! Rizzoli have produced an absolutely stunning (probably in the literal sense as well if you were so inclined) slab of a book. It's an exhaustive look at Ware's life and career, a must-have, although god only knows where you're going to shelve it. 

Try it if you like - Chris Ware / Comics As Art: We Told You So / 25 years of Drawn & Quarterly


Mike Mignola
Artist: Warwick Johnson Cadwell
Publisher: Dark Horse

A whole new universe from Mike Mignola, with Gosh fave Johnson-Cadwell on art duties. This original graphic novel is essentially a send-up of classic vampire tales, with the titular Mr Higgins - a mysterious figure tortured by the death of his wife and its connection to his own unclear fate - sent to the Festival of the Undead at the behest of a pair of vampire killers. 


We've actually got Warwick here as a part of our Halloween celebrations, signing alongside fellow Mignola-collaborator Paul Grist as a part of our Mignolaverse signing. Check here for more details!

Try it if you like - Hellboy / Gothic Horror / Harrow County


Artist: Various
Publisher: Rebellion

The classic British horror weeklies are resurrected for a special Halloween-timed one-shot of shrieks and shivers! Using a line-up of contemporary talent, Rebellion are bringing back some of your long-dead faves and producing some all new scares, including The Thirteenth Floor by Guy Adams, John Stokes and Frazer Irving, The Dracula File by Grainne McEntee and Tristan Jones, Death-Man: The Gathering by Henry Flint, Black Max by Kek-W and Simon Coleby, Return of the Sentinels by Hannah Berry and Ben Willsher, and Fate of the Fairy Hunter by Alec Worley and DaNi.


And we'll have some of that merry crew here as a part of our Halloween line-up on Saturday 28th October, from 4-5pm. Hannah Berry, Simon Coleby, Simon Fraser, Grainne McEntee, Ben Willsher and Alec Worley will all be here! Check here for more details.

Try it if you like - 2000AD / Hammer Films / Hellblazer


Steve Skroce
Publisher: Image

A new fantasy series from the artist of We Stand on Guard and Doc Frankenstein, not to mention storyboard artist on The Matrix films. When a legendary Wizard King of a fantasy realm is murdered along with his family, his last remaining son - previously banished to Earth and raised as a typical Orlando twenty-something - becomes the new Maestro. Utterly unprepared, he's plunged into a world of conflict, betrayal and constant danger, with the duration of his rule looking to be short indeed.

Try it if you like - Empress / We Stand on Guard / Reborn


Darryl Cunningham
Publisher: Myriad

Darryl Cunningham, creator behind previous hits Psychiatric Tales, Science Tales and Supercrash returns to familiar territory with this excellent collection of profiles on lesser-known heroes of scientific thought. Overlooked due to reasons such as gender, race, social standing and the base machinations of their peers, these unsung pioneers lack the household recognition of their more famous contemporaries, but are often just as important (and sometimes even more so).

Try it if you like - Science Tales / Feynman / Climate Changed


Writer: Paul Gravett
Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Celebrated comics historian Paul Gravett delves deep into the history of manga across Asia, unravelling the political and social meaning embedded in the recurring themes and symbologies. More than just a standard history, it gives an insight into cultural dimensions of the work that is unprecedented in Western writings on the subject, while also acting as an incredible visual resource. A continental history of style and content is on display in these pages, creating a book that rewards the avid study and the casual browser alike.

Try it if you like - Comic Art / Manga / The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye


Writer: Peter Milligan
Artist: Tess Fowler
Publisher: IDW

Ex-Vertigo editor Shelly Bond's Black Crown imprint kicks off in pretty safe hands, as Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler tell the tale of Kid Lobotomy, a failed rockstar son of a wealthy hotelier who gets the chance to run a hotel. The Suites is a peculiar place filled with oddballs and oddities, not to mention it's the Kids own childhood sanctuary as he underwent all manner of unconventional therapy. But can he actually turn it into a thriving business while dealing with the quirks of his tenants? Vintage Milligan in all his unpredictable glory.

Try it if you like - Shade the Changing Man / Scott Pilgrim / The Wicked & The Divine


Ulli Lust & Marcel Beyer
Artist: Ulli Lust
Publisher: New York Review Comics

Austrian artist Ulli Lust, the brilliant author behind the graphic novel Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life, adapts the Marcel Beyer novel The Karnau Tapes. Hermann Karnau is a sound recordist whose singular obsession with recording the human voice blinds him to the horrors all around him in the last days of the Third Reich. Through the course of his work he befriends Helga, eldest daughter of Joseph Goebbels, and through his work her blissful ignorance of the horrors around her is shattered. Powerful stuff from a unique, talented voice.

Try it if you like - Maus / Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes / Berlin


Paul Karasik & Mark Newgarden
Artist: Ernie Bushmiller
Publisher: Fantagraphics

A fascinating new text, using a single three-panel Nancy strip from 1959 to completely deconstruct the language of comics. From the drawing board to the shop, this one ideal example of comics storytelling is the launch point for an examination of the medium, laying bare the truth of how comics really work. This is looking to be THE new academic text on the nuts and bolts of comics as a medium! 

Try it if you like - Understanding Comics / Comics & Sequential Art / Graphic Storytelling


Writer/Artist: Chris Gooch

Publisher: IDW Top Shelf

The debut graphic novel from Australian cartoonist Gooch, a suburban thriller of alienation and identity as Jane - down on her luck and in a rut - decides to use her old school friend (and now successful model) Natalie to set her life to rights. But the details of her plan will take her down a dark route filled with tragedy and terror.

Try it if you like - The End of the F**king World / Slasher / Jessica Farm


Writer/Artist: Victor Santos
Publisher: Dark Horse

The writer/artist of spy thriller Polar gives the noir treatment to the classic tale of a murder mystery shrouded in the unreliable narration of its witnesses. Drawing upon both Akira Kurasawa's film adaptation and the original story by Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Santos presents his own adaptation, leaning heavily into the character of Heigo Kobayashi, the intrepid inspector who is investigating the murder. 

Try it if you like - Usagi Yojimbo / Polar / Blacksad



  • A STORY OF MEN HC – Tricky Fingers were a rock group who could’ve made it but didn’t, this is the story of the what the band do in the wake of failure. From acclaimed Swiss cartoonist Zep.

  • AMERICA TP VOL 01 – The break out star of Gillen and McKelvie’s Young Avengers series gets her much deserved solo book.

  • ART OF MONDO HC - Experience the incredible pop culture art of Mondo in this hardcover book that allows fans to explore the studio's remarkable back catalogue of iconic poster art.

  • ART OF RICK & MORTY HC - Fill the void left by the end of series three with this beautiful behind the scences art book. Featuring a glow-in-the-dark cover!

  • AWESOME ACTIVITIES FOR SUPER HEROES SC - Super heroes-in-training can build their brain power by cracking codes, racing through mazes, solving picture puzzles, designing gadgets, sketching secret lairs, and much more.

  • BATMAN THE DROWNED #1 (METAL) – The dark multiverse drags Aquaman up from the depths in this latest Metal one-shot.

STL048799 (1).png
  • BEHIND YOU ONE-SHOT HORROR STORIES HC - A collection of Brian Coldrick's creepy web strips, where a single image and caption are enough to set up entire dreadful narratives.

  • BLACK PANTHER CREW TP - Ta-Nehisi Coates teams Black Panther up with Storm, Luke Cage, Misty Knight and Manifold to take on a dangerous wave of street-level threats!

  • DADDY LOST HIS HEAD HC - Famed for his deft delineations of beautiful, scheming women, handsome jealous husbands, and not-so-innocent children, Jack Kamen returns with a collection of over 20 classic EC horror tales.

  • DARKNESS VISIBLE TP VOL 01 – Acclaimed writer Mike Carey’s latest urban supernatutral story. If you’re digging the American Gods telly show check this out.

  • HAP & LEONARD SAVAGE SEASON TP – A robbery gone wrong in the American deep south in this comic adaption of the Sundance TV series.

  • JAMES BOND BLACK BOX HC - In the snowbound French Alps, Bond finds himself in the crosshairs of an assassin who targets other assassins. This is high stakes spy thriller action.

  • JEAN GREY TP VOL 01 NIGHTMARE FUEL – Young Jean Grey was pulled out of her own timeline and thrown into the modern marvel continuity. Now she finds herself all alone in her ongoing solo book.

  • JLA THE NAIL ANOTHER NAIL DLX ED HC – The classic Alan Davis Elseworlds stories all finally collected together.

  • LOW DLX HC VOL 01 - Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini’s high-concept underwater sci-fi thriller gets the deluxe hardcover treatment, combining the first 15 issues into one mighty package.

  • MIGHTY THOR #700 – A massive milestone issue for one of Marvel’s most beloved characters, and written by the greatest Thor scribe of the modern age, Jason Aaron.

  • MISTER MIRACLE #1 (OF 12) 3RD PTG - Get caught up on Tom King and Mitch Gerads’ smash hit of 2017 (we still have copies of issues 2 and 3 in stock. )

  • NIOBI SHE IS LIFE TP VOL 01 - Collecting the first story arc of the cult-hit fantasy series.

  • PLASTIC TP - Collecting the recent completely outrageous limited series. A serial killer is forced out of retirement by a gangster who holds his inflatable girlfriend hostage.

  • RUGRATS #1 - An all-new comic based on the classic animated series, written by none other than Box Brown! 

  • SARTRE HC - A biography of Jean Paul Satre by French creators Mathilde Ramadier & Anais Depommier. 

  • SEBASTIAN O / MYSTERY PLAY HC - A deluxe compilation of two Grant Morrison Vertigo classics, produced with Steve Yeowell and John J Muth, respectively.

  • SHERLOCK THE BLIND BANKER GN - Collecting the latest manga adventures based on the adventures of Benedict Cumberbatch.

  • TEA DRAGON SOCIETY HC - A charming all-ages fantasy by Princess Princess Ever After creator Katie O'Neill

See you next week!

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