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The Gosh! Authority 15.08.18

Quiet week on the events front this week, but we've got a couple of goodies next week!

First up, on Thursday the 23rd, 7-9pm, we'll have Liam Cobb and Becca Tobin here to celebrate the release of their new books from Retrofit! Liam will have his new book The Prince, while Becca will have her latest graphic novel Understanding. More details here.

But before that, our reading group, Reads, meets next Wednesday the 22nd, 7-9pm, for a very special small press show-and-tell edition, where participants can bring along their favourite self-published books. As ever, everyone is welcome, new and old!

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The Gosh! Authority 01.08.18

In case you missed it, we announced two upcoming events to circle in your diary:

We'll have Giant Days creator John Allison and the author of the Giant Days novel, Non Pratt, here to discuss their work and the act of adaptation on Wednesday, August 29th, 7.30-9pm! John and Non will be here to discuss the series and the tricky work of adaptation from one medium to another, staying true to the vision of the original work while exploiting the strengths of its new narrative home. The talk will kick off at 7.30pm and be followed by a short signing, and seating is unreserved so no need for tickets or booking: just come on down and grab a seat! You can pre-order a signed copy of the novel here on our webstore.

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The Gosh! Authority 25.07.18


It's Drink and Draw time again! Yes, once again our Nora and Broken Frontier's Andy Oliver will be descending on the Kings Arms pub for an evening of drinking (optional) and drawing (compulsory) this Thursday from 6.30-9pm! Our special guests this month are David Biskup, Bethany Hall and Will Powers, providing suitable thematic inspiration. Not need to book: interested parties should meet at Gosh from 6.30pm before heading to the pub shortly before 7pm. As ever, art supplies are kindly provided by the good folks at Cass Art. More details here.

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The Gosh! Authority 11.07.18


We've got a release so big this week that we're just going to put it right at the start!

Alan Moore
Artist: Kevin O'Neill
Publisher: Knockabout

It's the grand finale as Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill begin the capstone to their 20 year journey with the League, and also to their comics careers. Yep, both men are retiring from comics after this, so enjoy it while you can. It's a breakneck adventure across time and space, culminating in the apocalyptic era of 2996 in the domed city of "We". Make sure you study up on the previous volumes, because this one is throwing it all in! And as a special bonus, all our copies are signed by Kevin O'Neill, so be sure to get in quick for a copy, or you can order right now via our webstore. If you've got LOEG on your standing order, rest assured a signed copy will automatically be winging its way to you.

Try it if you like: The End of All Things

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The Gosh! Authority 04.07.18

Hey folks!

Welcome to the second half of 2018! We've got a couple of cracking events this week to kick things off, so let's get to it.

First off, the wonderful Julian Hanshaw is going to be in the house this Friday, July 6th, from 7-9pm to celebrate the launch of two new titles: his Top Shelf graphic novel Cloud Hotel (on our shelves now!), and a collection of artworks he's done for the Pho restaurant chain over the past decade, Pho: The Artwork. More details here.

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The Gosh! Authority 27.06.18

We're going to get this out nice and early to remind you as far in advance as possible that the one and only Jim Broadbent and his talented collaborator Dix will be here on Tuesday evening from 7.30-9pm in conversation with Paul Gravett to discuss their graphic novel Dull Margaret! No tickets required, just come along.

We'll have a special early release of the book, which also includes an exclusive bookplate signed by both gents! More details here.

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The Gosh! Authority 20.06.18

It's another busy week of events, so let's get stuck in! This Friday, the 22nd, we've got Jim Whalley and Stephen Collins here to launch their new picture book Baby's First Bank Heist, with a slightly earlier than normal start time of 6.30pm, running to 8.30pm. We've got the book in stock now and it's a little gem, so be sure to pop down and get a copy signed by these fine gents! Details here.

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The Gosh Authority 13.06.18

If you're reading this before Tuesday, then there's still time to cancel whatever you're doing and get yourself down here for an incredible Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story panel discussion and signing on Tuesday evening from 7.30-9pm! We'll have Vincent Jenkins, Jack Dudman, Will Htay, Adam Brockbank, Glyn Dillon, Julian Caldow, Chris Caldow, Moley Sole, Paul Marsh & Neil Ellis (whose combined work covers concept art, costume design and model building) here to talk about their work on the newest Star Wars film, with a chance to get copies of the book signed afterwards. More details here, and if you can't make it but would like a copy, you can pre-order a signed copy on our webstore.

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The Gosh! Authority 30.05.18

Don't forget, we've had that second pesky May bank holiday, so the new comics won't be arriving until Wednesday to go out Wednesday. Keep an eye on our social media feeds for news when it gets to the shelves! holidays, eh? Just get rid of the blasted things, right? Anyone? Anyone with me here?

The Gosh! Comics / Broken Frontier Drink & Draw returns this week, shifting to a Thursday this month (and probably following months). We have guests Andrew Rae, David Jesus Vignolli and Gareth Brookes in this Thursday, May 31st from 6.30-9pm, meeting here before going to the pub at 7pm. As ever, art supplies by the good folks at Cass ArtMore details here

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The Gosh! Authority 16.05.18

Hey Monday readers, if you're about Soho this evening, don't miss out on our talk with End of the F***ing World creator Charles Forsman, who will be here from 7.30-9pm to have a chat with our Tom. No reservations or tickets required, just rock on by and grab a seat!

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The Gosh! Authority 09.05.18

Quick bit of admin: due to the bank holiday that you're all enjoying while some people (me) are sitting under artificial lights in a basement at work, the comics will be arriving on the Wednesday to go out on the Wednesday. So when we have them will be down to the vagaries of delivery drivers and London traffic. Keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook, where we'll announce it as soon as they're out on the shelves. Otherwise the safe bet is to leave it until after lunchtime.

We've got the brilliant Daisy Hirst in this Thursday for the launch of her latest picture book I Do Not Like Books Anymore! Daisy will be toasting the release and signing your books here on Thursday the 10th May, 7-9pm! More details here!

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The Gosh! Authority 25.04.18


Big event coming up this Friday as Nobrow releases their 10th edition of the landmark annual anthology series that was so instrumental in establishing their reputation. And they've pulled out the stops with the line-up on this one, an incredible 70 artists tackling the theme of "Studio Dreams", including Olimpia Zagnoli, Jamie Jones, Lisk Feng, Molly Mendoza, Eleni Kalorkoti, Yukai Du, Gizem Vural, Bianca Bagnarelli, Jon Boam, Owen Davey, David Doran, Dustin Harbin, Icinori, Marc Martin & many, many more! We stock the original Nobrow back in the day, and we're thrilled to be hosting the launch party for this special anniversary edition. We'll have a gathering of contributors (not all of them - where would we fit everyone?) right here this Friday the 27th April, 7-9pm! More details here.

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The Gosh! Authority 18.04.18

Erica Henderson, Eisner Award-winning artist on Marvel's fan favourite series The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, is going to be here with us in store at Gosh! for a signing on Friday, April 20th from 6 till 7 pm! You'd be nuts (har har) not to join us but if you can't make it and don't want to miss out on signed goodies please email us at to arrange a reservation or mail order.

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The Gosh! Authority 21.03.18

Coming up on the 22nd March, at 7-9pm Alexander Tucker and David CW Briggs will be here for our next launch event: UNDIMENSIONED presents R, the new comic by artist and musician DCWB (aka David CW Briggs). DCWB takes us on a journey through the utter pointlessness of war in this repetitious cycle of humanoids, flamboyant assassins, and ruthless goblin killers. UNDIMENSIONED is published by comic artist and musician Alexander Tucker, whose latest comic Entity Reunion will also be available at the launch. If you'd like to have something signed and can't make it down on the night, just drop us an email at Keep up to date on the facebook events page. 

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The Gosh! Authority 28.02.18


Welcome, to the last Gosh! Authority of February 2018 and what a lovely little line up of new goodies we have for you. It’s Drink & Draw time with our friends at Broken Frontier! We have Liam Cobb, Will Tempest, and Andy Barron! The event will be Wednesday, February 28th. The excellent Kings Arms pub will be hosting this time. Regular Gosh host Nora will still be Stateside for this one so our Shaun (aka me) will do his level best to fill her mighty shoes. Don't worry, though, you'll still be in the very capable hands of Broken Frontier’s Editor-in-Chief Andy Oliver! The Drink and Draw will begin at Gosh! at 6.30pm with an opportunity to buy work from the featured artists at a discounted price before heading to the Kings Arms at 7pm to begin our drinking and drawing! You can follow the event on Facebook, and a huge thank you to our sponsor Cass Art for the huge stack of art supplies!

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