A standing order is the ideal way to avoid missing issues of your favourite titles: each week we will automatically hold any new issues of the titles you’ve asked for under your name. There’s no charge and you can start it with immediate effect. Drop in or send us an email listing the titles you’d like held, your name, email address, phone number and the likely frequency of your visits.

Easy order alterations
Call, drop in or simply email us to add or delete titles. Order a single issue, a run of issues, or an ongoing title at your discretion.

No tie-in period
You may cancel orders for titles at any time, with no requirement to buy beyond your specified final issue.

Accessible records
With our standing order management software we can readily access your order information, and can easily provide you with a print-out or email of the titles on your order if you wish.

Sealed for freshness
All standing order comics are bagged to ensure they reach you in the same condition they reach us.

Weekly shipping information
Find out what’s arrived and what’s due the following week, along with industry news and personal recommendations from the Gosh! staff. Our weekly blog is updated on Tuesday afternoons and is also available as a weekly email (email us here to get added to the mailing list!).  A cut down version featuring our shipping list can be found as a one-sheet in the store on Wednesdays.

Friendly, efficient service
We strive to provide you with the highest possible quality of service and are always happy to hear any questions or concerns you may have.

Please let us know if:

  • Your contact details change.
  • You no longer want a particular title.
  • You no longer want the comics we hold for you.

 Our cancellation policy
If your books remain uncollected for a period greater than a month we will attempt to contact you by telephone or e-mail. If we are unable to get in contact with you or have no response within 7 days your order will be cancelled.

Pop in the shop or send us an email over info@goshlondon.com to start a standing order.